How to Promote NFTs on Instagram

Last Updated: May 3, 2023

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Although there are many ways regarding how to promote NFTs on Instagram, we at Coinbound have hand-picked the best advice to boost your target market

Once launching a non-fungible token (NFT) project, there are many actions you can take for promotional purposes. The more people that know about your group of collectibles, the better. 

Whether you want to partake in giveaways on Twitter, run influencer campaigns, or create merchandise production to attract more followers, all are good ideas. 

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Nevertheless, there are easier ways to promote NFTs. Let’s look at Instagram alone, for instance. 

Here are the best ways for promoting your NFT project on Instagram to the best target your market:


Personalize Your Profile 

At Coinbound, we’ve been dealing with marketing on Instagram since the get-go. Therefore, to best market on this social channel, you must continuously be active on the platform for customer engagement. 

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However, customer engagement doesn’t mean constantly posting pictures of your collectibles. Instead, it is also helpful to like other peoples’ posts, follow potential customers and other NFT projects you like, etc. Nevertheless, it’s still equally vital that your profile looks good and that your target audience can see what you’re all about when you want to promote NFTs on Instagram. Therefore, your content must be approachable, non-offensive, down-to-earth, and personal. People want to know about yourself, what your art means, the medium you use, the reasons for creating the project, and so forth.

To get even more traction, why not discuss personal things about the reasons behind your project? Everyone loves a personal touch, after all. 


Hashtags – Yay or Nay? 

Hashtags are a funny one. Although the symbols help your posts reach the right audience by categorizing your content for users and for algorithms to determine where it’s distributed, too many can seem desperate for attention and make you look needy.

Consequently, we advise you to post a few hashtags, but only ones that matter—some viral hashtags trend in the NFT field. However, we recommend you use the less apparent hashtags to find a more niche audience, so your work doesn’t get lost in the masses. 

So, think of your project’s meaning before thinking of personal hashtags that perfectly connect with your project. 

Market Trend

Study Your Target Market

Last but not least, knowing your audience is vital. Although the NFT field gained a lot of recognition and publicity throughout the past years, it is still not mainstream and is now going through an even worse time due to chaos following FTX’s bankruptcy

Only buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies and NFTs understand Web3 lingo. Therefore, you probably shouldn’t be targeting Instagram users who primarily look at women in bikinis or cute fluffy dogs.

Rather, look out for NFT lovers or people who can relate to your project. For example, if your NFT project donates proceeds to LBGT rights groups, perhaps look out for people that also support LBGT, follow gay clubs, etc. 

Moreover, you will know who’s into NFTs by looking at their list of followers. The more you deepen your understanding of your target market, the more you can adapt and hashtag your posts accordingly and attract attention to the right people.

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Wrap It Up – Reasons for Promoting NFTs on Instagram 

Instagram is a fantastic social media platform for showing off art and reaching a large audience. You can easily set up an NFT auction or launch a sale on the visual hub compared to other social channels.

Moreover, Instagram has fantastic algorithms to connect you with the right people. And with more than a billion active users per month and 500 million active users per day, we are sure you will find your perfect target market. 

If in need of assistance, Coinbound can help boost your marketing campaign on Instagram through technological solutions that allow you to increase your NFT profiles and integrate the necessary protocols.

So, be sure to reach out to us and watch your project’s Instagram account reach the highest heights. We can assure that your NFT project goes viral. 

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