Google Pushes Significant Reviews Update in November

Last Updated: November 8, 2023
Google Welcomes a New Reviews Update in November

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The most used global search engine, Google has come up with a new Reviews Update to mark the start of a new phase in the Reviews System. Analysts believe that this might be a positive development for SEO enthusiasts.

Quick Take:

  • Google rolls out a new Reviews System Update.
  • The search engine announces continuous updates without prior notification.
  • Google’s rolling update looks promising for SEO experts and publishers.

The core update of Google is currently rolling out and it is expected to take up to two weeks to complete. Moreover, this is the fourth board core algorithm update this year, as the first one rolled out in March. The update carries an improvement to a different core system than last month.

However, there is little to no information about Google’s Reviews System. Experts expect this system to be a machine learning model with a classifier process. This is why it undergoes system updates and changes.

While commenting on its Reviews System Update, Google said that now it will not be notifying of improvements to its reviews system as they will be occurring at a consistent pace. The platform will update its page and guidelines to reflect this new development.

Google stated,

“We expect an update to our reviews system to start rolling out next week. That will also mark a point when we’ll no longer be giving periodic notifications of improvements to our reviews system, because they will be happening at a regular and ongoing pace.”

What is the Structure of Google Reviews System?

The Google Reviews System essentially evaluates articles, blog posts, and other sorts of written content. Its main purpose is to recommend the most suitable content for a user’s search query. This content could be an answer to a question, an opinion, or an analysis as well.

On the contrary, this system does not consider third-party reviews, including the ones in the reviews or feedback section of any web page. However, if a website only comprises reviews then the system evaluates all of the available content.

Google uses a ranking system to generate search results. To rank web pages, the search engine reviews the on-site content. It makes use of different ranking systems to do multiple tasks. Therefore, these updates are meant to improve Google’s reviews and ranking systems.

The Impact of the New Reviews System

There is no certainty on how a Reviews System impacts a website’s performance or ranking in the search engine. Many updates in the past have caused harm to ranked websites. With several updates in the past, the rankings changed and the evaluation system became more complex.

Furthermore, Google came up with a holding pattern to frustrate users. This meant that even after fixing the problems in the content, website owners had to wait until the next update to see its potential benefits. As a result, sites had lower traffic for weeks and even months as they waited for the next updates.

Due to these past events, SEO experts and website owners have a belief that new updates will make search engine rankings difficult. However, not every update is a bad one. Many updates also turn out to be good for SEO experts and publishers.

The November 2023 Review System update is also expected to be a rolling update. It means that ranking changes will happen in real time. Thus, these regular changes could result in clearer SEO requirements.

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