How to Get “As Seen On” Logos For Your Business

January 23, 2023

“As seen on” logos” are images that reputable companies place on their websites to borrow credibility from publications.

Usually, you can find such logos on a prominent location on the company’s website, like their homepage or a dedicated “Press” page, to prove their the real deal. 

But how can you get your hands on them, and how can they help your business grow and attract new customers?

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What Are “As Seen On” Logos?

“As seen on” logos are images or graphics that are used to indicate that a product or service has been featured on a particular media outlet.

These logos are often used in advertising and marketing materials (like a website) to build credibility and trust with potential customers. They can also serve as a way to demonstrate that a product has been endorsed by a well-known or respected source.

As Seen On Logo example

The Benefits of “As Seen On” Logos for Your Business

“As seen on” logos can be helpful for a business in a number of ways. They can:

Build credibility and trust

Seeing that a product or service has been featured on a well-known or respected media outlet can help establish credibility and trust with potential customers.

Increase visibility

Being “seen” on a popular TV show or magazine can increase visibility for a product or service and help attract new customers.

Establish authority

If a product or service has been featured on a reputable media outlet, it can be seen as an endorsement, establishing authority in the eyes of potential customers.

Create a sense of exclusivity

Seeing an “as seen on” logo can create a sense of exclusivity, making the product or service feel like something special and unique.

Overall, having “As Seen On” logos is a fast and easy way to build trust in the mind of your potential customers.

How to Get “As Seen On” Logos For Your Business or Website

Now, you are probably wondering, “How do I get my name mentioned on top sites, so I can feature them on mine?” 

Here are five top ways: 

Reach Out to Media Outlets Directly

One of the simplest ways to get more “as seen on” logos on your website is to reach out to media outlets and ask them to feature your product or service. This could include reaching out to TV shows, magazines, podcasts, blogs, and other media outlets.

To increase your chances of being featured, make sure to have a compelling story or angle to pitch to them.

Working with a PR agency can help with this.

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Paid Guest Posts

Gust posts

Numerous publications, like HuffPost and VentureBeat, offer sponsored ads and advertorials. Therefore, you can sign up for a sponsor account, pay a subscription fee, write a piece of content that’s then edited by a member of the publication and have your work published on the site – making you eligible for that logo. 

Note: This method can be costly. Some major publications charge thousands of dollars for a sponsored post. Thus, it is not always a viable option for everyone (despite being a good one). 

HARO’s Media Outreach

Help a Reporter Out, otherwise known as HARO, is a platform that links journalists with expert sources. As a startup, you can sign up to be a source and pitch your ideas to journalists so they can help spread the word – a great way to get into mid-tier publications. 

One of the downfalls of HARO is that it can be less effective than other sources for securing mentions in well-known publications that will be more credible for your project.

Participate in Trade Shows

Participating in trade shows or events can be a great way to get your product or service in front of media outlets.

These events often have a large number of press attendees, and if your product or service is well-received, you may be able to secure coverage and get an “as seen on” logo on your website.

Organic Blogging


Another essential way to market your product is by focusing on your business and creating high-quality content that’s likely to grab the attention of writers and journalists.

Beleive it or not, journalists read more than they write. So, if you can create some really interesting content that catches the eye of a journalist covering your industry, there’s a good chance you can get coverage for your brand in that media.

Although this approach takes more time and effort than the others, it is, typically, more sustainable due to being free of charge and a great way to get coverage without the need for third parties. 

Work with a PR Agency

PR agencies, like Coinbound, specialize in building brand awareness for their clients, getting them covered in leading publications, and, of course, help them source “as seen on” logos for their websites and marketing materials.

Working with a PR agency can help a business get “as seen on” logos in several ways:

Media relationships

PR agencies have established relationships with media outlets and journalists, which can make it easier to secure coverage and get “as seen on” logos on your website.


Public Relations teams have expertise in crafting compelling stories and angles that will appeal to different media outlets. They can help you identify the most effective way to pitch your product or service, which can increase your chances of getting featured.


PR firms have a wide network of contacts, which can help increase your visibility and make it more likely that you’ll be featured on media outlets.

Media monitoring

PR agencies can monitor the media to identify opportunities for coverage and act on it quickly to secure a spot for your business. This is sometimes referred to as “newsjacking


PR agencies can also help measure the impact of the coverage and provide reports on the reach, tone, and share of voice of your business.

One example of a PR agency that helps clients get coverage for clients is Coinbound. Coinbound focuses on businesses in the crypto, tech, and SaaS industries.

Coinbound even has great examples of “As Seen On” logos on their own site:

Coinbound As Seen On Logos

Choosing the Best Option

There are numerous factors to consider when picking the best way to get your hands on a “as seen on” logo. A few things to consider include your audience, pricing, reach and credibility. 

Regardless of which route you choose, all of the above examples can help you get your hands on that all important image to boost your credibility. 
If in need of further assistance, reach out to Coinbound and a member of the PR and marketing team will get back to you ASAP.

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