Top Metaverse Marketing Agencies in 2022

Last Updated: November 11, 2022
Top Metaverse Marketing Agencies

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Suddenly, everyone is talking about monkey and rock pictures selling for millions of dollars and that someone bought a mansion in Metaverse next to SnoopDog for a hefty price tag.

In fact, brands like McDonald’s and Zara are opening their stores in the Metaverse, and Facebook literally changed their name to Meta!

You might be curious why these top guns are so excited about what is being described as the next dimension of the internet, and which Metaverse marketing agencies they are using. 

Long story short, Metaverse is where we will be able to interact with the internet using advanced technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality instead of the touchscreens and joysticks that are used currently.

That sounds amazing, and since a lot of industry biggies are entering the Metaverse arena, you, too, might want to join the bandwagon. 

While it is exciting to learn about such innovations, navigating your way through the push and pulls wouldn’t be sustainable in the long run if not infeasible in the first place.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best Metaverse marketing agencies that can help you get the early bird advantage and build a compelling brand presence in tomorrow’s reality. Let’s get started:

Before We Begin

Just as we get started with our list of the best Metaverse marketing agencies in 2022, it is noteworthy that you yourself invest some time understanding the concepts.

The agencies will surely take care of the Metaverse marketing process, but being an informed customer can make a great deal of difference for both parties.

Metaverse isn’t a concrete concept yet, so you can make it a point to build a basic understanding before you commence your search.


Coinbound is a Web3 digital marketing agency with a considerable advantage in the form of extensive market research databases, tools, and industry expertise when it comes to Metaverse. Coinbound provides services to clients that want to deal in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain.

Besides, Coinbound also has a long list of clients that happen to be famous companies in their respective sectors, which adds to their credibility.

Coinbound can help you with a lot of innovative marketing methods such as Metaverse influencer marketing, running Discord servers, and curating your brand’s persona to meet the expectations of the Metaverse-ready generation.

If you want an agency that takes care of the Metaverse marketing process on an end-to-end basis, Coinbound is your go-to spot.


CoinScribble is a fantastic option for metaverse companies that want to get guaranteed press release coverage on top Web3 and blockchain sites.

The platform has a number of solid packages that can get you on places like:

  • CoinTelegraph
  • CryptoDaily
  • Metapost
  • NFT Lately
  • BeInCrypto
  • NFT Evening

We also like how quickly and inexpensively CoinScribble can get PRs distributed.


GEEIQ has fast become one of the popular names when we discuss digital marketing agencies that specialize in Metaverse. They have an excellent customer success team that educates every client regarding Metaverse and the strategies followed.

It is an insight-driven agency that leverages real-time monitoring, competitive analysis, and iterative marketing strategies for its clients.

As the Metaverse is still in its formative years, GEEIQ focuses on doing the basics right and providing a solid background to its marketing activities.

This makes them ideal for customers who not only want to project their brand in the Metaverse but also learn a few concepts as a part of the counseling process. 

Publicis Poke

Publicis Poke is yet another industry heavyweight with an exhaustive list of clients. They have run full-scale Metaverse marketing campaigns that include but are not limited to crypto projects, NFT and crypto games, and blockchain project marketing.

While they cover a wide range of sectors, they also provide standardized Metaverse outreach strategies, making it easier to work with them.

Their approach is focused on building a complete brand communications strategy that resonates with the user sentiment for creating a compelling brand presence.

They have a considerable mastery over AR/VR space, making them the ideal solution provider for brands seeking to make their debut on the next-gen internet platform. 


Metavision is a full-scale digital marketing agency that enables businesses from all sectors and sizes to build a presence on Metaverse.

Since they are focused only on this particular domain, they can be considered as a great option for businesses that want a single channel communication experience with their agency. 

It is also among the early entrants in the sector, and this aspect benefits their clients to a large extent.

However, this can be a bit less exciting if you want a single marketing agency that would take care of all aspects, be it core digital marketing or the Metaverse.


If you are looking for an Metaverse marketing agency that covers even the smallest aspects of the Metaverse, Bemersive should definitely find a priority spot on your list. In fact, they serve some of the biggest brands globally, like Twitter and Publicis Groupe, which puts them in a better position to help smaller brands.

However, you might want to have a proper internal team before you deal with such agencies. This is because of the fact that it could be intimidating and too time-consuming for regular employees to communicate, collaborate, and analyze brand new concepts with an external agency. 


If you are looking to bring a creative and strategic outlook of your Metaverse presence in a single frame, Rumfoords is a great agency. They work on extensive production activities meant for Metaverse marketing and also provide proper counseling to their clients. 

They have served multiple clients over the course of the past few months, and they have also offered great customer service. Also, they can provide you with many innovative marketing strategies as they are solely focused on tapping the Metaverse.

If you are in the market for a Metaverse-first or exclusive workflow, Rumfoords can be one of the best options for you. 

Summing Up

Undoubtedly, Metaverse is going to provide an innovative avenue for brands to digitally market themselves for the physical world. It can be termed as a breakthrough for the phygital marketing sector, and as time progresses, we will witness its true growth trajectory. If you are looking forward to building an established brand on Metaverse, it is high time that you join hands with a marketing agency among the ones described above to benefit from that first-mover advantage. 

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