How To Rank For Crypto Keywords (Crypto SEO Guide)

Last Updated: March 13, 2024
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Why Ranking for Crypto Keywords is Important

Improving your SEO (search engine optimization) consists of working on several different aspects of your website including backlinks, images, meta titles and more. But out of everything pertaining to SEO, keywords ranking is by far the most important. 

When you rank for many organic keywords, your website shoots up the Google rankings, which dramatically increases the number of visitors to your site. Websites that rank well for relevant crypto keywords like “bitcoin”, “token”, “ico”, “exchange” and “wallet” will get millions more visitors than the average site. 

The best part is that readers who search those terms are already interested in investing, trading and learning about crypto. Once readers feel they’ve gotten value from a post, they will keep coming back to the same blog, allowing you to build an audience without spending too much money on advertising. 

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Short Tail vs Long Tail Keywords in Crypto

It’s really important that you understand the differences in short tail and long tail keywords, and how that affects your overall SEO and website health.

For crypto related projects, short tail would be more like “bitcoin investing” and long tail would be “best ways to invest in bitcoin” or “how to invest in bitcoin”. The long tail keywords are more specific with a clear intent while short tail keywords are simple phrases that could constitute multiple meanings. A good website ranks well for both, by using short tail keywords as a framework for their content and long tail keywords for specific posts. 

Who to Target for Crypto Keywords

This depends on your company, but usually we see that most crypto companies target investors, traders and students looking to learn more about crypto and blockchain. This could range from people who know next to nothing to people who want to invest their entire paycheck into the next great blockchain project.

Some companies primarily target seasoned pros who already know a lot about crypto, and their content skew towards being more niche than a company that caters to a beginner. Your target demographic will be heavily influenced by the type of company you run. 

Best Types of Content to Improve Crypto SEO

From working with some of the biggest crypto companies in the space, we’ve seen content like educational pieces, in-depth guides and token reviews work very well. For example, an exchange could publish posts analyzing recent ICOs or reviewing the different exchanges on the market.  Running “Best Of” lists and compiling memes are also popular ways to increase readership.

Since crypto is such a new space, anything that breaks down seemingly complex topics into simple, easy-to-read pieces will be very popular. Since there’s so many newcomers to crypto every month, this is a perfect chance to increase organic traffic that results in more customers. 

The number one goal for your articles should be adding value and teaching the reader important pieces of information. You want the visitor to come away with the feeling that your website is the resource they’ll use in the future when they have questions and want to learn more.

Best Tools to Rank for Crypto Keywords

There are many SEO tools to help you improve the number of ranked keywords. For example, Google Trend Analyzer shows the most popular searches. Another is SEMrush, which is a paid tool that gives you information like domain authority, organic keywords and backlinks. Both give you lots of data to improve website SEO, and implementing those improvements results in more visitors and more customers.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in creating a post around “crypto mining”. You’d be able to see the amount of monthly searches, and how difficult the keyword is to rank. Once the content is published, you could very well end up on the first page of Google, and gain thousands of visitors while spending NOTHING on advertising.

If you have a site and want to check on the status of your ranking, site health and overall SEO, we can help with that. One of the reports is from SEMrush, which normally costs $100 just to access.


As you can see, ranking for the correct crypto keywords is critical if you want to attract organic traffic to your site. However, many of the traditional SEO methods don’t work in the ever changing crypto space. Fortunately, we’ve cracked the code to ranking crypto keywords and have great results to show for it.

If you’re interested in seeing how we helped some of the biggest crypto companies improve their SEO and increase their traffic by 60x, feel free to book a call with us here.

Otherwise, we have several other articles on how to market your crypto brand more effectively including a comprehensive crypto marketing guide and an article on improving email marketing.

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