Chainwire Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Last Updated: February 4, 2023
Chainwire Review Guide

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With Web3 gaining traction and going mainstream, several blockchain and cryptocurrency newswire and press release distribution services are available in the market. So, finding the best service provider to promote a Web3 project or get an important announcement across can be challenging.

What is it that constitutes a respective platform as best? Well, at minimum, it must offer a vast distribution network, high-quality content, a variety of marketing and PR services, reasonable pricing, and an active community. That said, it all depends on the specific needs of a project. 

Chainwire, for instance, is a prominent name in the crypto newswire and press release distribution services space. It is designed to be a one-stop shop for all things blockchain and crypto, and it features a wide range of news and press release sources.

In late 2020, MarketAcross, a blockchain public relations and marketing services company, launched this automated press release distribution service to provide guaranteed coverage globally via major media outlets.

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Targeted Approach

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Chainwire automates the press release submission process for the best crypto and blockchain publications. By doing so, it makes it easier for Web3 projects to access more press platforms and reach global audiences who want their products and services. 

With its unparalleled ability to cover major international markets and ensure first-page coverage on the leading crypto news publications, Chainwire is changing the news cycle in the crypto space, one press release at a time. 

Unlike traditional newswires, Chainwire is designed specifically for blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms, offering tailored services for companies with clearly defined audiences. 

The platform offers complete integration with third-party sites, which spread cryptocurrency companies’ messages worldwide, allowing them to analyze results in real-time.

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It further offers an excellent cloud-based solution that helps businesses with their social engagement, broadcasting of webcasts, targeting, press release creation, press tracking, and analytics.   

In addition to targeting crypto-focused distribution, Chainwire offers unique features like coverage of homepage features, SEO adjustments, editorial suggestions, same-day distribution, distribution to trading terminals, and excellent customer support.

When combined with features like worldwide distribution in some of the fastest growing crypto-nations and editorial teams who understand the nuances of communicating in cryptocurrency, Web3-focused newswire services like Chainwire are the perfect platforms to take the message out into the world. 

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A Massive Network

Chainwire is focused on pushing crypto projects and blockchains to a huge number of crypto news sites with ease. Designed as a specialized crypto presswire, Chainwire offers users guaranteed coverage on some of the best and leading publications in the industry.  

The platform is committed to providing its customers with top-level coverage of top-notch cryptocurrency publications through its vast database.

While not as expansive of a network as its competitor Coinscribble, Chainwire still has a wide publishing ecosystem covering popular media outlets such as CryptoDaily, CryptoPotato, BeInCrypto, AMBCrypto, Cointelegraph, The Daily HODL, ZyCrypto, and CryptoBriefing.

Designed for crypto projects, blockchain companies, exchanges, investment firms, and PR agencies, Chainwire allows for the simultaneous publication of press releases in a variety of hyper-targeted media outlets where it is not as steep of a learning curve for people to understand the value of projects. 

Besides hyper-targeting, publishing news and announcements in crypto-native media, Chainwire’s publication network also covers traditional platforms such as Yahoo Finance, AP, MarketWatch, and Benzinga to help projects reach out to those outside the crypto sphere but interested in joining the fast-paced and innovative industry. 

So, with Chainwire, one can further be sure that their press release is edited and fact-checked by crypto PR experts who understand the complexities of the crypto world and the audiences their message is intended to reach.

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A Global Footprint & Stellar Clientele

Cryptocurrencies have seen widespread adoption globally, which means a Web3 project needs a PR service provider that can help them reach its audience worldwide. 

In line with that, Chainwire offers guaranteed visibility and worldwide distribution to Asia, Europe, and Latin America’s top crypto media outlets.

So, with its global footprint, Chainwire helps cryptocurrency projects to reach target audiences, taking advantage of the vertical industries’ deployment across at least 140 segments.

This also reflects in the range of languages Chainwire supports. Currently, Chainwire supports German, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Chinese languages.

This global visibility has made Chainwire popular among crypto projects, and this is obvious from the number of crypto projects using it.

As of now, Chainwire is used by more than 300 clients across the crypto industry, including crypto exchanges, Web3 events, blockchain companies, launchpads, investment firms, the DeFi Project, and Web3 PR agencies, for the automated distribution of press releases across the most important cryptocurrency media outlets around the world. 

Their clients include, Polygon, Nexo,, Ankr,, and hundreds of other top brands across the crypto and blockchain industries. 

These big names are a testament that Chainwire services make it easy for businesses and cryptocurrency projects to spread their news quickly. Developed by a seasoned team with a strong media presence, Chainwire takes the guesswork out of cryptocurrency PR campaigns.  

The firm has a wealth of experience in the world of crypto and blockchain PR and is, therefore, in a position to advise companies on ways to increase the effectiveness, relevancy, and precision of their PR. 

With MarketAcross’ 10 years in the blockchain industry and presence worldwide, it is no wonder Chainwire has built up a reputation.

Having received high praise from its users, Chainwire has proved itself to be an undisputed press release distribution platform for smaller businesses in the crypto and blockchain industries. 

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Is Chainwire Worth it?

For a crypto project, utilizing Chainwire services allows them to focus on their core services and build the products of the future while the platform handles the PR services.

Moreover, when potential companies use Chainwire, their editorial team reviews the contents of the releases and offers their thoughts on the subject matter to the companies.    

By working with some of the biggest publications in the cryptocurrency space, like Cointelegraph, CryptoBriefing, and TheDailyCoin, Chainwire is then able to make sure press releases get as broad as appropriate coverage as possible.

The ease of use and setup and the quality of support at Chainwire further help crypto projects to increase the visibility of their brand and company without requiring much effort on their part. 

But of course, these levels of services don’t come for free. To avail of Chainwire’s services, the lowest one has to shell out is $1,399 to get a project featured in 8 media outlets plus promotion on the homepage of all news outlets, editorial suggestions, customer support, SEO adjustments, up to 1 image and video each included, and optional translation of the peace.

Doubling this outreach costs $2,499, while Chainwire’s Premium package is $6,499 with distribution to 75+ news outlets. The priciest package at Chainwire is Gold which is in collaboration with Cointelegraph.

But for those looking to reach the audience beyond crypto, the likes of Newswire, Cision, GlobeNewswire, AccessWire, Business Wire, PRWeb, Prowly, and PRUnderground offer much better services. As for those wanting a more crypto-focused approach, Coinscribble is the best option which stands out for its experience in the cryptocurrency sector. 

With Coinscribble’s much wider reach, knowledgeable team, and far superior service with features like real-time tracking of media coverage and detailed analytics that Chainwire simply can’t match, the company is capable of driving higher engagement.

So, for those looking for a more comprehensive and hands-on solution for crypto and Web3 projects, Coinscribble is the way to go. 

Final Word

A reputable and reliable crypto press release distribution platform is key to getting the story in front of the most influential people in the space. To further make a splash in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, one needs someone with a massive network of media contacts and good value for money.

As detailed above, Chainwire is an excellent resource for anyone interested in making their project reach a global audience and achieve a certain level of success.

Anyone looking to get the news out to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community can leverage the services of this newswire and press release distribution service, which has been working in the crypto space for a few years now, providing them with an understanding of the industry as such having the knowledge to target the right audience.

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