Google Updates Crypto Advertising Policy for 2024

Last Updated: December 9, 2023
Google Updates Crypto Advertising Policy for 2024

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Google has announced upcoming changes to its cryptocurrency advertising policy. Following this announcement, Google also urged advertisers to make themselves aware of these changes and begin preparations to comply with the new requirements.

Quick Take 

  • Google’s upcoming policy update is bound to emphasize compliance along with certification. 
  • Advertisers must adhere to the deadline date to prevent account suspension. 
  • Failing to meet standards would result in a warning and eventually the suspension of the account.

People believe the update is for Google’s product policies for the advertisement of Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts and ETFs. These changes will be implemented from January 29, 2024. Similarly, Google has also warned that failure to comply would result in the termination of advertiser accounts.

The Impact of Google Updates on the Policy

Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts are financial products that set the stage for investors to easily trade shares in trusts that hold a considerable amount of digital currency. These trusts, in return, provide investors with equity in cryptocurrencies despite having no direct ownership.

At the same time, these are also options for the creation of an increasingly diverse portfolio. Thus, traders and investors from all over the world keep an eye out for them.

Google stated, 

“This global approach reinforces Google’s commitment to creating a uniform and secure advertising environment for users globally.”

The upcoming policy updates are bound to redefine the scope and requirements for the advertisement of Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts and ETFs. Advertisers targeting the American market would face no issues promoting these products and services as long as they followed the new policies.

Furthermore, it has become mandatory for them to obtain certification from Google. These policy updates are not limited to the United States. They would apply to all accounts advertising Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts around the globe.

Understanding Compliance and Consequences 

Google reminded advertisers of their obligation to comply with local laws in the areas where the advertisement is targeted. Similarly, the company established a new approach for dealing with policy violations, which would include giving a warning before suspending the account.

Advertisers failing to comply with these new policies would receive a warning approximately 7 days before a potential account suspension. The period would provide advertisers the opportunity to fix any potential non-compliance issues and get back into compliance with revised guidelines.

Similarly, Google suggested advertisers go through its documentation about restricted financial products and product certification. Cryptocurrency Coin Trust advertisers would have to keep a close eye on their updated policies to ensure compliance. 

Advertisers have had mixed opinions on these developments. Some believe that these policies are quite strict and harsh, while others state that this is a chance for advertisers to reevaluate and strategize accordingly for better results on the search engine. 

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