Your Crypto Brand Needs to Focus on SEO and Here’s Why

Last Updated: May 31, 2020
SEO for Crypto brands

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Crypto marketers are an interesting breed. Forced to deal with a tricky landscape that includes paid advertising bans from tech behemoths like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, and more, we’ve had to get scrappy. SEO, which, despite being one of the “scrappiest” forms of advertising, seems to be heavily underutilized by cryptocurrency marketing agencies worldwide.

Coinbound‘s success as a crypto marketing agency is largely due to its ability to stay laser-focused on one niche in our early days. That niche being influencer marketing (Side note: here’s some great tips for crypto influencer marketing).

We love influencer marketing and the ability to leverage trusted voices is an absolutely incredibly powerful tool for making your brand go viral but, still, we’ll be the first to admit that influencer marketing isn’t always the correct option.

Marketing is a broad term with nearly countless subdivisions: social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing…the list goes on and on.

A lot of these marketing tasks are relatively obvious and easy so they get the focus from small teams (as many of them should).

However, we highly recommend every crypto marketing team and brand spend time each week on SEO-related tasks.

So glad you asked!

SEO is extremely cost-effective

On a pound-for-pound basis, SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract incoming traffic and attention to your site. The biggest costs for SEO are the following:

Software tools to make sure you are working smarter and not harder

To really do the job right, its reasonable to expect to pay several hundred to thousands of dollars to per month on SEO-focused tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. Tools like these are key in identifying low-competition, high-traffic keywords as well as general monitoring of the search engine “friendliness” of your site.

Yes, a combined software cost of $1,000+ may seem steep but consider this: how much do you value organic traffic? How much are you paying for paid traffic?

Over the long-term, it becomes clear that paying several thousand dollars upfront for organic traffic that recurs in perpetuity (if you do it right) is very much a good investment.

We consider the expense extremely worthwhile (we are a marketing agency that offers SEO services after all) but the level of expense you are willing to bear to do SEO the right way will come down to the ROI you expect on it.

Manpower hours to actually do the legwork

The next expense is perhaps even more costly, time. Like we said, SEO is a scrappy subdivision of digital marketing and being scrappy is rarely quick. Being a top-performing site on Google’s search results is usually not easy, especially in high competition industries.

You can have every tool in the world available to you but, unless you actually take the time to put the work in, you won’t see results.

When analyzing the cost-basis for SEO strategies consider factors like the size of your team, if you have someone that can dedicate 10+ hours per week on the task, and what resources devoting someone to SEO would incur on your organization.

If the time resources available are limited it may be wise to look into the help of an agency that specializes in SEO for your particular niche.

The time is now (for crypto teams)

Anyone spending enough time in the blockchain industry sees the writing on the wall: cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Great news, right? We think so too. This also offers a really interesting opportunity in terms of SEO.

Studies show a clear correlation between performance on search engine results and the age of a URL.

So, get while the gettin’ is good.

By focusing on search engine optimization strategies like blog posts and other forms of content creation now, you are establishing your site as an early authority on the subject.

Later on, when dozens of competitors come into the industry you will have a clear leg-up on them with respect to this key factor.

Acting now is especially important when you consider that 2 in 5 adults are now searching by voice rather than the keyboard. This places even higher importance on getting (and keeping) that top spot before anyone else does.


SEO can be tough on your own but, with the right tools and the assistance of a capable cryptocurrency SEO agency we are confident the results earned will make the upfront labor and cost a worthwhile investment in the organic growth of your cryptocurrency, virtual currency, or blockchain brand.

SEO is difficult and we know it. But fear not, if you’re looking for more personalized advice on how to boost your organic traffic and outrank your competitors feel free to book a free consultation with our SEO experts.

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