Top NFT Whales | The Biggest NFT Buyers in The World

It’s unsurprising to hear the NFTs are absolutely exploding. But who are the top NFT whales? We’ll list them all here.

But first:

What are NFT whales?

NFT whales are people or groups that spend huge amounts of money on NFTs. To qualify as an NFT whale, you must hold over $1 Million worth of NFTs.

Top NFT Whales to Follow

Starrynight Capital

This massive fund, powered by since-disgraced 3 Arrow’s Capital executives, has purchased nearly 2,000 ETH worth of NFTs.

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This anonymous cryptopunk owner has been known to spend big on NFTs. With over 400k followers on Twitter, this well-known whale has spent millions on NFTs.

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This decentralized organization has made notable purchases like CryptoPunk #1886 which they spent 450 ETH on.

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PleasrDAO is another decentralized autonomous organization that has purchased large amounts of NFTs. The DAO is comprised of tons of influential names in the Web3 industry.

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Since joining OpenSea in April of 2021, Deckchair has become an NFT whale known for spending millions on NFTs.

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Other NFT Whales to Know

Want to track these NFT whales? Here are some of the top tools to track NFT whales:

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