Top SaaS PR Agencies in 2024: Best Picks

February 19, 2024
Top SaaS PR Agencies

PR for SaaS companies is unique to PR for other industries. Getting effective organic coverage for your SaaS product or service can be challenging. Working with a SaaS PR agency can make it a lot easier and more cost-effective. Here are the best SaaS PR agencies to choose from.

Key Takeaways

  • Specialized SaaS PR agencies are pivotal for SaaS companies to gain visibility and credibility in a competitive market by crafting engaging narratives, managing online reputation, and forging media relations.
  • Effective SaaS PR strategies include understanding the target audience, enabling sales through strategic content and thought leadership, and using AI for campaign optimization and predictive analytics.
  • Choosing the right SaaS PR agency involves evaluating their expertise, alignment with company culture, track record, pricing and value proposition, and establishing clear communication and realistic expectations.

Top SaaS PR Agencies in 2024


Clickstrike is a leading PR agency built specifically for SaaS companies. Clickstrike has helped over 750 clients grow via PR and earned media services, securing over 8,000 pieces of media for their clients.

Additionally, Clickstrike is the go-to PR firm for companies backed by leading VCs like Sequoia Capital, 500 Global, Draper Associates, and more.

This team can help your SaaS or tech business get featured in leading media, build thought leadership with interviews and editorial opportunities, and overall increase your brand trust and awareness.

Clickstrike offers month-to-month engagements which is great for clients looking to avoid long-term commitments with a new agency partner.

The Clickstrike team is US-based and has helped bring some incredible companies to market by securing fantastic organic coverage from leading tech media and influencers.

Some places Clickstrike has secured coverage for clients include Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, MarketWatch, TechCrunch, and tons of top podcasters and YouTubers.

For more about Clickstrike and SaaS PR, check out this video:

What is SaaS Earned Media? How to Do SaaS PR


When it comes to Public Relations, 5WPR is a huge player in the space. As one of the largest PR agencies in the world, they have strong experience across multiple sections, including many SaaS companies.

5WPR has worked with many companies, both large and small, including Payoneer, Digital Ocean, Forensiq, and Tradestation.


Publicize is another great PR agency with a focus on tech startups and companies. With packages starting at only $1500 per month, Publicize is one of the most inexpensive SaaS PR agencies in the business.

The Silver Telegram

The Silver Telegram is a PR agency that has successfully secured coverage from big media names like Fast Company, TechCrunch, Forbes, and Yahoo News. The California-based team was established in 2011. At less than 10 employees, The Silver Telegram could be a good fit for a SaaS company looking for an intimate relationship with their PR agency.

FireCracker PR

FireCrackerPR is another top SaaS PR agency. Its clients have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, and Benzinga.

FireCrackerPR also does significant work in terms of building thought leadership strategy.

Blast Media

Blast Media is a PR agency dedicated specifically to SaaS companies. This SaaS PR agency has won multiple awards and boasts clients that include Chorus and Moz.

Blast Media, founded in 2005, is based in Indianapolis and is one of the few PR agencies dedicated to B2B SaaS companies. It works with companies of all stages, from startup to publicly traded, and is one of the best PR firms for tech startups.

Questions to Ask SaaS PR Agencies Before Making Your Pick

Before you choose a PR agency for your SaaS startup or company it’s important to vet them effectively. Here are some good questions to ask to make sure they are a good fit for your company:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Which of your previous clients are similar to my company?
  • Where have you secured coverage for clients?
  • How do you plan to pitch my company?
  • Have you ever helped clients secure “As Seen On” Logos?
  • What level of communication can I expect from your agency?

Once you’ve asked these questions and spoken with someone from the agency, you should be well-informed to choose the right firm for you.

How to Choose the Right SaaS PR Agency for Your Business

Selecting the appropriate SaaS PR agency involves a thoughtful evaluation of multiple factors. These include the agency’s accountability for results, their performance-based payment model, and their successful track record in SaaS marketing. Partnering with a reliable SaaS marketing agency can greatly enhance your company’s growth and success in the competitive SaaS industry.

Furthermore, when integrating a PR agency with an existing marketing team, it’s critical to determine if the agency will complement or take over some of the team’s functions, ensuring a cohesive strategy.

Assessing Agency Expertise and Track Record

Assessing the expertise and industry track record of a SaaS PR agency is a key step in making an informed choice.

Consider an agency’s past campaigns for SaaS clients and their targeted market expertise, and request references to confirm their credibility and successful track record with past clients.

This will give you a good idea of their ability to align with your company’s culture and understand your PR needs.

Understanding Pricing and Value Proposition

Gaining clarity on the pricing structure and value proposition of a PR agency forms an essential part of your decision-making process. The agency should be transparent about its pricing, including any additional fees, and its value proposition should align with your company’s goals.

Some SaaS PR agencies agree upon pay-per-performance models, which provide an alternative to traditional billing practices and align with the client’s business results.

Establishing Clear Communication and Expectations

Maintaining clear communication and establishing realistic expectations pave the way for a successful alliance with a PR agency.

From agreeing upon realistic goals using the SMART system to setting boundaries for communication and availability, it’s important to prevent misunderstandings and ensure both parties are respectful of each other’s time.

Moreover, the agency’s client onboarding system should set clear expectations multiple times to ensure alignment and effective collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SaaS PR agency?

A SaaS PR agency provides a range of marketing services tailored specifically for Software as a Service companies, including SEO, content strategy, PPC advertising, and user experience optimization.

How much do SaaS PR agencies cost?

The cost of hiring a SaaS PR agency typically ranges from $7,500 to $25,000 per month, providing a variety of services tailored to your specific needs and goals.

What is PR in SaaS?

SaaS PR, or public relations for Software as a Service, is a powerful tool for creating awareness and understanding of product solutions, especially when marketing budgets are limited. By strategically crafting messaging and securing media coverage, SaaS PR can effectively reach the target audience and generate valuable awareness.

Crafting a PR Strategy for SaaS Businesses

Developing a PR strategy for your SaaS business requires careful planning and execution. It entails:

  • Understanding your product intimately
  • Establishing a messaging funnel that guides prospects through each stage of the buying journey
  • Setting measurable goals
  • Conducting a thorough competitive analysis

It is essential to create memorable messaging that builds recall from the awareness stage throughout the customer’s journey. Moreover, maximizing brand exposure requires a combination of traditional PR methods and digital campaigns to reach audiences across different platforms and consumption habits.

Building Thought Leadership in the SaaS Space

Becoming a thought leader in the SaaS sphere is essential to differentiate oneself in a competitive market. This can be achieved by crafting compelling stories that articulate how your SaaS platform solves real-world problems and leveraging unique data and insights for content creation.

Maintaining narrative consistency in messaging and promoting thought leadership across various platforms also strengthen your position as an industry expert.

Leveraging Traditional Media and Digital Platforms

In the digital era, capitalizing on both traditional media and digital platforms is vital for optimizing brand exposure. Traditional media strategies may include interviews on radio and television, press releases to print publications, and participation in industry events.

On the other hand, social media is a key digital platform for SaaS PR, with well-managed profiles helping companies establish as industry leaders and engage with their audience.

Generating Qualified Leads Through Strategic PR

Strategic PR is a major driver in the generation of qualified leads for SaaS businesses. By crafting thought leadership strategies that drive industry discussions and establish authority, SaaS companies can increase demand. Tracking social media engagement metrics and monitoring increased conversions like content downloads, email engagement, and webinar sign-ups are indicative of successful PR activities.

Moreover, AI-assisted recommendations enable SaaS PR professionals to select the most effective strategies based on data and audience response predictions.

Content Marketing and Production

Content marketing and production form the backbone of SaaS PR strategies. A successful content marketing strategy hinges on clear targeting and segmentation, establishing a unique selling proposition, and crafting a well-defined brand story. Creating content that promotes professional growth and offers educational value is crucial, as SaaS audiences actively seek to enhance their skills.

Moreover, SaaS PR agencies embrace multimedia formats such as videos and webinars and integrate AI to produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content that meets the specific interests of target audiences.

Influencer Marketing and Social Media Management

Influencer marketing and social media management are emerging as critical trends in SaaS PR. By leveraging prominent individuals in the industry, SaaS companies can:

  • Extend brand reach and credibility
  • Use AI technology to identify influencers who match the target audience demographics for more effective campaigns
  • Build relationships with influencers to create authentic content and long-term collaborations
  • Drive traffic and boost brand visibility

Moreover, AI-powered scheduling tools enhance social media management, but genuine human interaction is vital for maintaining customer interest.


In conclusion, PR plays a critical role in the growth and success of SaaS companies. Partnering with a top-tier SaaS PR agency can greatly enhance a brand’s visibility and credibility, thus amplifying the brand’s voice in the market. From implementing effective PR strategies to measuring the impact of PR efforts, every step plays a crucial role in achieving success.

Looking into the future, the integration of AI and tech advancements, along with growth hacking and innovative tactics, will shape the SaaS PR landscape, offering exciting opportunities for SaaS businesses.

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