SaaS Influencer Marketing Agencies: Top Firms To Try

July 4, 2023

SaaS influencer marketing firms have become significant players in the digital marketing landscape, providing specialized social media promotion services to technology companies.

These know the nuances of the SaaS sector and have the expertise to help you develop distinctive influencer campaigns to connect you with the right SaaS influencers. They help you leverage the following of popular tech social media personalities to promote your products or services, raise brand awareness, and ultimately attract new customers.

In this article, I will explore the top SaaS influencer marketing agencies that help you navigate the influencer marketing landscape and improve your ROI.

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What is a SaaS Influencer Marketing Agency?

A SaaS Influencer Marketing Agency is a specialized agency that focuses on leveraging the power of influencer marketing specifically for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies. These agencies understand the intricacies of the SaaS industry and possess expertise in identifying and collaborating with influencers who have a deep understanding of SaaS products and services.

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SaaS influencer agencies help tech influencers and SaaS companies to work together to produce interesting content. Their comprehensive services encompass influencer research, selection, and vetting, contract negotiation and management, campaign strategy development, content creation and distribution, performance tracking, and campaign optimization. 

What are the Advantages of Partnering with a SaaS Influencer Marketing Agency?

Here are the top advantages of partnering with a SaaS influencer marketing agency:

  • Offers Industry Expertise: SaaS influencer marketing firms have extensive experience in the SaaS sector. They know the SaaS industry’s market dynamics, target demographics, and trends. This expertise helps them create effective influencer marketing campaigns that are both highly targeted and successful that resonate with the target audience of your SaaS business.
  • Provide Access to Influencer Networks: SaaS influencer marketing firms have established relationships and networks of influencers within the SaaS industry. They use these networks to identify and engage relevant influencers with expertise and credibility in the SaaS industry. This access ensures that the influencers selected for your campaigns are a suitable match for the target market of the SaaS company.
  • Utilizes Time and Resources Effectively: Managing influencer marketing campaigns can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Tech businesses can free up their time to concentrate on their main company operations by partnering with a software influencer marketing agency and offloading the campaign management responsibilities to the agency. The hired agency handles influencer research, negotiations, content creation, and campaign execution to save the SaaS company time and money.
  • Develops Strategic Marketing Strategies: SaaS influencer outreach agencies collaborate closely with technology companies to develop well-rounded social media marketing strategies. They help define the campaign’s objectives, target market, key messaging, and content formats that align with your company’s goals. This strategic planning ensures that the campaigns have a clear direction and are aligned with the overall marketing strategy.
  • Enables Performance Tracking and Optimization: Influencer advocacy firms leverage numerous indicators to track the effectiveness of their influencer campaigns. They provide your company with thorough information and insights, enabling you to assess your campaigns’ success and make data-driven optimization decisions. The tracking and improvement method also helps you maximize your influencer marketing strategies’ return on investment (ROI).
  • Helps in Risk Management and Compliance: Compliance with numerous regulations, such as disclosure obligations, is part of influencer marketing. SaaS influencer marketing companies know these regulations and can ensure that your influencer campaign abides by them, safeguarding your company’s reputation and minimizing potential risks.

Best SaaS Influencer Marketing Agencies


Clickstrike Homepage Screenshot

Headquarters: New York, United States


Clickstrike is a prominent SaaS influencer marketing agency that helps you generate viral-level coverage from top influencers on numerous social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Their social media marketing team works with you to create a thorough influencer marketing strategy. They help you establish campaign goals, choose the appropriate language and content, identify your target market, and define the key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Additionally, Clickstrike does a lot of research to identify relevant influencers in the SaaS or IT field who have a strong following and cater to your target market. They consider several variables, including audience demographics, engagement rates, the standard of the content, and the influencer’s knowledge of the SaaS sector, to select the appropriate influencers for your company.

Key Services:

  • SaaS Influencer Marketing
  • SaaS Search Engine Optimization
  • SaaS Public Relations and Earned Media
  • SaaS PPC Management
  • B2B Lead Generation


Headquarters: Yerevan, Armenia


Incredo is a leading SaaS influencer marketing company that focuses on helping SaaS firms to boost customer acquisition, drive brand recognition, and generate leads using efficient influencer marketing tactics.

They have a team of social media marketing professionals who use their vast network and relationships in the industry to identify influencers with the appropriate audience demographics, domain experience, and brand alignment for your SaaS company. They work closely with you to define your campaign’s goals, choose important performance measures, and create all-encompassing plans to help you get the desired results.

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Incredo uses cutting-edge analytics and tracking tools to track campaign performance, gauge important performance indicators, and generate insightful reports for ongoing improvement. They also strongly emphasize compliance management, which ensures that your influencer campaigns adhere to legal laws and regulations, including disclosure obligations to retain brand integrity and reduce potential dangers for your business.

Key Services:

  • SaaS Influencer Marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Web Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Content Creation
  • Mobile App Marketing

Top Clients:

  • Easy Projects
  • Textedly
  • ICash
  • Smarthint
  • FlaskData
  • Datahen

Top Agency

Headquarters:  New York, United States


Top Agency is a prominent B2B influencer marketing firm that works with you to develop powerful marketing strategies that significantly increase your audience reach and conversion rates. 

They have a team of experts who use data to identify underappreciated influencers compared to their influence and reach. They also perform a rigorous cost-benefit analysis to help you identify influencer prospects and provide a competitive advantage in choosing the relevant influencers.

Their extensive network provides constant access to tales waiting to be told, quick content marketing, and campaign performance possibilities. Additionally, they extend your brand beyond its usual pathways to reach people who genuinely want and need your value proposition.

Key Services:

  • B2B Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Copywriting
  • Branding
  • Creative Writing

Top Clients:

  • Marchex
  • DroneDeploy
  • Schwinn
  • Spinnaker Support
  • Coca Cola
  • Natural Balance
  • Ambronite
  • CrowdMed

The Influencer Marketing Factory

Headquarters: Florida, United States


The Influencer Marketing Factory is a prominent influencer marketing firm that offers services across various industries, including the SaaS sector. They specialize in developing and implementing influencer marketing strategies to help technology companies connect with their target market, enhance brand recognition, and drive customer acquisition.

Their industry professionals collaborate directly with your brand to create effective influencer marketing campaigns that align with your company’s goals, target market, and brand messaging. They also help you create interesting and captivating material highlighting the capabilities and advantages of your SaaS goods and services.

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The Influencer Marketing Factory has a strong network of influencers across different social media platforms and industry niches. They focus on establishing genuine and lasting relationships with influencers to produce fruitful and significant collaborations. The agency uses various analytics and tracking techniques to monitor the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaign, providing detailed reports on key metrics and insights for optimization.

Key Services:

  • SaaS Influencer Marketing
  • Public Relations 
  • Personal Branding
  • Deals Management 
  • Content Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Target Audience Identification
  • Compliance Management

Top Clients:

  • FinTron Invest
  • UniCredit
  • Pentel
  • Built
  • Crystal Farms
  • Teleperformance
  • Taimi


Headquarters: New York, United States


Obviously is a prominent influencer marketing firm that helps you find influencers in different niches, including tech and software.  

The agency collaborates directly with your business to create specialized influencer campaigns that align with your brand’s goals and target market. They offer advice on campaign themes, messaging, and objectives to ensure that influencer collaborations have the most possible impact.

Obviously also recognizes the value of engaging and interesting content in influencer marketing campaigns. They work with influencers to produce authentic and high-quality content highlighting the worth and advantages of your SaaS products and services. This helps to capture the attention of the target audience and drive engagement.

Key Services:

  • SaaS Influencer Marketing
  • Influencer Identification
  • Content Creation
  • Campaign Management
  • Custom Campaigns
  • Reporting & Analysis

Top Clients:

  • Free Fire
  • Tfal
  • Honest Beauty
  • Bumble
  • Lyft
  • Banana Phone

SaaS Influencer Marketing Agency FAQs

1- What is the role of a SaaS influencer marketing agency? 

A SaaS influencer marketing agency focuses on establishing connections between SaaS businesses and relevant influencers to develop and carry out effective influencer marketing campaigns. They handle influencer research, campaign strategy, relationship management, content development, performance monitoring, and compliance management.

2- How do SaaS influencer marketing agencies find the right influencers? 

SaaS influencer marketing agencies employ various techniques to identify the appropriate influencers. They use influencer databases, social media monitoring tools, industry research, and industry relationships to find influencers with niche knowledge, an engaged following, and alignment with your SaaS company’s target demographic.

3- How long do influencer campaigns typically last?

The duration of influencer campaigns varies depending on various factors like your advertising campaign’s goals, scope, and objectives. Some campaigns can be short, lasting a few weeks or months, while others may be long-term partnerships with influencers, lasting several months or even years.

4- What questions should be asked before partnering with a SaaS influencer marketing agency?

Here are the relevant questions to ask before partnering with a SaaS influencer marketing agency:

  • What is your experience with influencer marketing in the SaaS industry?
  • Can you provide examples of successful influencer campaigns you have executed for SaaS companies?
  • How do you identify and select influencers for SaaS campaigns?
  • How do you measure the success of influencer campaigns?
  • What is your pricing structure?
  • How do you ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines?
  • Can you provide client references or testimonials?
  • How do you communicate and collaborate with clients throughout the campaign?


As social media and online community influence grow, SaaS influencer marketing agencies are essential to helping SaaS companies stay competitive and accomplish their marketing goals in the ever-changing digital world.

SaaS companies can successfully execute their marketing strategies by establishing solid collaborations with prominent social media advertising agencies. 

Connect with Coinbound influencer marketing services to leverage the power of influencers to expand your brand reach, increase brand credibility, and drive conversions.

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