Best Web3 Affiliate Marketing Agencies: 2024 Rankings

Last Updated: April 18, 2024
web3 affiliate marketing companies

Looking to grow your Web3 business? That’s what we do…

Is your brand looking for an entry into the Web3 space?

It is challenging for emerging companies to feel their brand presence in the minds of Web3 consumers. 

Web3 affiliate marketing is one of the top strategies to generate direct sales. 

What is Web3 Affiliate Marketing?

Web3 referral marketing is an online marketing strategy that rewards affiliates for helping crypto brands generate sales.

Crypto affiliate promotion uses the following tactics:

  • Content Marketing 
  • Social Media Promotion 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Influencer Partnerships 
  • Coupon and Discount Codes 
  • Product Reviews 
  • Affiliate Contests 
  • Native Advertising 
  • Retargeting 
  • SEO Optimization 
  • Webinars and Workshops 
  • Loyalty Programs 
  • Cross-Promotions 
  • Banner Ads 
  • Video Marketing

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What Are the Advantages of Working With Web3 Affiliate Marketing Companies?

Web3 affiliate marketing companies offer several advantages that leverage the capabilities of the evolving Web3 landscape: 

  • Comprehensive Affiliate Campaign Support: Web3 marketing companies provide aid in crafting strategies, recruiting partners, creating creative assets, and analyzing performance metrics. This full-service approach allows businesses to depend on dedicated support for optimizing partnerships, monitoring metrics, and ensuring the overall success of their affiliate marketing endeavors. 
  • Fresh Approaches to Advertising: Web3 marketing agencies assist cryptocurrency companies in crafting special promotions. They use engaging stories, interactive content, creative rewards, and two-way communication to make these promotions stand out in the evolving world of Web3 marketing. 
  • Cost-Effective Promotion: Affiliate marketing is performance-based, meaning you pay for actual results. This cost-effective model ensures that you spend your marketing budget on actions that drive real value, such as conversions and sales.
  • Efficient Scaling: Affiliate programs can easily scale as your business grows. As you add more affiliates and expand your network, your marketing efforts can grow proportionally without significant increases in fixed costs.
  • Maintain a Strong Company Reputation: Crypto and blockchain affiliate marketing agencies use PR and other tactics to solidify the reputation of the crypto brand. Increased user trust leads to more sales and enhanced branding. 

Best Web3 Affiliate Marketing Agencies For 2024 


Coinbound is one of the best Web3 affiliate marketing agencies that has worked with popular Web3 brands. 

Their team of affiliate marketers specializes in helping crypto companies go viral. 

The best part of working with Coinbound is that they mange a database of 500+ Web3 influencers, with more added weekly. So, you can expect to get desired brand reach in an efficient and faster manner.

Moreover, their crypto press release service is one of the best in the industry, which can help you reach millions of audiences.

Headquarters: New York

Team Size: 51-200


Top Clients:

  • Etoro
  • Metamask
  • Tron
  • Nexo
  • Juno
  • Crypto Daily

Case Studies: See their case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • Expertise in Web3 Marketing: With five years of experience in Web3 marketing, Coinbound is a top agency specializing in promoting brands within the Web3 space. The agency’s emphasis on crypto, blockchain, NFTs, and related technologies makes it a valuable partner for companies operating in these niches.
  • Massive Network Reach: Coinbound’s reach extends across prominent Web3 publishers, influencers, and media outlets. With over 8,250 earned media pieces secured, including coverage in renowned publications like CoinTelegraph, Decrypt, TechCrunch, and Forbes, the agency helps clients gain organic exposure from authoritative sources.

Blu Mint

Blu Mint is a top-rated Web3 affiliate marketing agency that specializes in helping brands within the cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and Web3 space achieve viral growth. 

They offer social media promotion, PPC advertising, SEO and crypto affiliate promotion to help your company reach more potential customers.

Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia 

Team Size: 2-10 


Top Clients:

  • Helmes
  • Telia
  • Supplain
  • Coins Paid
  • Foxway
  • Starship

Case Studies: See their case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • Creative Excellence: The agency goes beyond traditional marketing by excelling in creative projects such as POAP experiences, NFT collections, and in-game advertising. Blu Mint’s innovative approach adds a layer of uniqueness to Web3 brand promotions.
  • Global Reach, Local Expertise: With headquarters in Tallinn and remote teams worldwide, Blu Mint combines global reach with local expertise. This ensures clients receive personalized strategies that resonate with diverse audiences across regions.

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Serotonin is a top Web3 affiliate marketing agency that has brought some of the world’s leading blockchain projects, protocols, and applications to the market.

The company is experienced in various marketing facets, including brand positioning, PR and communications, event management, content creation, community engagement, social media, visual design, and growth analytics. 

Their unique approach combines strategic thinking, design expertise, and profound knowledge of Web3 to create standout visuals and messaging in the ever-expanding Web3 market. 

Headquarters: United States

Team Size: 11-50 


Top Clients:

  • Alchemy
  • Chainlink
  • Orchid
  • Doodles
  • Cosmos
  • Moda Dao
  • Human Park

Why Choose Them?

  • Extensive Partner Network: The agency’s impressive list of partners includes prominent names such as Aleo, Chainlink, Sotheby, and Vogue. This network speaks to its credibility and provides clients with opportunities for strategic collaborations and connections within the Web3 community.
  • Audience Growth and Engagement: Serotonin’s marketing strategies are geared towards growing developer ecosystems and on-chain communities, expanding social communities, and ensuring clients are actively involved in relevant conversations across various media and events.
  • Tech-Driven Analytics: Including growth and analytics in their service offerings showcases Serotonin’s commitment to data-driven decision-making. By leveraging analytics, they help clients understand the impact of their marketing efforts and optimize strategies for maximum effectiveness.


Crowdcreate is one of the best Web3 affiliate marketing agencies, renowned for its exceptional track record since 2014. Having raised over $250 million across 600+ successful projects, Crowdcreate has earned its reputation as one of the best growth marketing firms in multiple industries. 

With an extensive portfolio featuring top-tier brands like Kyber Network and, Crowd Creates innovative approaches and strategic insights, making them the leading marketing agency for the future.

Headquarters: Irvine, California

Team Size: 11-50 


Top Clients:

  • Kyber Network
  • Celo
  • Bitmax
  • Forte
  • Upland
  • Sandbox
  • Lenovo

Case Studies: See their case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • Strategic Partnership Facilitation: Crowdcreate understands the power of strategic partnerships in fostering growth. Connecting companies with other projects and potential collaborators creates valuable opportunities for mutual advancement and expansion.
  • Innovative Influencer Marketing: The company leverages influencers, from mega to micro-influencers, for maximum exposure. Their influencer marketing expertise, including contact information and negotiation skills, positions them as specialists in this field.

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Lemonade is a world-class Web3 marketing agency offering integrated, full-service campaign support. Differentiating itself by prioritizing brand over buzz, community over cash, and HOLDers over hype, Lemonade is a big-picture thinker in the Web3 landscape. 

Headquarters: Oakland, California

Team Size: 11-50


Case Studies: See their case studies

Why Choose Them?

  • Bold Perspective: Lemonade embraces a bold approach to Web3 marketing, recognizing the massive potential of blockchain technology to disrupt the economy. 
  • Brand-Centric Approach: Unlike agencies prioritizing short-lived hype, Lemonade values brand integrity. They understand how to authentically navigate the culture and community of Web3, ensuring that your brand’s narrative resonates with authenticity and credibility.


HY.PE is a top Web3 affiliate marketing company specializing in brand building, growth acceleration, and immersive experiences. 

From sourcing top global talent for leading Web3 projects to helping brands make their mark in the metaverse with cutting-edge experiences fueled by Web3, NFTs, and gaming, this agency is a trailblazer in the Web3 landscape. 

Headquarters: Berlin

Team Size: 51-200 


Top Clients:

  • Ledger
  • Radix
  • Polygon
  • Chiliz
  • Dfinity
  • Algorand

Why Choose Them?

  • Brand Building Mastery: Concentrating on brand development, the agency utilizes bold creative initiatives, community involvement, and developer campaigns. Their proficiency lies in crafting a robust and unique brand identity that connects with the intended audience. 
  • Strategic Affiliate Promotion: Their Web3 affiliate promotion team uses several channels and tools to identify the right affiliate partners. Once the partners are identified, they build a roadmap to help affiliates generate sales for the company.

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How Do You Select The Best Web3 Affiliate Marketing Service?

Follow the below steps to select the best Web3 affiliate marketing company:

  • Examine the Company Website: Investigate the company’s website to identify key individuals behind the service. Understanding the team’s background and expertise is crucial in evaluating their capability. 
  • Review Case Studies: Review their case studies to assess their experience working with Web3 or crypto brands. Look specifically for cases related to affiliate marketing to gauge their proficiency in this area. 
  • Evaluate Results: Scrutinize the results achieved in their case studies. Assess whether their strategies led to successful affiliate marketing campaigns and their impact on client outcomes. 
  • Check Ratings and Reviews: Look for ratings and reviews from clients who have used their Web3 affiliate marketing services. This provides insights into the satisfaction levels and the actual experiences of other businesses. 
  • Assess Industry Reputation: Consider the company’s overall reputation within the Web3 and crypto industry. A positive reputation is often an indicator of reliability and competence. 
  • Inquire About Customization: Inquire about their approach to creating customized affiliate programs. 
  • Explore Community Engagement: Assess their involvement in the Web3 community. Active participation showcases a deeper understanding of the industry trends and dynamics. 
  • Ask for Referrals: Request referrals from businesses that have previously utilized their Web3 affiliate marketing services. Direct feedback from other clients can provide valuable insights. 
  • Consider Long-Term Potential: Evaluate the agency’s long-term vision and how well it aligns with your brand’s goals. Web3 advertising agencies with a forward-thinking approach is likely to adapt to evolving Web3 trends.

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Why is affiliate marketing important in the Web3 space?

In the Web3 space, affiliate marketing is crucial in boosting user adoption, raising brand awareness, and fostering community growth. This method relies on partnering with affiliates to promote products or services, reaching a broader audience in a decentralized way.

How do crypto affiliate marketing agencies operate?

Web3 affiliate marketing agencies work by linking brands with blockchain marketing experts who promote their products or services in the Web3 space. This includes developing personalized affiliate programs, overseeing partnerships, and monitoring performance metrics using blockchain technology.

What makes a Web3 affiliate marketing agency stand out?

An exceptional Web3 affiliate marketing agency stands out with its industry knowledge, a proven history of successful campaigns, a network of influencers in the Web3 space, and a thorough grasp of blockchain technology. Transparency, compliance, and innovative strategies further contribute to its distinctive reputation.

How can brands benefit from blockchain affiliate promotion?

Brands can benefit from Web3 affiliate marketing by leveraging the expertise of affiliates to reach a targeted audience within the Web3 ecosystem. This can increase user acquisition, community engagement, and overall brand growth.

What criteria should Web3 brands consider when choosing a Web3 affiliate marketing agency?

Brands should consider factors such as industry expertise, track record, understanding of the Web3 ecosystem, influencer network, transparency in reporting, and customized strategies when choosing a Web3 affiliate marketing company.


The listed firms are among the top choices if you’re looking for the best Web3 affiliate marketing agencies in 2024. 

They stand out for using advanced affiliate marketing strategies to grow Web3 brands.

Choosing one of these agencies could be a smart move for businesses aiming to thrive in the evolving Web3 landscape.

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