Best Crypto Blogs in 2024 | The Ultimate List

Last Updated: February 17, 2024
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If you are a crypto investor, you already know that awareness is everything.

Reading the finest crypto blogs is the best way to remain updated on the everchanging cryptocurrency and blockchain trends.

This article lists the top 20 crypto blogs you should read in 2024 to upgrade your crypto and NFT knowledge. 

Let’s begin!

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Top 20 Crypto Blogs in 2024

Here are the best cryptocurrency blogs that you should subscribe to in 2024 and ahead:


Cointelegraph is a popular cryptocurrency blog that talks about the hot and trending topics of the crypto world.

They share expert opinions, live commentary and updates from leading crypto industry professionals.

You should read this expert blog to discover new points of view on the decentralized finance market and events.

Launched in2013
Main Topics CoveredDeFi, Bitcoin, blockchain, crypto income, crypto PR, and technology.
Blog Posting Frequency2-3 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers77K
Total Instagram Followers303K
Total Twitter Followers1.8M
Total Organic Traffic3.3M

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Bitcolumnist offers news, guides, reviews, and tutorials about the top crypto projects, products, services, platforms, coins, and more.

Bitcolumnist’s NFT newsletter, NFT Lately was named the top NFT news source by OpenSea. Bitcolumnist’s NFT Lately is also read by the teams at Rarible, Dapper Labs, Coinbase, and more.

Bitcolumnist also hosts a popular newsletter.

Launched in2018
Main Topics CoveredCryptocurrencies, Web3, DeFi, Web3, digital currencies, and blockchain.
Blog Posting Frequency30-75 blogs a month
Total Organic Traffic500,000+

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CoinDesk is a news blog that publishes cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, blockchain, DeFi, digital finance, and Web3 news with analysis, video, and live price updates. 

They segregate informative DeFi content into beginner, intermediate and expert levels. 

Launched in2013
Main Topics CoveredBitcoin, crypto regulation, future of digital currency, crypto mining, FTX, and Ethereum.
Blog Posting Frequency6-10 blogs a week
Total Facebook Followers237K
Total Twitter Followers3M
Total Instagram Followers188K
Total Organic Traffic13.5M

NFT Lately

Note: NFT Lately was recently acquired by Bitcolumnist

NFT Lately is a popular crypto blog offering news, articles, reviews, guides, and interviews. The content delivered is worthy enough to make you an NFT expert.

Despite being launched recently, these blogs are read by top NFT influential firms like Rarible, OpenSea, J.P. Morgan, Christie’s, Coinbase, Ledger, and Animoca Brands.

If you’re into NFTs, you’ll love NFT Lately. NFT Lately’s content is focused on the latest news, drops, and events in the NFT world and they have cultivated a really passionate community making NFT Lately the top crypto blog for NFTs.

NFT Lately’s NFT newsletter is read by the biggest NFT whales and staff from top Web3 companies like Dapper Labs, OpenSea, Christie’s, and Rarible.

They have published interviews with top NFT personalities like Aleksander Blomquist, Gabe Frank, Tristen Larsen, and Yonathan Lapchik.

Launched in2021
Main Topics CoveredNFTs, metaverse
Blog Posting Frequency8-10 blogs a month
Total Twitter Followers14.4K
Total Organic Traffic7.9K


Coinbound is one of the leading cryptocurrency blogs, mainly covering crypto, NFT, blockchain, and Web3 marketing-related topics. 

This blog is managed by blockchain marketing agency Coinbound, which helps crypto brands go viral.

Coinbound has a vast network of crypto content creators and NFT influencers. They have been delivering valuable insights on everything related to crypto marketing since 2018.

They have long-form crypto marketing guides, listicles, how-to style content, and articles covering the most commonly asked questions by people in the cryptocurrency space.

Launched in2018
Main Topics CoveredCrypto digital marketing, web3 marketing, NFT marketing, SaaS content marketing, and influencer marketing.
Blog Posting FrequencyAround 15-25 articles a month
Total Instagram Followers4.9K
Total Twitter Followers7.8K
Total Organic Traffic53.1K

The Block

Founded in 2018 by Jake McGraw and Mike Dudas, The Block is a leading blog for all things about metaverse, blockchain, and DeFi.

The Block has featured some of the top personalities like Bobby Zagotta, Chris Dixon, Scottie Pippen, and Sam Bankman-Fried in their weekly podcast.

Launched in2018
Main Topics CoveredMetaverse, Bitcoin, NFT, digital currency ecosystem, investment, and mining.
Blog Posting Frequency30-55 per month
Total Facebook Followers2.5K
Total Instagram Followers17.3K
Total Twitter Followers312.6K
Total Organic Traffic500k


CryptoPotato is a one-source destination for digital currency and NFT enthusiasts. It provides detailed analysis, market updates, and the latest news on various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

They have been delivering valuable information related to DeFi via engaging guides and tutorials for over half a decade.

Crypto Potato offers beginner and expert-level educational content with how-to guides and high-quality content, including Bitcoin and crypto guides 101 for beginners. Their guides and tutorials help crypto investors in bettering their investment choices.

They also publish interviews of top crypto industry professionals. Brian Norton, Natalie Brunell, Ken Timsit, and Paolo Ardoino are a few of the names who have shared their voices on various web3 topics interviewed by Crypto Potato. 

Launched in2016
Main Topics CoveredCrypto laws and regulations, digital assets tax, top crypto companies, and market changes of the digital world.
Blog Posting Frequency2-3 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers12K
Total Twitter Followers31.3K
Total Organic Traffic82.3K


Bitcoin Magazine is one of the pioneer news and print magazines covering expert opinions and insights on Bitcoin and digital currencies since 2012.

They also have a Bitcoin Magazine store for buying magazine subscriptions starting from $21. The store sells crypto collections of NFT arts, books, hats, and t-shirts.

Launched in2012
Main Topics CoveredBitcoin benefits, Bitcoin launching solutions, crypto adoption, and Bitcoin developments.
Blog Posting Frequency10-15 blogs a week
Total Facebook Followers193K
Total Twitter Followers2.8M
Total Instagram Followers170K
Total Organic Traffic110K


Bitcoinist is a Bitcoin news blog that provides trending news, guides, price, and analysis about decentralized digital money and blockchain technology.

This blog is dedicated primarily to Bitcoin and Altcoins, but you can find information on other topics like blockchain, security, and finance. 

You can also play casino games on the website and earn money in cryptocurrency.

Launched in2014
Main Topics CoveredBlockchain, crypto analysis, coin prices, and digital investing options.
Blog Posting Frequency2-3 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers413K
Total Twitter Followers67.9K
Total Organic Traffic165.4K


Founded in 2014 by Bobby Ong and TM Lee, CoinGecko is a leading cryptocurrency data aggregator and news site. You can read their news blog to discover the latest cryptocurrency news. 

They compile news from the top blogs in the decentralized finance space and republish them on their site. Hence, you can only visit the CoinGecko news blog to discover what’s trending. 

Launched in2014
Main Topics CoveredDeFi ecosystem, digital market state, top performing digital assets, best investment options in the digital world, and crypto guides.
Blog Posting Frequency15-18 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers99.7K
Total Instagram Followers465K
Total Twitter Followers1.5M
Total Organic Traffic13M


CoinIdol is one of the most popular international crypto and currencies blogs that educate readers by offering the latest news, press releases, and updates on Bitcoin, blockchain, investment, finance, technology, and business.

The news articles are delivered in an animated and comic form which makes them fun to read.

Launched in2016
Main Topics CoveredCrypto games, Solana, Bitcoin, digital payment methods, and NFTs.
Blog Posting Frequency3x per day
Total Facebook Followers2K
Total Twitter Followers2.8K
Total Monthly Traffic1.1M

Kraken Blog

Founded in 2011, Kraken Blog is one of the leading crypto blogs that deliver accurate news and market reports trusted by millions of traders, institutions, and authorities around the world.

You can find digital currency guides, NFT podcasts, daily market reports, DeFi learning tutorials, and webinars on the blog.

Launched in2011
Main Topics CoveredCrypto exchanges, digital auctions, Ethereum PoW, security labs, Kraken intelligence. NFT, and DeFi
Blog Posting Frequency15-20 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers36K
Total Twitter Followers1.5M
Total Organic Traffic2.1M


Crypto News is one of the most informative blogs that help readers to stay in line with the digital currency industry trends and changes. 

They offer news, articles, and press releases on  Bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum, DeFi, Altcoins, NFT, and the metaverse. 

Crypto News also offers you a chance to earn free Bitcoins by collaborating with instant payout websites like Vave, Free Cash, BC Game, Cointiply, Daily Free Bits, and Go Bits. 

Main Topics CoveredDigital currency trading, blockchain technology, tokenization, mining pool, and NFTs.
Blog Posting Frequency8-10 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers4K
Total Instagram Followers39.1K
Total Twitter Followers66.9K
Total Organic Traffic34.4K

Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon is a widely read crypto and technology blog.

They have a community of 35000+ writers and publishers who create valuable insights for about 5-8 million readers.

Launched in2016
Main Topics CoveredCrypto marketing, DeFi, Ethereum, smart contracts, NFTs, and entrepreneurship.
Blog Posting Frequency15-20 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers43K
Total Instagram Followers16.5K
Total Twitter Followers87.1K
Total Organic Traffic408.7K


NewsBTC is a cryptocurrency news service that covers bitcoin news today, technical analysis & forecasts for bitcoin prices and other altcoins. 

They offer a detailed technical analysis of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Chainlink, Cardano, and Tezos.

Users can play games on the News BTC portal and earn rewards in the form of digital currencies. They have a long list of premium partners, including Punt Casino, Matrix Port, Metaspins, KCC, and Win App.

Launched in2013
Main Topics CoveredBitcoin, Litecoin, DeFi economy, cryptocurrency prices, web3, and NFT.
Blog Posting Frequency5-10 blogs a day
Total Facebook Followers25K
Total Twitter Followers59.6K
Total Organic Traffic127.3K


Coinspeaker is one of the oldest cryptocurrency blogs that attracts almost half a million monthly visitors. 

They cover a variety of content focused on many sectors like fintech, including art, AI, banking, big data, energy, education, charity, communication, gambling, gaming, retail, social, and sports.

Launched in2014
Main Topics CoveredFintech, crypto, technology, Bitcoin, DeFi exchanges, and tokenization.
Blog Posting Frequency8-10 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers3.1K
Total Twitter Followers9.3K
Total Organic Traffic18.3K


FullyCrypto is an award-winning Bitcoin site that covers Bitcoin news, digital currency news, ICO news, and other major crypto news.

FullyCrypto blogs have been ranked among Feedspot’s top 100 Bitcoin blogs and’s top 50 cryptocurrency blogs.

You can also earn digital money on Fully Crypto by playing NFT games such as Blinko, Crash, Slot, Limbo Aztec Magic, etc.

The home page of Fully Crypto displays live market prices of top digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, DogeCoin, Avalanche, and Solana.

Launched in2017
Main Topics CoveredCryptocurrency, blockchain technology, decentralization, and digital finance. 
Blog Posting Frequency20-25 articles a week
Total Facebook Followers149 
Total Instagram Followers1.7K
Total Twitter Followers497
Total Organic Traffic1.9K


Launched in 2017, Blockonomi is a fast-growing blog that aims to cover aspects of Cryptocurrencies, fintech, and the blockchain economy. 

Blockonomi publishes unbiased news, informative articles, authentic reviews, and educational tutorials to help readers better understand the world of decentralized money.

Launched in2017
Main Topics CoveredBitcoin, DeFi, crypto exchanges, crypto games, digital gambling, and the metaverse.
Blog Posting Frequency2-3 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers3.8K
Total Twitter Followers10.3K
Total Organic Traffic7.5K

The Coin Bureau

CoinBureau is your go-to crypto informational blog created with the intent to deliver high-class educational and enlightening blockchain and web3 content to readers worldwide.

You can refine your searches based on different categories, such as mining, reviews, DeFi, news, trading, and guides.

One of the critical features of this crypto blog is that readers get discounts and deals on various digital currencies, including Binance, KuCoin, OKX, Swissborg, and Trezor.

Coin Bureau has been featured in Exodus, WSJ, CoinGecko, Coin Market Cap,, INC, and Nasdaq.

Launched in2017
Main Topics CoveredNFT and crypto games, mining, digital trading, crypto platform, digital market, and DeFi.
Blog Posting Frequency8-10 blogs a month
Total Twitter Followers773K
Total Organic Traffic25.4K


Founded in 2015, CoinChapter is one of the best DeFi blogs that predominantly offers up-to-date information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Launched in2015
Main Topics CoveredCrypto regulations, Bitcoin, Ethereum, crypto forecast, Altcoin, and DeFi.
Blog Posting Frequency18-20 blogs a month
Total Facebook Followers566+
Total Instagram Followers9.9K
Total Twitter Followers6.7K
Total Organic Traffic4.4K


Cryptocurrency is a sensitive topic with a high volatility rate. To keep up with the trends and updates in the decentralized finance market, you need to upscale your research game and remain watchful of your investments.

Subscribe to the blogs discussed in this article to stay updated about the recent happenings in the crypto and bitcoin space.

Happy reading!

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