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For anyone looking to learn all about Web3, podcasts, without a doubt, are one of the best forms of content to gain knowledge about Web 3.0.

Over the years, technological evolution has been harnessed around ideological goals instead of needs-based or exploratory research. 

Web3 is one such domain, and it has parallels with emerging trends like DevOps, which envisions both a set of technologies and a new approach to working methods.

Thus, Web3 was a somewhat expected outcome of tech evolution, and it makes complete sense to explore its new use cases like Web3 Podcasts.


In this article, we will cover some top-of-the-breed Web3 Podcasts that take the listeners to the next dimension of information consumption and add to their understanding of how tomorrow’s world will work.

We have selected the top five Web3 Podcasts that tick all the right boxes- charged with ambitions, no fuzz-only serious talks, and building a community of doers. Let’s get started:

#1 Masters of Community with David Spinks

As we inch towards an entirely new way of content distribution and consumption, community building and management, too, need to be redefined. David Spinks is the founder of CMX (, which is the world’s most extensive network for community professionals.

His podcast is a fantastic source of heartfelt tips, insider bytes, and success stories from some of the best community professionals across the world, with a significant focus on the Web3 space. Sounds exciting?

Subscribe to them on Apple Podcasts to listen to all the exciting conversations around Web3 and crypto space in general.

#2 Web3 Warriors

web3 warrior

For anyone looking for hardcore gaming content that mingles with the blockchain-based Web3 landscape, Web3 Warriors is the perfect pick for them. Web3 Warriors interviews both renowned and emerging artists and creators on Web3.

Run by D. A. Koroma, it also gives insights into cryptocurrency, metaverse, and today’s hotcakes- NFTs. They also host a live stream on Twitch Saturdays at 12 pm EST. Subscribe to them to know all the hottest things happening in the Web3 landscape from the who’s who of the industry.

#3 Web3 Talks: Stories & Tips from the Builders

Mac Budkowski’s podcast is all about Web3 builders going gaga over Web3 projects. Unlike other podcasts, which also cover VCs and people in the know, Web3 Talks is entirely focused on techies with first-hand experience of building Web3 products as they share their journeys.

It covers everything under Metaverse’s Sun, including business model canvassing, customer acquisition strategies, community engagement, and product strategy.

Besides, they have a thriving Discord server, adding to Web3 Talks’ visibility as one of the most loved podcasts in the domain. Sounds interesting? Join their Discord.

#4 Citizen Cosmos

If anyone is looking for a Podcast that is not only focused on covering tomorrow’s discoveries but also adds a leadership persona to its content, Citizen Cosmos is as best as a podcast can get.

The host Sergey Simanovsky has built a thriving community that dreams of an advanced world and codes its dreams.

He discusses some of the most happening events in the history-to-be of blockchain disruptions, Web3 projects, and emerging concepts with a pint of ambition.

Some of the leading professionals from the Web3 industry Sergey to talk about all things Web3. Subscribe to them on Apple Podcasts to listen to it.

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#5 The Money Movement with Jeremy Allaire

Here comes one of the most interesting Web3 podcasts on our list- The Money Movement. No, it is not just another podcast that discusses money or finance.

It dives into the possibilities of programmable internet commerce, making it the ultimate junction for early adopters.

They discuss stablecoins and other forms of digital money, their use cases, and scenarios where they can play an instrumental role in shaping a better world. With more than 50 episodes, it’s already a sensation in the Web3 world.

Subscribe to them on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube to keep tabs on their latest episodes.

#6 Crypto Marketing with Ty Smith

This podcast focused on marketing in the realm of blockchain and Web3. It is hosted by Ty Smith, Founder and CEO of Coinbound, a leading Web3 marketing agency.

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube.

Watch this video to know all about Web3 Marketing:

Wrap Up

The Web3 revolution has just begun, and it’s a pretty exciting time to live in, especially for people who either dismissed the internet with the dot com boom or for the individuals who saw Steve Jobs launching iPhones in his iconic black polo necks from Issey Miyake. 

We have focused on some unique yet popular podcasts that take the discussions beyond vanity words and nameplates.

But there’s a lot more brewing in the Web3. So, start with the top five podcasts we handpicked, which will delight the creative and entrepreneurial buds of all Web3 enthusiasts.

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