How to Get Verified on Threads [Step by Step]

Last Updated: July 5, 2023
How to Get Verified on Threads

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Getting verified on Meta’s new Twitter-killer app, Threads, isn’t as hard as it might seem.

In this guide, we will explain the steps needed to get verified on Threads.

Why Get Verified on Instagram’s Threads

Being verified on Instagram’s Threads platform can offer tons of benefits to individuals and businesses. Here are some reasons why someone might want to be verified on Instagram Threads:

  1. Authenticity and Credibility: The verification badge is a symbol of authenticity. It indicates that the account belongs to a legitimate public figure, celebrity, brand, or influential person. Verification adds credibility and trustworthiness to the account, distinguishing it from impersonators or fan accounts.
  2. Brand Recognition: Verification helps establish a strong brand presence on Instagram Threads. It enables businesses, organizations, and public figures to protect their brand identity and maintain consistency across the platform. A verified badge can also increase brand visibility and make it stand out among competitors.
  3. Increased Reach and Engagement: Verified accounts have a higher chance of being discovered and featured in Instagram’s search results and Explore section. This enhanced visibility can lead to increased followers, engagement, and opportunities for collaboration with other verified accounts or influencers.
  4. Access to Special Features: Instagram occasionally rolls out exclusive features and tools that are accessible only to verified accounts. These features may include enhanced analytics, advanced moderation options, and priority access to new features, which can be advantageous for managing and growing an account.
  5. Media Opportunities: Journalists, media outlets, and brands often rely on verified accounts for accurate information and collaborations. Being verified makes it easier for these entities to identify and connect with individuals or organizations for media coverage, partnerships, or sponsorship opportunities.
  6. Security and Account Protection: Verification provides an extra layer of security for high-profile accounts. It helps prevent identity theft, impersonation, and brand misuse. Verified accounts may receive additional support from Meta’s moderation team and have better access to reporting and account recovery options.

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How Has Meta (and Threads) Verification Changed?

Earlier this year, Meta changed the meaning of their verified. Following the lead of Twitter, Meta’s verified program now denotes authenticity, rather than notoriety.

Meta Threads Verification Explanation
Source: Instagram

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How to Get Verified on Threads

Step 1: Have an Instagram account

Threads is tied to your Instagram account. As such, to get verified, you will need an Instagram account. Create an Instagram account.

Step 2: Apply for Meta Verified

If you aren’t a public figure who is already verified on Instagram, you will need to apply for Meta Verified. Fortunately, the process is easy (for now).

To start the application process, you will need to open the Instagram on your phone and go to the Meta Accounts Center. From there go to Account settings and find “Meta Verified”.

Meta Account settings screenshot

Here’s how to apply for Meta Verified.

Step 3: Enable 2FA

Because Threads verified offers added security and verifies authenticity, 2-factor Authentication is required. The process for setting 2FA up is simple and fast. You will just need an authenticator app like Google Authenticator or Authy. Alternatively, you can set up 2FA with just your phone number, however, this method is not as secure.

Step 4: Upload the necessary documentation.

To pass the Meta Verification application, you will need to upload one of the following documents:

  • State ID
  • Country ID
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License

When prompted, scan your document directly. Scanning a screenshot will not work.

Step 5: Wait for Approval

The process for getting verified on Instagram Threads is not an immediate one. Your information will need to be verified by the team. The estimated wait time is 1 hour to 2 days.

Step 6: Enjoy Verification!

Soon, you will get an email notification that you have been approved. You are now verified!

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