Top 29 Marketing Consulting Firms Ranked

Last Updated: January 4, 2024
marketing consulting agencies

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For businesses looking to expand into new markets or reach a global audience, marketing consulting firms can provide valuable insights and strategies to navigate international marketing challenges.

Marketing consulting agencies have professionals with diverse skill sets and deep knowledge across various marketing domains. They offer specialized expertise in market research, digital marketing, branding, advertising, and more.

This article shares the top 30 marketing consulting firms for 2024.

What is a Marketing Consulting Firm?

A marketing consulting firm is a company that helps other businesses with their advertising and selling strategies. They’re like expert advisors who advise on how to promote products or services better. 

These advertising consulting firms look at what customers like, what other companies are doing, and how to make a business stand out. They advise making ads, improving brand image, and reaching more customers.

What Are the Advantages of Working with Marketing Consulting Agencies?

Here are the top benefits of working with marketing consulting services:

  • Cultural Adaptability: Marketing consulting agencies often have experience working across diverse cultures and markets. This adaptability can be especially beneficial for businesses looking to expand globally or target niche demographics with specific cultural nuances.
  • Risk Mitigation: These agencies often bring a level of risk mitigation through their experience dealing with various challenges and scenarios in different industries. Their expertise can help anticipate potential pitfalls and create strategies to navigate them effectively.
  • Network and Partnerships: Established marketing consulting agencies tend to have extensive networks and partnerships within the industry. Leveraging these connections can provide additional opportunities, collaborations, or resources not easily accessible otherwise.
  • Innovation Incubators: Some agencies specialize in fostering innovation. They not only create marketing strategies but also serve as innovation hubs, ideating and experimenting with new marketing techniques, technologies, and approaches.
  • Enhanced Training and Development: Beyond executing campaigns, some agencies offer training programs for in-house teams, transferring skills, knowledge, and best practices to empower your internal staff for better long-term marketing performance.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Ethics: With a deep understanding of industry standards and regulations, these agencies can ensure that marketing strategies comply with legal and ethical boundaries, reducing the risk of costly legal issues or reputation damage.
  • Holistic Strategy Development: Instead of just focusing on marketing, certain agencies take a more holistic approach, aligning marketing strategies with overall business goals, ensuring consistency and synergy across all departments for comprehensive growth.

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Best Marketing Consulting Companies: 2024 Rankings


Accenture is one of the top marketing consulting firms operating at the forefront of global change, offering cutting-edge solutions that intertwine technology and human innovation to address some of the most significant global challenges. 

They foster change through comprehensive research reports, impactful events, podcasts, and breakthrough announcements. 

Their partnership with leading organizations, including their data-driven strategies in various sectors, exemplifies their commitment to driving positive transformation globally.

Founded: 1989

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Team Size: 10,001+ Employees


  • Accenture is often ranked among the top consulting firms globally, leveraging its expertise in marketing, strategy, and digital transformation.
  • The firm has received accolades for its innovative approaches to marketing, including recognition for cutting-edge digital strategies and transformative campaigns.
  • Known for driving substantial impact for clients, Accenture’s marketing consulting arm has helped various companies enhance brand visibility, customer engagement, and revenue growth.
  • Accenture’s marketing consulting division has earned industry recognition for its exceptional work in sectors like technology, consumer goods, healthcare, and financial services.
  • Accenture is praised for its role in guiding companies through successful digital transformations, integrating marketing technologies and strategies to drive business outcomes.

Case Studies: See their case studies


Nielsen is a leading advertising firm at the forefront of audience-centric insights, leveraging a century of expertise to drive businesses toward future success. Their comprehensive solutions empower brands with audience measurement tools, media planning insights, and marketing optimization strategies. 

With a focus on real people and powered by a global network, Nielsen pioneers data-driven approaches that foster inclusive cultures and anticipate media trends. 

Nielsen’s commitment to understanding audiences and shaping the future of media marks it as a pivotal partner in navigating the evolving landscape of marketing and audience engagement.

Founded: 1923

Headquarters: America, United States

Team Size:10,001+ Employees


  • The consultancy is renowned for its expertise in data analytics, offering clients valuable insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and audience measurement.
  • Conducted the first marketing research and performance surveys in 1923.
  • Introduced automated measurement of TV lineups in 1977. 
  • Pioneered scanning of retail store universal product codes (UPCs). 
  • Launched Scantrack in 1980 for tracking market trends.

Case Studies: See their case studies

Brain & Company

Bain & Company is one of the leading marketing consulting firms that stands as a beacon in the consulting sphere, championing innovative strategies that drive exceptional results for clients worldwide. 

Through meticulous insights and pioneering methodologies, Bain & Company fosters a culture of boldness, guiding clients on transformative journeys that transcend industry norms. 

Their dedication to sustainability, customer experience enhancement, and fostering purposeful growth underpins their commitment to driving meaningful change in a rapidly evolving global landscape.


Headquarters: America, United States

Team Size: 13,000 Employees


  • Bain emphasizes a responsible approach to technology, guiding companies in adopting AI and other advancements while considering ethical and inclusive practices.
  • Their thought leadership extends to sustainability efforts, advising businesses on adopting sustainable practices, including sustainable packaging solutions, aligned with consumer preferences.
  • Bain operates globally, making its expertise accessible to businesses worldwide, catering to diverse industries such as retail, technology, healthcare, and more.

Case Studies: See their case studies

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Deloitte is a prominent global consulting firm at the forefront of industry transformation, leveraging advanced technologies and insightful strategies to drive impactful change. 

With a robust array of services spanning tax, consulting, audit, AI, analytics, and more, Deloitte empowers businesses across diverse sectors like consumer goods, financial services, and healthcare to navigate complexities and seize growth opportunities. 

Their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, evident in initiatives like supporting women in tech and promoting board diversity, reflects their dedication to driving holistic progress. 

Founded: 1845

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Team Size: 10,001+ Employees


  • Deloitte’s services include scalable smart factory solutions that provide real-time insights and end-to-end visibility for companies embarking on their digital transformation journey.
  • Through ‘Converge,’ Deloitte brings together cutting-edge technology investments and a trusted network of partners to help businesses thrive amid disruptions in their respective industries.
  • Deloitte regularly publishes insightful reports like Tech Trends and Global Human Capital Trends, helping businesses navigate evolving landscapes and embrace technological advancements while adapting to new workplace paradigms.


McKinsey is one of the leading marketing consulting firms representing a global force in driving transformative change for businesses, leveraging technology as a catalyst for growth and resilience. 

With over 5,000 specialized experts across 60+ countries, McKinsey Digital empowers organizations to navigate the digital age, offering comprehensive solutions spanning data analytics, AI, technology modernization, and customer-centric experiences. 

Their multidisciplinary team, including data scientists, engineers, cybersecurity experts, and designers, collaborates seamlessly to deliver technology-driven transformations, new-business builds, and agile organizational cultures. 

Founded: 1926

Headquarters: Chicago, United States

Team Size: 10,001+ Employees


  • Development of an AI bot to help Emirates Team New Zealand defend their Americas Cup title.
  • Transformation of Rethinking Recycling into the leading initiative of Delterra, a new environmental not-for-profit. 
  • Acquisition of Candid Partners to strengthen cloud consulting services.

Case Studies: See their case studies


Coinbound is a top marketing consultancy firm empowering companies within the Web3 ecosystem to navigate and triumph over their most daunting marketing hurdles. 

Their illustrious clientele includes industry heavyweights such as MetaMask, Tron, Nexo, and OKX. 

Their forte spans various facets of the Web3 landscape, offering tailored strategies and insights specifically honed for areas like NFTs, DeFi, exchanges, and tokens. 

Coinbound’s consultancy services provide unparalleled expertise in digital growth tactics, community expansion strategies, social media blueprinting, SEO optimization, PR and earned media placements, and influencer and media marketing. 

Recognized as the Best Web3 Marketing Agency by DAN and distinguished through various crypto and NFT marketing awards, Coinbound earns acclaim from prominent figures and industry voices for their unmatched dedication, expertise, and profound impact on the crypto marketing arena.

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: New York

Team Size: 51-200 Employees


  • Coinbound has received awards from prominent sources such as Digital Agency Network (DAN) as the Best Web3 Marketing Agency, Influencer Marketing Hub for Crypto and NFT Marketing, acknowledgment from Cointelegraph as an Innovation Circle Member, and more.
  • The firm has been featured and recognized by various credible platforms like Cointelegraph, Decrypt, MarketWatch, and other industry-specific outlets, solidifying their reputation as a leading authority in Web3 marketing.
  • Coinbound has garnered praise and recommendations from industry influencers, CEOs, and business owners within the crypto space, demonstrating their expertise, reliability, and effectiveness in driving marketing success for their clients.
  • The company offers a range of specialized services, including digital growth strategies, community advisory, social media planning, SEO optimization, PR and earned media, influencer marketing, and more, contributing to the growth and success of numerous crypto businesses.

Top Clients:

  • Etoro
  • Metamask
  • Tron
  • Nexo
  • Juno
  • Crypto Daily

Case Studies: See their case studies


EquiBrand is a leading marketing consulting firm boasting over two decades of experience fortifying businesses through strategic insights and innovative marketing solutions. 

Their holistic approach combines analytical precision with creative ingenuity, enabling them to foster stronger brands and drive business growth. EquiBrand’s services span comprehensive marketing strategy development, brand consultancy, digital marketing optimization, and innovation strategy implementation. 

Renowned for their collaborative process, market-driven approach, and track record of positioning numerous brands across diverse sectors, EquiBrand is a trusted partner for companies seeking to elevate their market presence and expand their business horizons.

Founded: 1999

Headquarters: Moraga, CA

Team Size: 2-10 Employees


  • Establishing thought leadership in the marketing consulting sphere, possibly through publications, speaking engagements, or industry recognition.
  • Ensuring high levels of client satisfaction by providing tailored, effective, and measurable marketing strategies aligned with their business goals.
  • Demonstrating measurable improvements in clients’ key performance indicators, such as increased market share, revenue growth, or brand awareness.

Top Clients:

  • Abbot
  • Hyundai
  • People
  • Intel
  • Michelin 

Case Studies: See their case studies


SeedX is a top-rated marketing consultancy firm renowned for its holistic approach, propelling businesses to meaningful growth through innovative strategies. Specializing in deciphering complex analytics and guiding tech utilization, they craft powerful launch strategies for diverse sectors like B2B, E-commerce, Consumer Goods, Software, and Nonprofits.

Their expertise spans creative design, tech development, and strategic management. They are recognized through numerous awards, including Forbes and Clutch honours, affirming their industry leadership and ability to deliver impactful, award-winning campaigns. 

With a focus on tangible results, SeedX is the go-to choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge marketing solutions and impactful outcomes.

Founded: 2016 

Headquarters: Austin, Taxes

Team Size: 11-50 Employees


  • Demonstrating a commitment to client success by providing tailored, measurable, and ROI-driven marketing strategies.
  • Helping brands successfully enter new product categories, leveraging existing brand equity for diversification and growth.
  • Facilitating strategic collaborations or coalition building, fostering economic growth in regional or metropolitan areas.

Case Studies: See their case studies 

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KAE is a best marketing strategy firm specializing in diverse industries like Financials, Technology, ESG, Industrial, and Media verticals. 

With a global footprint and over 54 years of expertise, KAE navigates clients through the complex business cycle, addressing pivotal challenges in corporate strategy, proposition development, marketing, and sales. 

This consultancy powerhouse crafts bespoke solutions, harnessing comprehensive research, analytics, and the latest in machine learning to deliver precise, tailored insights that empower clients to make informed, impactful decisions. 

Through services like market intelligence, product development, client sentiment analysis, and corporate strategy, KAE remains the go-to partner for organizations worldwide seeking evidence-led solutions and growth strategies.

Founded: 1069

Headquarters: London, England

Team Size: 11-50 Employees


  • Making substantial strides in sectors such as financial services, sustainability, business technology, and industrial domains, delivering tailored solutions to address sector-specific challenges.
  • Advocating and driving ESG adoption, leading surveys, and producing in-depth reports on sustainable finance, contributing to the advancement of environmental, social, and governance practices.
  • Enhancing customer experience through customer journey mapping, sentiment analysis, and feedback mechanisms, resulting in improved products, services, and market positioning.

Top Clients: See their clients 


GrowthRocks is a top-rated advertising consulting firm and innovative force in growth hacking marketing agencies, committed to propelling startups and established enterprises toward rapid and sustained expansion. 

Using data-driven strategies and inventive experimentation, they optimize customer acquisition, activation, retention, and revenue generation. Their approach involves rigorous experimentation and cost-effective tactics, leveraging state-of-the-art tools and industry insights to drive tangible results. 

Offering consulting, training, and execution services, they are a reliable growth partner across diverse industries, serving startups, scaleups, and Fortune 500 brands with tailored, impactful strategies.

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: London, England

Team Size: 11-50 Employees


  • Recognized as a leader in growth hacking by prominent industry publications or receiving awards for innovative marketing strategies.
  • Have expanding services and clientele across multiple continents, establishing a global footprint and serving clients in North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Case Studies: See their case studies

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L.E.K. Consulting

L.E.K. Consulting is one of the finest marketing consulting firms that emerges as a stalwart in strategic consultancy, offering an extensive array of specialized services that cater to diverse industries. 

At the core of their operations lies an intricately crafted Digital Excellence Framework, empowering clients to embark on seamless digital transformations. 

Moreover, their adeptness in constructing and deploying sophisticated pricing engines is evident in the remarkable upsurge of client portfolios, optimizing product value across multiple categories. 

Founded: 1983

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Team Size: 1,001-5,000 Employees

Case Studies: See their case studies

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a top-rated advertising consulting firm renowned for its innovative approach to reshaping the future of businesses worldwide and leveraging cutting-edge technology like GenAI. 

Through insightful exploration of Generative AI’s nuances and its diverse applications spanning healthcare and beyond, BCG remains committed to solving intricate global challenges.

With a year-long celebration of BCG X innovation and a vibrant careers platform fostering imagination and impact, BCG stands as a visionary force, driving progress and tackling the world’s most complex problems head-on.

Founded: 1963

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Team Size: 10,001+ Employees


  • Unveiling the division within the C-suite regarding Generative AI, showcasing BCG’s ability to dissect complex technologies and their implications for executive decision-making.
  • Curating the “Best of BCG 2023” collection, demonstrating BCG’s commitment to producing high-impact, forward-thinking insights on pivotal business trends and challenges.
  • Offices in India and a global footprint, reflecting their widespread impact and commitment to serving diverse markets.

Elysian Fields

Elysian Fields is one of the finest marketing consulting companies that blend expertise across marketing, investment, and product arenas. 

Their team, composed of former marketing agency leaders, Venture Partners, and VC Investment Committee members, brings a profound understanding of the critical metrics fueling growth in B2B technology domains. 

They craft a unique strategy, amalgamating diverse experiences into a powerful approach for effective positioning and growth marketing, steering businesses toward crucial milestones. 

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: London

Team Size: 2-10 employees


  • Collaborated for 4 years with, contributing to their journey to Unicorn status, from Series A to Series D funding, elevating their marketing strategies for SMEs and Enterprise customers.
  • Helped TrusTrace redefine their positioning and messaging, leveraging in-depth market research to refine personas and value propositions, resulting in impactful market resonance.
  • Assisted Soul Machines in enterprise and entertainment value proposition development, leading to a successful Series B2 funding of $135 million, while brokering significant channel partnerships.

Top Clients:

  • Kiwitech
  • Lake Star
  • Ryse
  • Trustrace
  • Extreme Tech Challenge

Case Studies: See their case studies


Brafton is one of the leading marketing consulting firms, offering comprehensive strategies designed to enhance brand presence, generate leads, and maximize ROI. 

Understanding the evolving landscape of digital marketing, Brafton’s expert consultants craft laser-focused marketing strategies, covering essential elements like SEO, SEM, persona development, social media, email marketing, content creation, and marketing automation. 

With a commitment to staying updated on the latest industry trends, Brafton ensures that clients receive cutting-edge strategies, invaluable insights, and measurable returns on their marketing investments.

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Boston, MA

Team Size: 201-500 Employees


  • The TM Group acknowledged Brafton’s holistic support, emphasizing the value of having a dedicated team working collaboratively to achieve marketing goals.
  • Family Reach praised Brafton for their ability to provoke strategic thinking, appreciating the approach that encourages innovative perspectives in content creation.
  • AIG Travel Guard highlighted Brafton as a versatile partner, commending their expertise as a comprehensive and reliable source for content marketing solutions.

Top Clients: See their clients testimonials

Case Studies: See their case studies

Beck Media & Marketing

BECK Media & Marketing is one of the leading marketing consulting firms, boasting over 20 years of expertise in crafting compelling narratives for a diverse clientele. 

From startups to global media giants, their services encompass strategic communications, integrated marketing, earned media, content development, and insightful reporting. 

Embracing values of excellence, empowerment, integrity, and play, BECK fosters a vibrant culture that emphasizes work-life balance, community engagement, and mutual respect among a team of innovative communicators and strategists. 

Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Santa Monica,CA

Team Size: 11-50 Employees


Top Clients:

  • Meta 
  • Spotify
  • National Geographic
  • NBC Universal
  • Pluto
  • Zip Recuriter

Case Studies: See their case studies


PWC is one of the top marketing strategy firms that explores and leverages emerging technologies to unlock the next wave of business value. 

With a focus on innovation and transformative solutions, PwC helps businesses navigate the landscape of emerging tech, offering insights, strategies, and services that drive growth and innovation. 

From generative AI insights to case studies showcasing technological advancements in various industries like pharma and energy, PwC positions itself as a thought leader and problem solver in technology, consulting, and business transformation. 

Founded: 1998

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Team Size: 10,001+ Employees


  • Producing insightful industry reports and surveys that provide valuable insights into global trends, consumer behaviour, and market dynamics.
  • Facilitating positive transformations in client organizations through innovative solutions and services across diverse sectors.
  • Sharing extensive thought leadership via publications, webinars, and events, addressing emerging challenges and opportunities in various industries.

Case Studies: See their case studies

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young is a globally recognized marketing consulting firm offering diverse services, including marketing and business strategy consultancy. 

Leveraging its extensive expertise in various industries, EY provides comprehensive solutions to assist businesses in navigating complex marketing landscapes. 

Their marketing consulting arm focuses on helping organizations develop robust strategies, optimize market positioning, enhance customer engagement, and adapt to evolving market trends. 

With a commitment to innovation and leveraging data-driven insights, EY’s marketing consultancy company empowers businesses to achieve sustainable growth, drive digital transformation, and build strong brand identities in an ever-changing marketplace.

Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Nassau, Bahamas

Team Size: 201-500 Employees

Alvarez & Marsal

Alvarez & Marsal is a top-rated marketing consulting firm recognized for its proactive problem-solving ethos and deep analytical expertise. 

Boasting a global presence across 79 offices in 37 countries and a team of over 8,500 professionals, they specialize in Corporate Performance Improvement, Digital Transformation, Disputes and Investigations, ESG Advisory Services, and Global Restructuring and turnaround. 

Founded: 1983

Headquarters: New York

Team Size: 5,001-10,000 Employees

Case Studies: See their case studies

CMG Consulting

CMG Consulting is one of the best-rated marketing consulting firms dedicated to steering organizations through the dynamic shifts of today’s business landscape. 

Renowned for their innovative strategies and proactive approach, CMG has been instrumental in empowering Fortune 500 enterprises, optimizing audience experiences, navigating competitive markets, and executing dynamic digital marketing campaigns. 

Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Durham, NC

Team Size: 11-50 Employees

Top Clients:

  • Verituity
  • Loreal
  • Signify
  • Philips
  • Ulta
  • Spectrum

Napier Marketing Group

Napier Marketing Group is a reputed marketing consulting company that serves brands and retailers across various industries in North America, including home furnishings, technology, and consumer products.

Their steadfast commitment lies in propelling brand growth and retail success by strategically connecting brands with their customers throughout the customer journey. 

Through a potent blend of inventive creativity, refined strategies, and precise execution, they equip brands and retailers to outshine competitors without relying solely on extravagant spending. 

Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Florida 

Team Size: 11-50 Employees

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V Digital Services

V Digital Services is one of the top marketing consulting firms that stands tall as a leading, all-encompassing digital marketing agency and a trusted Premier Google Partner, renowned for its ability to deliver tangible and measurable outcomes. 

Through a steadfast dedication to ensuring clear Return on Investment (ROI) and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, they master the complete spectrum of a brand’s digital presence. 

The team comprises a cadre of specialists in sales, advertising, digital marketing, and consulting, adept at optimizing organic and local SEO, crafting compelling web development strategies, harnessing the potential of paid media, steering effective social media campaigns, orchestrating programmatic advertising, and much more. 

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona

Team Size: 201-500 Employees


  • A division of Voice Media Group, known for publishing newsweeklies and websites in major US markets, committed to long-form investigative reporting and sophisticated coverage of various domains.
  • Led by a dedicated team of experienced executives and leaders, each contributing to the agency’s growth and success in their respective roles.
  • Houses specialized teams like Team BOOST, focusing on strategic collaboration, innovation, and digital advertising expertise to enhance brand visibility and reach.

Case Studies: See their case studies

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Simon Kucher

Simon-Kucher is a dynamic marketing consulting firm, focused on driving better growth for clients by optimizing their commercial strategy across product, price, innovation, marketing, and sales. 

With a dedicated approach centred on putting consumers at the heart of growth strategies, their state-of-the-art solutions and insights enable businesses to capture significant opportunities and reinvent models in various industries, such as consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, industrials, and technology. 

Through hands-on, results-driven projects, they consistently enhance client profitability by an average of 100 to 500 basis points, fostering impactful and sustainable growth.

Founded: 1985

Headquarters: Bonn, Germany

Team Size: 1,001-5,000 Employees

Chief Outsiders

Chief Outsiders is a dynamic marketing consulting firm renowned for its innovative approach to solving commercial challenges. 

Specializing in providing fractional CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers), they offer tailored strategies that drive growth and maximize client profitability. 

Leveraging top-tier marketing executives with extensive industry experience, Chief Outsiders delivers hands-on solutions, integrating seamlessly with clients’ teams to develop comprehensive marketing plans. 

Their expertise spans across various industries, offering a holistic approach to enhancing market presence, lead generation, and overall revenue streams. 

Through their distinct service model, Chief Outsiders empowers companies to thrive in competitive landscapes, providing dedicated marketing consultancy that delivers measurable, long-term results.

Founded: 2009

Headquarters: Houston, TX

Team Size: 51-200 Employees


  • Achieved threefold revenue growth for an environmental services company through a targeted strategy.
  • Enabled a SaaS company to realize tenfold value growth by refining marketing teams and infrastructure.
  • Supported healthcare and manufacturing sectors in rapid market transformation and increased lead generation, driving growth amid challenges.

Case Studies: See their case studies


Prophet is a growth and transformation consulting firm dedicated to unlocking uncommon growth anchored in purpose. They partner with businesses to manage disruption, uncover transformative opportunities, and ensure sustainable, purpose-driven growth. 

Their approach blends analytical and creative thinking, offering actionable recommendations and insights that drive impactful strategies. With a fiercely human approach and a diverse team, Prophet delivers unmatched solutions, making a substantial difference in their clients’ growth trajectories.

Founded: 1992

Headquarters: California

Team Size: 501-1,000 Employees


  • Prophet excels in delivering measurable outcomes for businesses, serving as an integral part of their client teams to enact real change.
  • Known for aligning with clients’ objectives, they prioritize purpose-driven strategies that foster sustainable growth and navigate disruptive landscapes.
  • With a collaborative and innovative approach, Prophet’s influence spans industries, offering valuable insights and solutions for transformative change.

Top Clients:

  • CVS
  • Chick Files
  • Meundies
  • Alight

Case Studies: See their case studies

Roland Berger

Roland Berger, a global strategic consulting firm, pioneers transformative solutions in sales and marketing, steering clients toward enhanced revenue and long-term competitiveness. 

Renowned for their customer-centric approach, they leverage in-depth industrial expertise to craft innovative strategies, driving digital sales, enabling omnichannel excellence, refining pricing structures, and fortifying brands. 

Their diverse consulting services span the spectrum of sales and marketing, offering comprehensive support tailored to individual client needs, optimizing performance while fostering sustainable growth in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Founded: 1967

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Team Size: 1,001-5,000 Employees

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Ogilvy, a global leader in advertising and marketing solutions, operates at the forefront of brand innovation. With a rich legacy dating back to David Ogilvy’s founding vision, the company continues to pioneer groundbreaking strategies that resonate in today’s dynamic market. 

Through a blend of creativity, insights, and interdisciplinary expertise, Ogilvy empowers brands to make a meaningful impact on a global scale, inspiring connections between businesses and consumers. 

Founded: 1948

Headquarters: New York

Team Size: 1,001-5,000 Employees


  • Ogilvy has been behind some of the most iconic advertising campaigns globally, such as the Dove Real Beauty campaign, Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, and IBM’s “Smarter Planet” initiative. These campaigns have had a significant impact on brand awareness and perception.
  • The agency has consistently received industry accolades and awards, including numerous Cannes Lions, Effie Awards, and recognition from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), highlighting their excellence in creativity and effectiveness.

Clark Stone Consulting

Clarkston Consulting is a leading management and technology consulting firm dedicated to fostering transformative growth for businesses. Leveraging a blend of industry expertise and functional knowledge, they specialize in providing targeted sales and marketing solutions for diverse sectors, including consumer products and life sciences. 

Their approach focuses on actionable strategies, digital innovation, and data-driven insights to help clients outpace market growth. With a commitment to delivering tangible results, Clarkston Consulting stands as a trusted partner, driving business evolution and success.

Founded: 1991 

Headquarters: Durham, NC

Team Size: 201-500 Employees


  • Known for their expertise in market analysis and competitive benchmarking, the firm has effectively developed growth strategies that leverage detailed market insights to position their clients for success in evolving market landscapes.
  • Clarkston is recognized for its expertise in specialized areas such as Trade Promotion Management (TPM), new product commercialization, growth strategies, and digital engagement in both consumer products and life sciences.

Case Studies: See their case studies

Integration Consulting

Integration Consulting operates at the forefront of industry transformation, empowering organizations to achieve sustainable growth through strategic and practical solutions. 

With a comprehensive suite of services spanning market entry strategy, category management, omnichannel approaches, and sales governance, they cater to diverse sectors like consumer goods, retail, pharmaceuticals, financial services, and more. 

Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Sao, Paulo

Team Size: 201-500 Employees


  • Developed a robust repository of knowledge covering essential topics like manufacturing capacity strategies, procurement excellence, and the last mile challenges for retailers.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends by publishing pieces on health and beauty market themes, on-premise and food service challenges, and market planning during uncertain times.
  • Offered practical guides on preventing stock outs in retail, future engineering professionals’ employability study, and success factors in B2B go-to-market strategies.

Top Clients: See their client testimonials


KPMG is a global network of firms providing marketing consulting and advisory services. Their extensive industry insights, innovation-driven approaches, and commitment to quality guide organizations across various sectors, from asset management to government, in making informed decisions and achieving sustainable growth. 

With a focus on value creation and fostering responsible business practices, KPMG’s expertise shapes strategies that drive success in an evolving business landscape.

Founded: 1987

Headquarters: New York

Team Size: 10,001+ employees


  • KPMG facilitated a shift towards digital futures for various companies, such as AIA Vietnam, Sask Energy, and Bank of Queensland, enabling enhanced customer experiences and operational efficiency through cloud adoption and data-driven strategies.
  • Through initiatives with Grupo Bancolombia, Sierra Wireless, and Thanh Thanh Cong Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company, KPMG leveraged robotics, IoT trust-building, and advanced data protection strategies, turning risk management into accelerators for growth and market edge.

Top Clients: See their clients reviews


The marketing landscape evolves rapidly. Consulting firms stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices, allowing businesses to stay competitive and adopt innovative strategies.

By leveraging their expertise and experience, businesses can optimize marketing efforts, streamline processes, and prevent unnecessary expenses, ensuring a better return on investment (ROI).

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