How to Set Up an NFT Discord Server | Top Channels and Bots for 2022

How are you using social media to engage your community?

To be a successful community manager, you need to understand the various ways you can interact with your community. And today, Discord has definitely grown as the de facto communication method for NFT communities. If you’re not using Discord right now to communicate with your NFT community, then this is definitely the episode that you want to check out.

Join Ty Smith in this episode of Crypto Marketing Podcast as he covers the 5 channels you need to know when you’re setting up your Discord channel and 5 bots that are gonna make your life a whole lot easier!

Key Takeaways:

Top Channels You Need for an NFT Discord Server

  1. Welcome/Start here
  2. Rules
  3. Verify
  4. General Chat

For more in-depth information check out our full guide on how to set up an NFT Discord server.

Top NFT Discord Server Bots

  1. MEE6 Bot
  2. Dyno Bot
  4. Gas Tracker
  5. Ethereum Price Bot

For a full breakdown and understanding, watch this episode on YouTube:

How to Set Up an NFT Discord Server | Top Discord NFT Channels and Bots for 2022

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