Fractional CMO for Startups – Top Questions and Answers

Last Updated: November 4, 2022
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A fractional CMO can help you to craft the best business strategies and deliver the best marketing techniques

Startup crypto companies are commonly advised to get a fractional CMO, to build or lead the company’s marketing part-time. Nevertheless, many are unsure of what “fractional CMO” even means.

First and foremost, a fractional chief marketing officer (CMO) is a marketing professional committed to businesses for at least 8 hours a week. However, the marketing professional is likely working with another company or two during their spare time, rather than one marketing agency. A fractional CMO for startups and small businesses is ideal when marketing efforts need a boost but the lack of funds can’t justify someone working in that sector full-time funds.

So, let’s answer the most common questions when discussing fractional CMOs, to help you decide whether or not one is necessary for boosting your crypto company. 

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What are the responsibilities of a fractional CMO for startups? 

Having a fractional CMO is like having a senior marketing executive – someone who’s part-time yet always there to lend a helping hand and has your best interests at heart. 

The job roles for fractional CMO’s include:

  • Crafting business and marketing strategies.
  • Providing advice.
  • Overseeing execution.
  • Delivering results from marketing perspectives. 

To fulfill such responsibilities, fractional CMOs carry out responsibilities such as digital marketing, influencer marketing, conversation rate optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, paid media, account-based marketing, marketing automation, storytelling to boost your brand and so forth. 

Consequently, fractional CMOs typically take a hands-on approach with all marketing resources before thinking of ways marketing can be boosted while abiding by KPIs and ensuring maximum return from all marketing operations. 

Can a fractional CMO for startups help me reach my goals? 

These professionals can bring core advantages to your business – getting it started following years of experience and industry practice. 

Finding a fractional CMO for startups can be highly advantageous due to the company not knowing its marketing voice yet making the wrong choices. 

Many startups tend to make unreliable goals at the expense of long-term credibility, paying big bucks for a future they are not sure will even exist by the time it comes. 

This is where fraction CMOs for startups comes in tops. Such professionals can offer knowledge through having years of experience, helping you to make wiser investment decisions without damaging startups’ long-term objectives. 

What makes fractional CMOs an attractive choice for startups? 

Since COVID-19, more and more people are working remotely from home. This sets the stage to have someone help you with your marketing efforts that can help you get the job done no matter where they are. 

Shortly put, the need for bringing in experienced leaders who know the latest digital and social media trends for marketing is like never before. 

Get in contact with a fractions CMO to spark growth for your company in an industry that’s never been so competitive.

Hiring a fractional CMO

How can I hire a Web3 fractional CMO? 

When picking a fractional CMO, you must consider: 

  • The experience behind the market leader 
  • Expertise within the marketing and crypto field 
  • The fractional CMO’s marketing process 
  • Their system for working, and how often 
  • Which business models and marketing techniques they cover

Luckily, we at Coinbound have a trove of experienced employees who can answer the questions above. 

Our marketing professionals can guide you through periods of rapid growth, ensure your company gains traction, and design you a strategy alongside marketing plans that work but don’t cost a fortune as a full-time executive would. 

We can also put processes in place to ensure you receive positive results from all marketing techniques. Look at the success of MetaMask and Nexo, for instance. Our fractional CMO’s helped both crypto companies up their games by managing their marketing campaigns in the best possible ways.

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