Top 5 NFT Marketing Examples To Inspire You

Last Updated: May 3, 2023

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Reasons behind the popularity of these excellent NFT marketing examples include creativity, uniqueness, social media marketing techniques, merchandise and more 

Like all other digital products and services, non-fungible token (NFT) projects require high-level and value-driven marketing strategies to get the attention it deserves. 

Considering there are more than 80,000 Ethereum-based NFT collections alone, ensuring your NFT project stands out from the crowd to increase sales is essential. 

To achieve such goals, you must think outside the box when creating your NFT project to bring something new to your marketing mix. Thus, originality and creativity are vital. 

For top industry examples, keep reading to discover what these guys did differently to become talented and successful NFT marketers. 

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An inspirational personality in the Web3 sphere dubbed Gary Vaynerchuk (or Gary Vee) launched VeeFriends, an NFT campaign comprising 10,255 NFTs representing cute animals. 

Gary Vee’s project continues to be as popular as the day it began due to constantly bringing something new to the Web3 space: a pre-sale of limited collectibles, free NFTs, tickets for lucky winners to his ever-so-famous conference ‘VeeCon’, or launching a fresh new partnership, like VeeFriend’s collaboration with Macy’s Toys “R” Us, etc., 

Thanks to his cute digital assets opening the doors to numerous experiences, whether they be personal, physical or virtual, VeeFriends finds itself at the forefront of NFT collectibles time and time again. And we are not surprised. 



Dippies – the abbreviation of “digital hippies” – is another NFT project that, unlike many others, got its marketing campaign right. 

The NFTs represent modern-day hippies who share the same values in real-life as they do digitally. You only need to glance at the project’s artwork to know that hippy is the project’s style. However, it’s not just the NFT artwork that makes the project desirable.

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Once accessing the Dippies website, you will find yourself going on a journey across the “Dippeverse”, complete with background music and numerous attention-grabbing NFTs.

Following this, it’s easy to find yourself effortlessly exploring all things Dippies, including its storyline, which is amusing and attractive to many. 

Pak – Merge 


The Merge by Pak is another fantastic example of an NFT project. 

As one of the highest NFT artworks to ever be sold at a whopping $91 million – following its unique token mechanism called ‘merge’ – the project is, of course, up there in terms of NFT projects that stand out due to its originality. 

Although Pak’s marketing strategy is somewhat simple, it has an element of curiosity, making it an exciting project for many. 

The project proves that simplicity is best, providing it’s ordinary.

God Hates NFTees 

God hates NFTees

God Hates NFTees has caught the attention of many NFT enthusiasts wanting to reap real-world rewards of tees (who would’ve thought it?). 

Although the project does not have a road map like many others, it stays ahead of the game thanks to holding marketing campaigns. Moreover, the campaigns stand against anti-crypto protests on the streets of Manhattan – literally bringing the imagery of its NFT images to life. 

These digital assets prove that, sometimes, all it takes is passion and uniqueness to stand out from the crowd and create a political breakthrough. 

NBA Top Shot 

Top shot

NBA Top Shot NFTs have reached more than 350k consumers since launching, thus, a total of $750 million in sales.

Reasons behind the project’s popularity include highlighting videos of favorite basketballs, rather than just a digital image like many other NFTs, alongside being usable as trading cards. Therefore, implementing a unique, fun factor. 

Moreover, the NFT project also has its very own marketplace, which more sports players are showing involvement with – to promote themselves through digital assets like never before. 

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So, go ahead and own video highlights from all-time-favorite NBA and WNBA teams and players from NFTs. Everyone else is. 

Starbucks Odyssey 

Starbucks odyssey

Although Starbucks’ NFTs have been much anticipated, the coffee house is finally in the stages of beta testing for Starbucks Odyssey – its NFT rewards program. 

Different than other NFT projects, coffee drinkers can join the program to win lifetime opportunities, including a trip to the coffee fields in Costa Rica, Espresso making classes, and more.

Therefore, NFTs are being used to open the doors to exciting opportunities. Better still, customers collect points each time they order coffee which accesses the NFTs. Thus, these experiences greatly incentivize customers to buy more coffee. 

Read all about Starbucks NFT reward program here: About Starbucks NFT Reward Program ‘Starbucks Odyssey’ (

Adidas – BAYC Collab


Adidas partnered with the largest, OG NFT collectibles – Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks COMIC and gmoney – to boost its marketing campaign. 

Better still, to ensure the brand remains attractive in the NFT space, it issues collaborative physical merchandise and ongoing digital applications to its owners. 

The brand’s “Into the Metaverse” collection includes 30,000 NFTs, to ensure all collectors can have a piece of the pie. Hence, the digital assets are easily found on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.  

NFTMTG – More than Gamers 

NFTMTG – “More than Gamers” is practically a social marketing company. By attracting more than 50k followers on Twitter alongside 27k Discord members in just 3 days, the project NFTMTG issued out more than 50 whitelist spots to fans, providing they follow the project’s page, like, reshare, and tag 5 friends. 

The team behind the project is not silly when thinking of straightforward ways to gain new followers to boost its marketing strategy quickly. 

The project also shares videos, images, numerous tweets, social channels, and more – to keep followers continuously engaged. 

Moreover, it also releases competitions to appeal to gamers wanting to win new experiences, including metaverse access.

Final Resolution 

As you can see from the above NFT projects, all are unique and have different marketing strategies, making them desirable and, thus, popular and worth a nice chunk of change. 

Whether social media marketing is your thing – like NFTMTG “More than Gamers” – or real-world rewards are what appeals to you the most (like Starbucks) for bringing in new customers, there are many ways to market your brand. Rather, it boils down to what you want to gain from your project and which type of audience you want to attract. 

Now you know how to market your NFT project, mint your very own NFT drop – it’s super straightforward! 
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