Top Accounts to Follow on CoinMarketCap Community (2023)

Last Updated: November 28, 2022
Top Accounts on CMC Community

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CoinMarketCap is a giant when it comes to Web3 media sites. In 2022, much of the company’s efforts went into building CoinMarketCap Community (a.k.a. CMC Community), a social media platform built for Web3, crypto, and blockchain people. In this guide, we breakdown all of the best CoinMarketCap Community Accounts and Influencers you should know

What is CoinMarketCap Community?

CoinMarketCap Community is a social media platform built for the crypto industry. It is built to rival Twitter and rose in popularity in 2022 when Elon Musk began his controversial takeover of the social media platform.

Who Are The Best CoinMarketCap Community Accounts & Influencers?

Ty Smith

Ty Smith is a well-known Web3 entrepreneur that owns Coinbound, a leading Web3 agency that helped grow MetaMask, Tron, Voyager, and more. He is very active on CMC community and often shared his insights into the market from a business-owner perspective.

NFT Lately

If you’re into NFTs, NFT Lately is a must follow on CoinMarketCap Community. This popular NFT media company is a great way to stay updated on the top NFT news.

BNB Chain

BNB Chain, a top 10 cryptocurrency is super popular on CMC community, with an audience of over 900,000 followers. The organization frequently uses CoinMarketCap Community to publish company updates.


NullTX is a popular crypto news site that is publishes crypto news content to CMC community every day. If you’re a power user of CMC community, and want to follow more broad Web3 news, NullTX is a great account to follow for you.


DeFiChain is a decentralized Proof-of-Stake blockchain dedicated to bring fast, intelligent, and transparent financial services to Bitcoin. The team is very active on CMC and is listed by CMC as a trending account to follow.


STEPN, the popular earn-to-move dApp has a following of over 196,000 on CoinMarketCap Community.

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