How Frequently Should You Post on Twitter?

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If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, you’ve probably wondered how often is too often to tweet?

Ty, TJ, and Kylie debate the various frequencies of Twitter activity and what is most effective for your brand.


Lolli (Twitter):

Kind (TikTok): 

Wendy’s (Twitter):

Burger King (Twitter):

Social Pilot:






Ty’s Show Notes:

Several times a day. Social media in general is a volume game. Look at anyone that has a strong following on any channel (that isnt famous outside of social media) and you’ll see they are posting 20+ times a day.

According to different marketing companies (aggregated by Coschedule):

  • Quick Sprout: 15x per day
  • DowSocial: Minimum 6x per day
  • Constant Contact: Minimum 5x day
  • Buffer: maximum 3x per day
  • Hubspot: Minimum 5x per day
  • Adobe: 3 per day for massive brands

If you need help with populating your twitter account with content it is a service we offer and are already helping a bunch of brands and content creators.

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