Top SaaS Influencers You Should Follow Now | 2023 List

February 23, 2022
Top SaaS Influencers

SaaS as a business concept is incredibly exciting. SaaS companies have an incredible ability to grow at scale at a rate far beyond most other businesses. Because of this, SaaS companies spend billions of dollars on digital marketing every year to acquire more customers. Of these SaaS digital marketing methods, Influencer marketing is a popular form of growth. In this guide, we will outline the top SaaS influencers you need to know and follow.

Top SaaS Influencers

Dharmesh Shah

Dharmesh Shah is one of the co-founders of Hubspot, one of the most successful SaaS companies. Dharmesh is offer sharing some incredible tips about how to build SaaS companies and is very active on LinkedIn.

Dharmesh was named an Inc. Founders 40 in 2016 and is a very active investor is SaaS companies.

Ty Smith

Ty Smith is the owner of SaaS marketing agency, Coinbound. With almost 20,000 followers, his Twitter account is a popular place to learn SaaS marketing tips and tricks. This is a must-follow for SaaS marketers.

Ty Smith is also an active investor in SaaS companies as he has successfully helped take dozen to market.

He also hosts a popular SaaS marketing newsletter that is ready by top SaaS marketers.

David Skok

General Partner at Matrix Partners, where he focuses on SaaS investments. He is also the author of the “For Entrepreneurs” blog, which provides insights and advice for SaaS founders.

Andrew Gazdecki

Andrew Gazdecki is best known as the CEO of Microacquire, a platform that allows startups (mostly SaaS companies) to get acquired online. His Twitter account is very popular and his content is not to be missed.


Dottotech is one of the most enjoyable SaaS YouTubers to follow online. His fun demeaner and incredibly informative content makes him a must subscribe.

Much of Dottotech’s content focused on helping people leverage SaaS tools to improve productivity and be more effective.

Aaron Levie

CEO and co-founder of Box, a cloud content management and file-sharing service. Aaron is a vocal advocate for cloud computing and has spoken at numerous industry events.

Jason Lemkin

Founder of SaaStr, a SaaS community with over 2 million subscribers. Jason is a thought leader and writer on all things SaaS and has invested in over 50 SaaS companies.

Stewart Gauld

Stewart Gauld is a super fun SaaS review YouTube influencer whose content we love. He makes fantastic YouTube content reviewing popular SaaS companies like Toggl,, as well as smaller brands making him a great influencer for SaaS products.

Keep Productive

Keep Productive, as the name suggests, is a YouTube account that focused most specifically on productivity tools. With over a quarter million subscribers, he has grown quite the audience and should be on any SaaS influencer marketing professionals wishlist.

Aaron Ross

Ross is the Co-Founder of Predictable Revenue, a sales consulting firm for SaaS companies. Aaron is an expert in sales and has worked with many high-growth SaaS startups.

SaaS Reviews with Akshay

Akshay is a popular YouTuber who is best known for his in-depth reviews of SaaS products. While he is on the smaller size with only a few thousand subscriber, his content is thoughtful and well-researched earning him a spot on this list.

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