What is SaaS3? The Intersection of SaaS and Web 3.0

Last Updated: May 3, 2023
SaaS3 Guide

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What is SaaS3?

SaaS3, sometimes written as SaaS 3.0, is the concept of a software-as-a-service company that has components of Web3 or blockchain technology. Examples of Web 3.0 technology that might be utilized in a SaaS3 product are NFTs, Tokens, DAOs, or cryptocurrencies.

SaaS companies are typically extremely technology-focused. As such, they are often very scaleable meaning they can acquire and serve millions of users with nominal increases in expenses. Because of this, SaaS and SaaS3 businesses often fetch very high valuation multiples from investors.

How is SaaS 3.0 different from SaaS?

As mentioned, what differentiates a SaaS3 business from a regular SaaS business is whether blockchain-related technology is used. Since crypto, NFTs, and blockchain grew in popularity in the past few years, there has been a number of SaaS companies that now offer products for the Web3

What Are Some Examples of SaaS3 Companies?


Versify is a well-known SaaS3 platform. Versify is a platform that allows businesses to easily integrate NFTs into their business models.

Versify’s pricing is monthly and the services are offered on a monthly-basis lending to its SaaS nature.

What Are Some Examples of Traditional SaaS Companies?


HubSpot is one of the most well-known SaaS products outside of the Web3 world. HubSpot provides CRM software services to growing businesses in exchange for monthly or yearly fees. HubSpot is internet-hosted meaning it is accessible only with an internet connection, as differentiated from something like Microsoft Word which is primarily desktop-based.


Slack is another SaaS platform that is not in the Web3 world. Slack is an extremely popular messaging app that is largely used for internal communications within companies. Like most SaaS products, Slack’s software is offered on a monthly subscription basis.

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