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Last Updated: April 18, 2024
blockchain wire alternatives

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Looking for the best Blockchain Wire alternatives? Compare our list of top Blockchain Wire alternatives based on reviews, pricing, features, and publications covered. 

If you are short on time, then Coinscribble is the best alternative to Blockchain Wire that offers guaranteed coverage in leading Web3 media publications worldwide. 

Let’s now review the leading Blockchain Wire to increase the reach of your crypto business across leading online blockchain media outlets. 

What is Blockchain Wire?

Blockchain Wire is a blockchain and crypto-related press release distribution platform. As the industry’s pioneering service dedicated exclusively to this dynamic sector, they provide global coverage that extends to broadcast and online media, influential social media platforms, respected trade publications, prominent blogs, industry leaders, influencers, and investors. 

With decades of experience in the newswire industry, they offer exceptional value, streamlined distribution, user-friendly interfaces, extensive partnerships, and a dedicated client services team. 

Over 1,200 blockchain and crypto-specific companies trust Blockchain Wire to disseminate their news to traditional media outlets and an exclusive network of blockchain and crypto-focused websites, blogs, and end-users worldwide.

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What Are The Advantages of Publishing Crypto Press Releases?

Here are some of the key advantages of publishing cryptocurrency and blockchain press releases:

  • Increased Visibility: Press releases provide an opportunity to reach a broader audience. When distributed through reputable news outlets or crypto-focused platforms, press releases can reach potential investors, partners, and customers.
  • Credibility and Trust: Getting featured in well-known crypto news sources or publications can enhance your project’s credibility and reputation. It signals to the community that your project is noteworthy and legitimate.
  • Announcing Updates: Crypto Press is an effective way to announce important updates, partnerships, product launches, or milestones within your crypto project. They ensure that the information is disseminated accurately.
  • SEO Benefits: Online press can improve your project’s online visibility and search engine rankings. When optimized with relevant keywords and backlinks, they can attract organic traffic to your website.
  • Media Coverage: Well-crafted releases may lead to media coverage by journalists and bloggers in the crypto space. This extended coverage can amplify your project’s message and reach.
  • Investor Relations: For blockchain startups and crypto companies, press releases are a means of communication with existing and potential investors. They can help keep investors informed about developments.
  • Market Awareness: Press can be used to educate the market about the value proposition of your crypto project, particularly if it involves new technology or concepts.

How Do Crypto PR Distribution Systems Work?

A crypto PR distribution system works as a specialized platform or service designed to help cryptocurrency and blockchain-related businesses distribute their press releases and important news to a wide and targeted audience. 

Here are the steps how crypto PR distribution systems typically works:

  • Submission of Press Release: The process begins with the client, which could be a crypto project, blockchain company, or startup, submitting their press release or news article to the PR distribution platform. The press release contains essential information about recent developments, partnerships, product launches, or any other news relevant to the crypto community.
  • Review and Verification: Once the press release is submitted, it undergoes a review and verification process by the distribution platform. This step ensures that the content complies with industry standards, is accurate, and maintains credibility. Given the importance of trust in the crypto space, maintaining accuracy is crucial.
  • Distribution Channels: Approved press releases are then distributed through the platform’s extensive network of distribution channels. These channels may include cryptocurrency news websites, blockchain-focused blogs, social media platforms, email lists, and sometimes even mainstream media outlets with dedicated cryptocurrency sections. Some platforms also have partnerships with industry-specific journalists and influencers.
  • Targeted Audience: Crypto PR distribution systems often allow clients to target specific audiences based on various criteria. This targeting can include factors such as geographic location, language, or niche within the crypto industry. The goal is to ensure that the press release reaches the most relevant individuals and communities.
  • Measuring Impact: After distribution, clients can measure the impact of their press release in terms of increased website traffic, community engagement, investment inquiries, and more. This data helps in assessing the effectiveness of the PR campaign.

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How To Select The Best Cryptocurrency PR Service?

Selecting the best cryptocurrency PR service is crucial for effectively promoting your cryptocurrency project or blockchain-related business. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the right PR service:

Crypto Industry Specialization

Look for a PR service that specializes in a particular niche within the crypto industry, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or blockchain interoperability. A specialized PR agency should offer in-depth knowledge and connections in that specific sector.

Crypto Thought Leadership

Choose a PR agency that is recognized as a thought leader in the crypto space. They should have a history of contributing insightful articles, research papers, or presentations to industry conferences.

Community Engagement

Evaluate the agency’s ability to engage with and grow your project’s community. This involves not only PR but also community management, social media engagement, and organizing events like AMAs (Ask Me Anything).

Best Blockchain Wire Alternatives

Here are the top blockchain wire alternatives:


Coinscribble Homepage Screenshot

Coinscribble is a crypto press release distribution platform that simplifies the process of publishing press releases to top crypto news sites. It offers guaranteed coverage in leading Web3 media outlets, reaching an audience of millions. 

How Coinscribble Works?

  • Start by visiting the Coinscribble website and selecting a pricing package that suits your needs and budget.
  • After selecting a package, you’ll need to submit your press release.
  • Depending on your chosen package, you have the option to customize your distribution further. You can select specific publishers or media outlets where you want your press release to be featured. 
  • Within hours, your release will be published on leading Web3 media outlets, ensuring it reaches a broad audience. 
How to Use Coinscribble - Crypto Press Release Distribution Service (Crypto PR Walktrough)

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Top Features:

  • Massive Web3 Publisher Network: Coinscribble provides access to hundreds of top crypto publishers, ensuring broad visibility for press releases. 
  • User-Friendly Process: The platform simplifies the press release distribution process into four easy steps: pick a package, submit the release, watch it go live, and track the coverage. 
  • Guaranteed Coverage: Coinscribble offers guaranteed coverage in leading Web3 media outlets, giving users confidence in their press release distribution. 
  • Individual Publisher Selection: Users can select individual publishers to tailor their distribution strategy. 
  • Fast Distribution: Press releases are typically published within hours on leading Web3 media outlets. 

Top Publications Covered:

  • Yahoo Finance
  • Benzinga
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Cointelegraph
  • NFT Lately
  • NFT Evening


  • Starter Package Price: $1,399 – Guaranteed coverage in 8+ media outlets 
  • Launch Package Price: $6,499 – Guaranteed coverage in 75+ media outlets 
  • Hypergrowth Package Price: $12,999 – Guaranteed coverage in 125+ media outlets 
  • Hero Package (Most Popular) Price: $21,999 – Guaranteed coverage from top crypto publications, including CoinTelegraph,, AMB Crypto, Benzinga, and others.
  • On-Demand Media Price: Starting at $99.99 per release.

Coin PR Kit

CoinPRKit Screenshot

Coin PR Kit is one of the best Blockchain Wire alternatives that specializes in the distribution of banners, press releases, news, guest posts, articles, interviews, and reviews to a network of 50 crypto and Bitcoin-related websites.  

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How Coin PR Kit Works?

  • Add the desired websites to your cart, set the publication date and time, and add a link to the article or send the article via email. 
  • Choose your preferred cryptocurrency for payment, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, TRX, USDC, and USDT (ERC-20 and TRC-20). 
  • After payment, your order status will be “Hold” until there are 12 confirmations for the cryptocurrency transaction. 
  • Once 12 confirmations are received, your order status will change to “Completed,” and the team will start working on your order within 2-8 hours.
  • There are no time limits for publications, allowing you to plan ahead and purchase in bulk for future use. 

Top Features:

  • Diverse Media Partners: Coin PR Kit collaborates with a wide range of premier crypto websites, increasing the reach of your news across the crypto community.
  • VIP Status: Users can achieve VIP status, which provides an additional 20% discount on any purchases within the PR service, making it even more budget-friendly. 
  • Flexible Text Content: You can include up to 10 links (dofollow or nofollow), 10 images, and 2 YouTube videos in your press release, allowing for diverse content integration. 

Top Publications Covered:



  • 50+ Crypto Websites: Price: $10 per website 
  • 40+ Crypto Websites: Price: $15 per website 
  • 30+ Crypto Websites: Price: $20 per website 
  • 20+ Crypto Websites: Price: $25 per website 
  • 10+ Crypto Websites: Price: $30 per website 

Crypto Chain Wire

crypto chain wire screenshot

Crypto Chain Wire is a specialized platform designed to cater to crypto, NFT (Non-Fungible Token), DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and other blockchain companies. It offers instant and effortless crypto news syndication services, making it an ideal PR syndication platform for blockchain startups seeking maximum media attention. 

How Crypto Chain Wire Works?

  • PR Submission: Provides a user-friendly dashboard where you can effortlessly submit your press release by logging in and selecting the appropriate package. 
  • Distribution: Once your press release is submitted, it will be distributed to various crypto media outlets, ensuring that you reach a niche-specific audience. 
  • Reporting: The platform automatically generates a report as soon as your press release is published. You can access this report in your user dashboard.

Top Features:

  • Effortless Syndication: The platform simplifies the syndication process, making it easy for blockchain companies to get their news out. 
  • Niche Audience: With distribution to crypto-specific media outlets, you can target a highly relevant audience. 
  • Automated Reporting: The platform offers automatic report generation, providing insights into the performance of your press release. 

Top Publications Covered:

  • The Bitcoin Insider
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Bloomberg
  • Block Zodiac
  • Coin Carrot
  • Nasdaq
  • Digital Journal
  • The Crypto Twist
  • Tech Announcer
  • Market Watch


  • Economy Plan: $599 – News distribution to 10 Crypto News Publications
  • Silver Plan: $1199 – News distribution to 20 Crypto News Publications
  • Gold Plan: $1999 – News distribution to 30 Crypto News Publications

Blockchain PR Distribution

blockchain pr distribribution

Blockchain PR Distribution is another leading Blockchain Wire alternative PR distribution service specializing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It has earned recognition as the top-ranked PR service worldwide by leading publications, magazines, and newspapers.

How Blockchain PR Distribution Works?

  • Explore the pricing and features to select the plan that best suits your needs. With options tailored to different budgets, you can find the right fit. 
  • Once you’ve chosen a plan, submit your press release related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, Gamefi, Web3, Metaverse, Defi, or any relevant topic. 
  • After distribution, you will receive a comprehensive report that includes all the live press release links. This report allows you to assess the reach and impact of your press release.

Top Features:

  • Guaranteed Pickups: Each pricing plan includes a guarantee of a specific number of pickups and features. This ensures that your press release gets the attention it deserves. 
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Receive a detailed distribution report that includes all the live press release links. This transparency allows you to track the performance of your press release across various media sites. 
  • Global Reach: Syndication on up to 800 online news sites ensures that your press release gets maximum exposure not only in North America but also globally. This wide reach is crucial for blockchain and cryptocurrency-related announcements.

Top Publications Covered:

  • NewsBTC
  • CoinPedia
  • Benzinga
  • MarketWatch
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Daily Herald
  • Nasdaq
  • Seeking Alpha


  • Essential Plan: $499
  • Plus Plan: $999
  • Premium Plan: $2999
  • Ultimate Plan: $4999

 Cryptocurrency Wire

CryptocurrencyWire website

CryptoCurrencyWire (CCW) is one of the best Blockchain Wire alternatives, which offers a wide range of communication solutions and PR services for cryptocurrency-related businesses. It is designed to help blockchain and Web3 companies achieve brand awareness, enhance their corporate communications, and effectively distribute press releases. 

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How CryptoCurrencyWire Works?

  • As a crypto PR publisher, the process begins with you submitting your press release or content to CryptoCurrencyWire. 
  • The CCW team reviews the content you’ve submitted. They assess it for quality, relevance, and alignment with the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. 
  • Once your content is approved, CCW works with you to devise a distribution strategy. This involves determining which sites within their extensive network will receive your press release or content. The strategy is tailored to reach the most relevant and impactful outlets. 
  • Depending on the distribution package you’ve selected, CCW ensures your content receives guaranteed coverage on a predetermined number of sites within their network. This guarantees visibility and engagement within your target audience. 

Top Features:

  • CCW delivers this curated news and content to a vast network of over 5,000 key distribution outlets, including investors, consumers, journalists, and the general public. 
  • It leverages social media platforms to engage a wide audience, increasing visibility for private and public companies. 
  • CCW offers enhanced news release services to introduce companies to a broader audience. This includes professional journalism and writing services. 
  • It helps companies, including startups, family businesses, private firms, and pre-IPO companies, build brand awareness. They assist these companies in finding their voice and gaining market visibility.
  • You can schedule live, online demonstrations to learn more about CCW’s products and services.

Top Publications Covered:

  • Blockchain Life
  • CryptoBlockcon
  • CoinGenius
  • Voice of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Shift
  • Virtual Blockchain Week


  • Custom pricing available 


BTCWire Screenshot

BTCWire is a reputable crypto and blockchain newswire service that offers a range of services to help blockchain businesses and projects gain visibility and recognition in the crypto industry. It stands out as a reliable alternative for Blockchain Wire distributing cryptocurrency-related news and press releases for its extensive network, expert team, and track record.

How BTCWire Works?

  • Begin by selecting the most suitable crypto PR package that aligns with your budget and coverage goals. BTCWire offers various packages designed to meet the unique needs of blockchain businesses. 
  • After selecting your package, submit your press release or content to BTCWire. Ensure that you include your contact information to facilitate communication. 
  • BTCWire provides multiple cryptocurrency payment options through Coinbase, making the payment process convenient and secure. 
  • Once your content is submitted and payment is made, BTCWire initiates the distribution process. After distribution, you’ll receive a comprehensive metric report containing all the links and data related to your press release coverage.

Top Features:

  • Vast Distribution Network: BTCWire boasts a vast distribution network that maximizes your reach in the cryptocurrency world. With a presence in the industry’s top publications, your developments, partnerships, and announcements are seen by the right audience. 
  • Targeted Publications: Attract top-tier investors to your crypto and blockchain project by publishing on high-traffic news sites. Each publication enhances their interest in your business, potentially leading to investment. 

Top Publications Covered:

  • Coinspeaker
  • Coincodex
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Cryptonews
  • Bitcoinist
  • Decrypt
  • The Block
  • Blommberg
  • Blockster
  • Benzinga
  • TechBullion
  • Blockonomi


  • Viral – $7,000 – Coverage on 40+ Crypto Publications 
  • Elite – $4,500 – Coverage on 30+ Crypto Publications 
  • Premium – $2,500 – Coverage on 20+ Crypto Publications 
  • Starter – $1,250 – Coverage on 10+ Crypto Publications 


When selecting the best alternatives to Blockchain Wire for your press release distribution needs, consider factors such as your target audience, budget, and desired level of coverage. Among the various alternatives to Blockchain Wire for cryptocurrency and blockchain press release distribution, Coinscribble stands out as one of the best options. It offers several compelling features and benefits, making it an excellent choice for those seeking efficient and effective press release distribution in the crypto industry.

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