NFT YouTube Influencers You Must Follow and Subscribe To

Check out these top NFT Youtube influencers assisting toward Web3 innovation

NFT YouTube Influencers are the go-to resources for learning about the best ways to market your Web3 project. Which better way to boost your product than by learning from the best, after all? 

Listening and watching NFT YouTube influencers and experts on the video streaming platform can help build your understanding of the market before trading, buying, or selling such digital assets. 

In fact, there are many ways NFT YouTube influencers can help you and your Web3 needs – and you can learn without it costing you a penny. 

Keep reading to learn about the best NFT YouTube influencers in the space!

Ty Smith, Coinbound 

Ty Smith, CEO CoinBound, Youtube and NFT Crypto Influencer

Ty Smith is an OG in the crypto sphere. He has vast knowledge regarding marketing, NFTs and crypto, putting all their expertise together to successfully run his own crypto marketing company, Coinbound, and NFT news website, NFT Lately

Smith’s Coinbound YouTube channel focuses on all things Web3 to help crypto projects better their marketing mix for having a broader impact on the industry. 

His passion makes his videos worth watching – he is both informative and entertaining. 

He also has a large Twitter following due to consistently keeping the channel updated with newsworthy topics and discussions – add his channel to stay in the Web3 loop. 

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Gary Vee, VeeFriends

Gary Vaynerchuk Influencer

Gary Vaynerchuk, who goes by the name “Gary Vee”, is a legend in the Web3 sphere and when it comes to NTF Youtube Influencers. He is one of the most well-renowned influencers following his NFT project VeeFriends, which led him to create his own YouTube channel and gain him tons of subscribers.

His YouTube channel touches upon NFTs, marketing and crypto, to help curators’ projects become as famous as his. In addition, he offers lots of usual tips regarding marketing in the crypto sphere and the dos and don’ts.

Anthony Ampliano, Crypto/YouTube Influencer

Anthony Ampliano Crypto and YouTube Influencer

Anthony Ampliano, known as “The Pomp”, is another well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast. Appearing on the American news channels CNN and CNBC, he is no stranger to the camera.

As a fan of being in the limelight, he creates his own YouTube channel, which has much crypto-related content (alongside other financial and technology content).

Being a master on screen, he entices some of the world’s most prominent people in the space to partake in interviews, including ever-so-famous NFT and graphic designers like the one-and-only Beeple. 

Max Maher, Crypto/YouTube Influencer 

Max Maher Crypto and YouTube Influencer

Max Maher also has a YouTube channel consisting of different crypto and NFT-related content. Although, unlike the above, he solely focuses on the financial aspects of the market.

Although discussing the financial aspects of crypto can be a confusing task, he explains the financial side of things in a way that even Web3 novices can easily understand. For instance, one of his most popular videos – with more than one million views – touches upon ways to make a profit from buying and selling NFTs. 

He also advises best practices for those skeptical of crypto scams.  

Brett Malinowski, WGMI Media

Brett Malinowski is the CEO of WGMI Media, alongside being a fantastic video content creator. His YouTube channel has more than 132k subscribers, and no wonder – it is informative, fun, and discusses all things Web3 in simple terms for everyone to enjoy, 

Like the above influencers, he also provides ways to profit through NFTs and tips for better understanding the space. However, he is a sucker for NFT gaming, so he is your go-to influencer for metaverses and NFT gaming projects.

Final Thoughts – Advantages of NFT Influencers

When hearing stories about passionate people, we can’t help but become curious to learn about them and what makes them tick. YouTube channels are a fantastic way for influencers to share their knowledge, to make their research and skills worthwhile. 

YouTube influencers can help toward innovation in their fields and motivate others to share their hidden talents, potentially making a mark on history. 

So, why not give the above YouTube videos a watch to expand your knowledge in the space? Perhaps you can benefit from taking a leaf out of their books.

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