3 Reasons You Should Be Using Crypto Influencer Marketing

Last Updated: October 8, 2019
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Get around those pesky social media advertising bans

Early last year, social media giants Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin announced sweeping bans on any advertisement related to cryptocurrencies. Google also implemented similar bans immediately after.

With some of the most highly trafficked sites off limits, crypto marketers have to get creative. One of the most highly effective methods of reaching audiences across these platforms is native, influencer-based strategies.

It’s cheaper than you think

Pricing is a common concern when it comes to influencer marketing. Every influencer has varying levels of reach and different audiences. This makes settling on a price quite complicated.

Let’s take a look at some influencers and the rates they charge:


BitBoy has a fairly large presence on Instagram with a follower base of nearly 14k. Naturally, an account by the name BitBoy_Hodl is full of crypto-focused people. BitBoy, like many influencers, is selective with projects he works with and will only promote high-caliber sponsors. A promotional post on BitBoy’s Instagram account, which averages ~900-1600 likes per post is super affordable at only $80.


When it comes to Crypto YouTube, Ivan is THE guy. With over 200,000 subscribers and massive amounts of engagement on every video he posts, has created a huge circle of influence around himself. Accessing this influence comes at a price tag of $7000.

Working through an organization like Coinbound simplifies the pricing process. Because we have special exclusive discounted pricing with tons of content creators in the space, we are able to offer their services at rates lower than you’d be able to get yourself. You are always paying the lowest price.

It’s easier than you think

When talking about influencer marketing, one of the biggest complaints is contacting each influencer. The process can be extremely tedious, requiring dozens of emails to hundreds of influencers. Staying on top of each conversation was a hassle and the negotiating process was no walk-in-the-park either.

Fortunately, crypto influencer marketing has gotten significantly easier thanks to Coinbound. What was once a highly fragmented market is now all in one place.


Ready to take the leap?

Getting started is easy. By browsing the Coinbound Marketplace you’ll get access to tons of crypto influencers available for hire. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our pricing as well.

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