Top Notch Marketing Strategies Behind Ten of the Best Crypto Brands

Last Updated: October 18, 2022
Crypto Marketing

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Crypto brands and campaigns need more than a pretty face to succeed. However, it doesn’t  mean that appearance is not essential. 

Brand design and unique campaigns are the key to success for all crypto companies. When  creating something unique and out of the ordinary consumers will fall into your arms.  

Wanting to boost your marketing mix? Check out these top 10 crypto companies with top notch brand designs, campaigns, and marketing strategies.

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Coinbase is on a mission to store and send money across borders without restrictions on  traditional banking systems and governments. It is one of the few companies to work with  governments to transition fiat to crypto as smoothly as possible. 

To achieve such goals, Coinbase needs to have an identity representing this new age’s  financial freedom and, most importantly, trust. 

The team behind Coinbase worked hard to build a visual identity that included: logos, color  palette, layouts, motions, a custom typeface and a set of brand guidelines. Once the design  is in place, it boosts campaigns for more traction. 

One of its campaigns includes Coinbase Bytes to reach customers through email marketing. 

Like NFT Lately’s newsletter, Coinbase Bytes: 

  • Provides market updates with the latest happenings 
  • Uses different content formats, like text, images, audio, etc 
  • Divides news with attractive headlines 
  • Ensures all information is up-to-date and trustworthy 

Coinbase also has a referral program to bring in new customers, just like NFT Lately.


If unsure about which news to publish to expand your target market, Coinbound can craft coverage-securing releases, pitches, announcements, and more to bring more eyeballs to your brand.


Binance is a global blockchain company behind the most prominent digital asset exchange regarding the trading volume and the number of users. In addition, the company accelerates the adoption of cryptocurrencies and increases the freedom of money. 

To meet the objective, Binance elevates the brand through creative excellence–reflecting the  brand globally through numerous products and local markets. 

To become increasingly popular, the crypto company created the ad campaign “The Tipping  Point” in 2020.

Like Coinbound, the company uses videos for its crypto marketing strategy. Videos are an  effective method for keeping audiences’ attention while tapping on ongoing social issues. 

Be sure to check out Coinbound’s YouTube channel for video inspiration regarding  marketing purposes. 

The crypto exchange company is one of those firms looking you straight in the  face no matter where you turn. And it is no wonder–the company has a marketing budget of $100 million, according to Forbes

Marketing is all about understanding the trending spaces. Hence, appeared on  your screen while watching this year’s super bowl. The crypto exchange is aiming its  marketing efforts at the global sports community through sponsorships and partnerships,  including joining the list of sponsors for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

However, if you are unsure about what that trending space may be for your company, this is  another area where Coinbound shines. 

Coinbound can help weed out the areas not worth focusing on for your business. Instead, promoting your company in the right places consists of the right people and finding the right sponsors to boost your brand by connecting you with crypto entrepreneurs, leaders and executives


The Israeli-based multi-asset brokerage Web3 company that provides financial services, eToro, uses social media for advertising the benefits of investing in crypto and stocks. 

eToro’s marketing team are a big fan of being sponsored by sports teams. In 2018 alone the  company made deals with 7 different UK Premier League teams, followed by 4 other teams  in 2019 and 12 sports teams across the UK, France and Germany in 2020.  

If you want to take eToro as an example, you should partner with both small and large teams  and events to boost your marketing strategy.  

If unsure which other teams, companies or events to join forces with, Coinbound can assist  you identify your brand’s voice before pushing you in the right direction. 



MetaMask is a crypto wallet that allows users to interact with the Ethereum blockchain from  their browser. The wallet then gives access to decentralized applications and allows the  exchanging of cryptocurrencies. 

MetaMask’s 3D animated orange fox logo makes it noticeable to customers, which looks like  it could join the ever-so-famous video game Crash Bandicoot. 

The logo is fun, geometric, and creative, bringing the 3D fox to life. 

Further helping boost the firm’s popularity, Coinbound helped MetaMask secure more than  500k views on its product launch by getting the company in contact with numerous  influencers. 


Click here to learn how to create your own MetaMask wallet 


Nexo is another trustworthy and straightforward platform for securely storing crypto. It supports  all top-performing digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Ethereum  and many more. 

The platform implements numerous campaigns for brand awareness, consumer  engagement, product promotion, website traffic and more.  

One of its largest campaigns is “Campaign with a Cause” which gives millions of Brave users  the chance to donate their tokens to help save children in need. Thus far, the company has raised around $25,000 USD to help feed hungry children.  

To promote the campaign, Nexo turns to social media campaigns on Twitter because the  social channel is the largest in the crypto industry.  

Coinbound also supports Nexo to ensure its social content reaches a wide range  of people, increasing social media engagement by more than 500%. 


Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency and payment  system. Everyone knows what Bitcoin is thanks to its symbolic dollar sign that is so  recognizable it has become the icon of a global movement. 

Following Bitcoin, hundreds of new cryptocurrencies have popped up and continue doing so.  Nevertheless, Bitcoin will always be favored, due to being the first of its kind.  

Coinbound helps brands become the first of their kind by digging into their audiences and  analyzing what it is they want and need out of a company before competitors.  



Permission is a tokenized Web3 advertising platform that allows advertisers to offer consumers crypto rewards in return for their data.  

The platform’s logo of two hand figures shaking instantly gives consumers the feeling that  the firm is trustworthy and safe.  

Besides getting their brand designs right, the company works with Coinbound to increase  engagement and brand awareness by strategic intent engagement and creation with relevant influencers.  

Within the first three months of joining forces, the company saw a 246% rise in monthly consumer engagement, 387% impression growth, and 110% follower growth. 



CoinStats is a real-time cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that can inform you of the latest  crypto prices while supplying you with reliable market data.  

The platform is exceptionally straightforward and one of the world’s most secure DeFi and  crypto wallets, enticing new customers daily.  

However, thanks to Coinbound, the platform ranked for dozens of their target words and im proved organic traffic up to a surpassing 1020% in three months. 



OpenSea is the world’s most famous secondary marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles due to being the first of its kind. It’s only reasonable that they have allocated budget towards crypto brand campaigns.

The marketplace is continuously upgrading its platform to ensure it has the best and easiest  features for consumers.  

Moreover, it markets itself well by having a transparent logo that everyone recognizes and  keeps users in the loop on its social media channels, including Discord.  

The OpenSea Discord has more than a whopping 16,000 members. Reasons include having a section that publishes fake collections to ensure buyers don’t find themselves stuck alongside a category for trending NFTs so members can effortlessly view the hottest collections. 

If you want to promote your company similarly to OpenSea, Coinbound can help you create a  solid community by gaining you Discord members. Look at the Generative Dungeons NFT  project, for instance. Coinbound boosted their Discord by 9k members in just one month. 

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