How to Set Up an NFT Website | Top Things You Need

Last Updated: March 3, 2022
How to set up an NFT website

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If you plan to launch an NFT collection you are going to need a website. Having a great NFT website will greatly increase your chances of selling out your NFT collection and making your NFT marketing more effective.

In this guide, we will break down the top things you need to know when it comes to how to set up an NFT website.

Why do you need a website for your NFT launch?

One of the first things potential buyers of your NFTs will look at is the website. The website should serve as an easy-to-use way for prospective investors or buyers to find key information, get excited about your project, learn what your community is about, and get involved with your community.

NFT website’s tend to follow a relatively similar format with some key components we’ve broken out below:

Key Components of Setting Up an NFT Website


A roadmap on your NFT website tells your community that you have a plan for your collection. Common items on an NFT collection roadmap include:

  • Reveal dates
  • Giveaways
  • Community events
  • Key marketing campaigns

The two most common ways to structure an NFT roadmap on your website is as a function of percent sold or as a function of date. (ex: when 50% of our NFTs get sold we will launch an extensive advertising campaign with an NFT marketing agency like Coinbound.)

Team Bio

Before people buy your NFTs they would like to know who will be leading the community. We recommend a doxxed (non-anonymous) team for greater success.

Minting Functionality (Button with Web3 Integration)

For collections that are pre-launch or haven’t yet minted, its vital that you make it easy for prospective buyers to buy and mint your NFTs. It is possible to connect a button on your website to Web3 functionality via MetaMask.

This will allow visitors to connect their wallet and purchase your NFTs in a safe and easy way.

We suggest making this an extremely visible component of your NFT website.

Link to OpenSea

Once your NFT launches, it will be visible on OpenSea. Make sure you set up your OpenSea collection correctly and add a link to your website. This will help members of your community find the correct collection on OpenSea and help avoid one of the most common NFT scams, false collections.

Link to Discord

NFTs are largely used as a factor of commonality amongst an online community. Discord is where over 90% of NFT communities exist.

When you set up an NFT website, be sure to link to your Discord server. This will make for a seamless way for your site visitors to join your online community and meet other people that are involved in your NFT’s community.

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Link to Twitter

Twitter is arguable the most important social media channel for NFTs. We highly recommend that when you set up an NFT website, you include visible links to your NFT Twitter page.

Want to learn how to set up an NFT website in more depth? Check out this Video by Coinbound Founder Ty Smith:

How To Make Your NFT Launch A Success | NFT (Web3) Marketing 101

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