Top 10 Crypto Conferences & Events To Promote Your Crypto Project

When RobinHood shut down trading in early 2021 on $GME, the entire crypto community knew it was only a matter of time before crypto was adopted everywhere. The push for mainstream crypto adoption reached an all time high, and for good reason.

One of the best ways to learn about various use cases for blockchain is through conferences and live events. With the restrictions easing as summer arrives, conferences and live events will be held once again. Conferences are a great way to learn about exciting companies in the space as well as build your blockchain business. You can attend conferences, meet people in the community, and get your name out there. In this article, we break down some great crypto conferences.

Best Crypto Conferences (great ways to promote your company)

Blockchain Expo

Blockchain Expo is a conference held in both North America and Europe, with a great lineup of speakers every year. In the past they’ve featured speakers from NASA, Uber, FedEx, NASDAQ and IBM. This conference is aimed towards enterprise professionals in the technology and blockchain space. Thought leaders will discuss use cases and ways to utilize blockchain in traditional industries like insurance, healthcare and retail.

Bitcoin 2021

Bitcoin always features an incredible lineup, including Jack Dorsey, Chamath Palihapitiya and Nick Szabo. The cost is $299, and they’re sponsored by well known companies like Ledger, Bitstamp and Tor. The event is completely focused on Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It’s 4 days long and also features an after-party on the last day. If your company is focused on Bitcoin-related products and services, this may be a great one to attend.

Consensus 2021

Consensus is the annual conference held by CoinDesk, one of the biggest publishers in crypto. This year the conference is completely virtual, though in past years it was held in NYC. It has several different tracks depending on your interests, and the event spans 4 days, featuring speakers like Ray Dalio.

The Blockchain Event

The Blockchain Event is held in Miami every year from June 22-25th, and helps decision-makers and engineers learn more about crypto and industry trends. They have attendees from major technology enterprises like Cisco, Google and FTZ. The event has a wide variety of workshops and exhibitors, so this may be another great option if you can make it down to Florida. In total they have over 100+ company booths.

Blockchain Life

Blockchain Life is is an annual conference held in Moscow, and primarily serves the Russian and Eastern European markets. The event is held from April 21-22, hosts 4,000 attendees, and features 70 global blockchain companies. Because they allow so many sponsorship spots, it may be a good idea to nab one if you head up a blockchain company in Russia or Eastern Europe. Furthermore, the event features thought leaders, crypto entrepreneurs, startups, fund investors, miners and blockchain developers, so it’s also a great way to network.

Asia Crypto Week (TOKEN2049)

Asia Crypto Week or Token 2049 is a crypto conference is a week-long event held in Hong Kong. They work with some big names including Business Insider, CoinDesk, and Quartz, and it’s Asia’s premiere crypto conference. There should be 2000+ attendees, 100+ speakers, and hundreds of companies and sponsorship spots. Tickets start at $299 and it’s a perfect audience for any crypto company based in Asia.

Voice of Blockchain

Voice of Blockchain is an enterprise blockchain conference focused on large scale use cases like decentralization, artificial intelligence and protocols. It’s held in Chicago every year and hosts companies like Zcash, ConsenSys, and MakerDao. There’s three different tracks: enterprise, markets and innovation. Each caters to a different type of attendee, and they’re expecting 1,000+ people to attend next year. They have some huge sponsors including Deloitte and TD Ameritrade, so this conference is one of the bigger ones this year.

Hello Decentralization

Hello Decentralization is a free online conference with a heavy focus on DeFi and its many use cases. This one runs a week long, with a long list of great speakers. Most of them are from Europe and work in EU-based companies or publications. The topics include Web 3.0, interoperability, engineering, and other complex topics. They also feature a panel of 15 companies who will share their projects, where attendants can learn more about their favorite protocols.

Futurist Conference

Futurist Conference is Canada’s largest blockchain conference. It focuses on futuristic technologies, just like in the name, with a large emphasis on crypto and blockchain. For 2021, the conference is completely virtual due to the pandemic, but is supposed to feature over 300 speakers and 7000 attendees. Futurist has nearly 150 companies at its event, so this is an excellent opportunity to improve the exposure of any crypto company.

Future Blockchain Summit

Future Blockchain Summit is one that attracts global leaders in the crypto industry, and features many startups with tons of potential. The topics covered include adoption, tokens, DeFi and future use cases. They haven’t announced the list of speakers yet, but look for this to be one of the bigger events on the list. The dates are October 17-20th, and this year’s event is in the incredible city of Dubai.

Conclusion: Best Crypto Conferences & Events

Conferences are an excellent way to learn about crypto and promote your company. Many major crypto companies like CoinDesk and ConsenSys have their own conference to talk about use cases, exciting projects and the future of blockchain.

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