Why Influencer Marketing is A Must in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Last Updated: October 8, 2019
Crypto Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around since the earliest days of advertising. Just like the many startups in cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, social media influencers are still in the trial and error stage of development. Anyone can be a social media influencer, but only some can command the attention of millions.

It’s hard to reach a wider audience than Paris Hilton or Floyd Mayweather. So why should you try? Influencer marketing via social media platforms like Twitter is quickly becoming the best way to reach massive amounts of people. And in the blockchain world, with ads being banned on many search engines and social platforms, the use of crypto influencer marketing becomes even more important and necessary.

Visibility is a must in any industry, and all businesses want a buzz surrounding their product or service. If a simple banner or other forms of traditional advertising are blocked from public view, another avenue must be taken. And currently social media influencers produce the most traffic on the crypto streets.

Another factor that makes influencers so effective is the trust and familiarity factor. People listen to familiar faces. Plus, influencers are often seen as more informed users of the product they are advocating for. According to studies by the Digital Marketing Institute, social media influencer marketing campaigns delivered returns to the tune of 650 percent. Not to mention the younger the target audience you wish to reach, the more accepting they are to influencers.

John McAfee told Gerald French of Forbes Magazine that deploying social media influencers has become an extremely powerful marketing tool.

“Influencers have become more powerful than celebrities when converting fans and consumers to a product or service. People trust other people they can relate to, whether on a personal or inspirational level, as long as influencers remain authentic and true to themselves.”

But in contrast with many industry mouthpieces , McAfee insists he delivers information that is actually valuable. When asked about some of his flops he responded firmly.

“Went South, as did 5 other recommends. But, if you evenly spread your money between all my 41 recommendations for the past 18 months, including the zero returns, your portfolio would have gained 13% by today – in the middle of a bear market. You want perfection? Follow a Church!”

Major brands realize this and influencers will only become more present and more powerful in the near future. It’s clear that this is the next wave in the history of advertising. But the wave may have already hit. The cryptocurrency space is perfectly aligned to capture the power of influencer marketing. It aims to reach an audience that is ideal for the style of advertising social media influences have to offer. The space is filled with young people who have been exposed to the internet their whole lives. But most importantly they use social media and it’s power players to make decisions.

The ad restrictions many countries have imposed on the crypto industry could just be building the perfect storm for influencers to take over the space. Crypto influencer marketing might be the only resource for blockchain startups, but it works.

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