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Last Updated: July 3, 2023
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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Web3 link building firms are essential for the success of blockchain and decentralized enterprises. The importance of employing efficient link building techniques has increased as the Web3 ecosystem grows.

Established link building agencies have extensive networks and relationships with influential blockchain websites, crypto bloggers, Web3 publishers, and DeFi influencers. This partnership enables link building services to secure high-quality backlinks from reputable sources, enhancing the credibility and visibility of your Web3 business.

In this article, I will share the top Web3 link building agencies that help you expand your reach, attract targeted traffic, and increase brand exposure within the Web3 community by securing backlinks from trusted domains.

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A Web3 link building agency is a digital marketing company that specializes in developing scalable link building strategies within the Web3 industry. These agencies are aware of the distinctive features of the Web3 ecosystem and the decentralized apps (dApps).

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The agency handles all aspects of link acquisition, including prospecting, outreach, content creation, and relationship management, allowing the business to focus on core operations.

They leverage their network and expertise to establish partnerships, secure collaborations, and create engaging content that resonates with the Web3 community. Additionally, Web3 link building agencies use incentivized linking, token-based rewards, or community engagement to drive high-quality link acquisition.

Here are the top benefits of working with a Web3 link building agency:

  • Offers Expertise in Web3 Ecosystem: Web3 link building agencies specialize in the unique requirements and dynamics of the blockchain and decentralized technology space. They are familiar with the intricacies of the Web3 ecosystem, including decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, blockchain platforms, and cryptocurrency forums. This expertise allows them to craft effective link building strategies tailored specifically for your Web3 project.
  • Provides Access to Relevant Networks: Cryptocurrency link building agencies have established connections and networks within the blockchain industry. They can use these networks to get high-quality backlinks from reliable Web3 influencers, platforms, and websites. These connections can increase your project’s visibility, strengthen your brand’s authority, and increase the number of qualified visitors to your website.
  • Enhances Your SEO Performance: Effective link building is one of the most important components of search engine optimization (SEO). By obtaining backlinks from reputable websites and Web3-focused platforms, Web3 link building firms can assist in increasing the visibility of your project in organic search results. 
  • Improves Your Brand Exposure and Awareness: A blockchain link building company helps boost your project’s brand visibility and awareness by collecting backlinks from relevant Web3 websites, blogs, and media outlets. Due to this exposure, the Web3 community may become more aware of your project, drawing new users, financiers, and partners to it.
  • Helps You Save Your Time and Resources: It takes time, energy, and talent to create a solid network of backlinks connected to Web3. You can save time and money by contracting with a blockchain SEO company to acquire backlinks for your crypto business. It also helps your internal team focus on other essential project components while the agency’s experts can concentrate on collecting and managing backlinks.
  • Drives Targeted Traffic to Your Website: Web3 link building services identify and target relevant decentralized platforms, blockchain projects, and dApps that align with their clients’ industries or niches. Acquiring backlinks from these platforms generates referral traffic from engaged Web3 communities. These links can be in the form of guest posts, sponsored content, collaborations, or endorsements.


Headquarters: New York, United States 


Coinbound is a top Web3 link building agency that helps you enhance your organic traffic by enabling you to secure high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the crypto niche. The agency has been named the best crypto marketing agency in 2023 by Business2Community.

They have a team of professional search engine optimization experts who use more than a dozen proven crypto link building techniques to help you improve your SEO.

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Their Web3 link building techniques help you improve your brand visibility by placing your website at the top of the organic search results for your target keywords. High-quality links from reputed websites also drive referral traffic to your website, which gives you a competitive advantage to rank higher on SERPs.

How to Become a Web3 Thought Leader | Top Tips to Try

Key Services:

  • Web3 Link Building
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Paid Ads 
  • Web3 Marketing Services

Top Clients:

  • Earnbet
  • Nexo
  • eToro
  • Metamask
  • Voyager
  • AscendEX

Guerilla Buzz

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel


Guerilla Buzz is a dynamic and cutting-edge blockchain link building agency specializing in guerrilla marketing techniques designed specifically for the Web3 ecosystem. Their growth marketing strategies help you scale your company through organic growth.

They have a team of experts who use successful guerilla marketing strategies that grab interest, pique intrigue, and create natural buzz. Their strategies are centered on producing exceptional experiences and content that strike a chord with the Web3 community to generate viral sharing, engagement, and, eventually, lucrative backlinks.

Guerilla Buzz uses metrics to assess the effectiveness of its link building activities. They analyze various indicators such as user engagement, backlink quality, organic traffic, referral sources, social media reach, and backlink quality to deliver data-backed insights into the impact of their efforts to optimize strategies and maximize results continuously.

Key Services:

  • Crypto Link Building
  • Crypto Search Engine Optimization
  • Blockchain Public Relations
  • Blockchain Marketing
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Crypto Off-page SEO

Top Clients:

  • CoinGecko
  • Bancor
  • Cryptohopper
  • Caspian
  • ApeSwap
  • Metis


Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden


Awisee is a leading SEO service that understands the nuances of the crypto ecosystem and uses tactical methods to increase your company’s online visibility.

They provide various services to raise your project’s visibility and exposure. Their tactics are designed to improve your search engine ranks, draw in specific visitors, and produce high-quality backlinks from reliable crypto community sources.

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Awisee provides a sustainable crypto link building service that helps you skyrocket your organic traffic. Their team of experts leverages a multifaceted strategy to increase the visibility of your business. Through content creation and promotion, they craft compelling and informative materials that resonate with your target audience, positioning you as a thought leader and generating valuable backlinks from relevant websites and platforms.

Key Services:

  • Crypto Link Building
  • Ecommerce SEO 
  • Guest Posts
  • Haro Link Building
  • iGaming SEO
  • International Link Building

Top Clients:

  • Unibet
  • Raketech
  • Preply


Headquarters: Tamil Nadu, India


Trophius is a prominent crypto link building service provider that helps you obtain high-quality backlinks from reputed websites to improve your online presence and organic search performance. The acquired backlinks act as a vote of confidence for your website and help you increase the credibility and visibility of your brand in search engine results pages.

The agency has a team of experienced link builders who thoroughly understand the Bitcoin market and are skilled at locating and securing links from reputable websites within the sector. They leverage various tactics to help you reach your target audience, acquire high-quality backlinks, and improve branding.

Trophius is committed to ethical link building practices and always follows best practices to ensure that search engines do not penalize your website. Their link building services are competitively priced to help you get the best return on your investment and get you the edge you need to grow your audience, build your brand, and capture a lead.

Key Services:

  • Crypto Link Building
  • Content Writing
  • Niche Edits
  • Guest Posts
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Custom Link Outreach


Headquarters: Glasgow, Scotland 


OutreachPete is an eminent cryptocurrency link building agency that helps you establish a beneficial online presence and achieve organic growth. The agency helps you create a strong online presence, attract the target audience, and differentiate your brand in the competitive crypto industry. 

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Their team of SEO specialists helps you develop high-quality and compelling content that connects with your audience. They conduct extensive audits to ensure the blogs they work with are to a high standard by looking at the Domain Authority, Domain Rating, traffic patterns, spam score, and rankings to acquire high-quality backlinks. 

The services provided by OutreachPete are intended to help you overtake and keep up with your competitors in the cryptocurrency area by giving your website the highest possible ranking. They also strive to develop outbound connections using only ethical techniques to increase your ranking in the search engines without running the risk of facing Google penalties.

Key Services:

  • Crypto Link Building
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • Blogger Outreach

Top Clients:

  • MozCon
  • UK Credit Finance
  • Global Education
  • US Auto Repair

Web3 link building is crucial for blockchain projects because it helps establish credibility, increase brand exposure, and drive targeted traffic. Blockchain campaigns improve their online presence, become more visible within the Web3 community, and attract new users, investors, and partners by obtaining backlinks from credible Web3 websites and platforms. 

Web3 link development also helps search engine optimization (SEO) perform better, which is important for user acquisition and organic discovery.

Here are the strategies used by Web3 link building agencies:

  • Influencer Outreach 
  • Community Engagement
  • Content Creation and Promotion
  • Partnership Collaboration 
  • Media and PR Outreach
  • User-Generated Backlinks 

The amount of time it takes to see results from Web3 link building activities varies depending on various variables, including how competitive the Web3 niche is, how reputable the project’s website is, and how effective the link building campaigns are. 

Search engines typically take some time to recognize and index the bought backlinks. While some effects could become apparent in a matter of weeks, it sometimes takes several months to notice noticeable changes in organic traffic, user engagement, and search engine rankings.

Here are the relevant questions to ask before partnering with a Web3 link building agency:

  • What is your experience with Web3 link building? 
  • Can you provide examples of Web3 projects you have worked with? 
  • What strategies do you employ for acquiring backlinks?
  • How do you assess the quality of backlinks?
  • What metrics do you use to measure the success of link building campaigns?
  • How do you ensure compliance with search engine guidelines?
  • What is your approach to staying updated on Web3 industry trends?
  • What are your pricing and contract terms?


Web3 link building agencies are essential for the success of blockchain and decentralized enterprises in the cutthroat digital environment. 

These specialized agencies use smart link building techniques to increase online visibility, promote organic growth, and forge a strong presence within the blockchain community. They are aware of the specific opportunities and problems that exist within the Web3 ecosystem.

Get in touch with Coinbound Web3 link building agency to build a solid web presence, draw in niche markets, and succeed in the fast-developing field of blockchain technology.

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