Biggest YouTube Crypto Influencers & Channels To Follow in 2024

Last Updated: June 3, 2024

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Following the biggest and most popular crypto YouTubers and influencers will help you stay updated on crypto price movements, monitor the latest blockchain developments, and gain quick insights into future cryptocurrency trends like RWA, DePIN, AI, and Restaking. 

Moreover, you can also hire the top YouTube crypto influencers to expand your business presence. 

Our complete list of the best-rated crypto YouTubers has been reviewed for their educational explainers, subscriber growth rate, and community engagement. 

Let’s find the biggest crypto YouTubers and their channels, where you can find everything related to blockchain, crypto, NFT, Web3, BTC, Ethereum, and DeFi.  

Why Hire Top-Ranked Crypto YouTubers to Promote Your Project?

Crypto YouTube content creators help your blockchain business reach and engage your ideal buyer persona meaningfully. Here are the top advantages of partnering with famous crypto YouTube channels:  

  • Trust Building: Crypto channels on YouTube have a loyal following and can help build trust in new blockchain, DeFi, NFT projects, and technologies. 
  • Market Awareness: Blockchain and DeFi Youtubers help raise awareness about cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. 
  • Educational Content: YouTube crypto Influencers provide educational resources and simplify complex topics to a broader audience. 
  • Community Engagement: They foster community interactions and discussions, enhancing the sense of community within the crypto space. 
  • Trend Setting: Influencers can set trends and highlight emerging opportunities, impacting market dynamics. 
  • Project Endorsements: They can lend credibility and attract attention to specific projects or coins. 

Here are the best crypto YouTube channels that provide up-to-date information on the bull market, such as the approval of spot ETFs, AI tokens, and other emerging cryptocurrency trends for investors and blockchain enthusiasts:

Crypto Banter

Crypto Banter is a crypto streaming channel covering breaking stories, altcoin trends, and interviews with crypto moguls. 

You can get the latest updates on blockchain technology, including discussions on market trends and analysis of different cryptocurrencies.

Channel Name: Crypto Banter

Channel Launch Year: 2017

No. of Subscribers: 795K

No. of Videos: 2905

Why Follow?

  • They host live streams where viewers can participate in discussions. 

Major Topics Covered:

  • Crypto trading strategies and investment tips
  • Gummy airdrop farming and crypto exchange expedition
  • Bitcoin insights and Altcoin analysis 


BitBoy Crypto is an excellent YouTube channel for beginners in the crypto world. Host Ben provides market predictions, altcoin reviews, and insights on major events and trends.

The cryptocurrency channel also covers AI advancements and their impact on the crypto market, offers interviews with industry leaders, and actionable tips for crypto investors.

Channel Name: BitBoy

Channel Launch Year: 2023

YouTuber Name: Ben Armstrong

No. of Subscribers: 117K

No. of Videos: 423

Why Follow?

  • Learn about the impact of AI on cryptocurrency 
  • Access practical investment strategies 
  • Gain insights from industry experts

Major Topics Covered:

  • Blockchain market predictions and trends 
  • Educational content for beginners and experienced investors 
  • Updates on significant crypto developments 
  • Engaging discussions on major market events

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Discover Crypto

Discover Crypto covers a range of topics, including discussions on the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies like Solana, investing advice on top coins, and analyses of big money players’ moves on Wall Street. 

Their show also features live streams on altseasons, meme coins, upcoming crypto trends, and 

members-only content for deeper insights into the crypto market.

Channel Name: Discover Crypto 

Channel Launch Year: 2018

No. of Subscribers: 1.4 Million 

No. of Videos: 5.4K

Why Follow?

  • Discover potential investment opportunities.
  • Stay updated with price predictions to power your cryptocurrency investments.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Bitcoin halving and geopolitical tensions 
  • Examination of altcoins and their potential for growth 
  • Discussion of blockchain technology and its applications 
  • Reviews of cryptocurrency mining and its evolution 
  • Analysis of the influence of large institutions like BlackRock on the cryptocurrency market

Crypto Casey

Crypto Casey is a popular crypto YouTube content creator. She educates people around the world on blockchain technology, Bitcoin, finance, and economics. 

The channel also provides videos on new digital assets, investment strategies, market analysis, mindset for success, and exciting blockchain opportunities. 

Channel Name: Crypto Casey 

Channel Launch Year: 2017

YouTuber Name: Casey Leigh Henry

No. of Subscribers: 582K

No. of Videos: 449

Why Follow?

  • You can get up-to-the-minute news and analysis on blockchain market trends and developments.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Advice on investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Coverage of the intersection between finance and technology
  • Tips and best practices for securing cryptocurrencies
  • Analysis of market cycles and trends


Coinbound is one of the best-rated YouTube channels for cryptocurrency. It offers tutorials on using marketing tools, predictions for Web3 trends, and interviews with crypto industry experts. 

Covering Web3 marketing to influencer marketing, the channel covers extensive tutorials in an easy-to-digest format, useful for beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts. 

Channel Name: Coinbound

Channel Launch Year: 2019

YouTuber Name: Ty Smith 

No. of Subscribers: 10.9K

No. of Videos: 96

Why Follow?

  • Provides up-to-date insights on Web3 trends and predictions. 
  • Offers practical tutorials on using essential marketing tools. 
  • Shares strategies for avoiding common crypto and blockchain marketing pitfalls. 
  • Features interviews with leading crypto experts.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Predictions for Web3 marketing trends
  • The role and benefits of Web3 fractional CMOs
  • Common mistakes in Web3 marketing and strategies to avoid them
  • The importance of community in Web3, with insights from industry experts
  • Tactics for growing Web3 communities
  • Effective marketing strategies for NFT projects. 

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily is a leading cryptocurrency YouTube channel where you can find daily updates on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and more. 

The channel includes interviews and analysis from industry experts, like Gary Cardone’s prediction of a Bitcoin price surge.

Channel Name: Altcoin Daily 

Channel Launch Year: 2018

YouTuber Name: Aaron & Austin Arnold

No. of Subscribers: 1.47 Million

No. of Videos: 2717

Why Follow?

  • Educational videos to help understand complex concepts 
  • Expert insights and opinions on market trends 

Major Topics Covered:

  • Analysis of Bitcoin’s price trends
  • Updates on cryptocurrencies like Cardano and Solana
  • Ethereum price predictions for 2024
  • Factors driving the recent uptrend in cryptocurrency prices

Crypto Kirby 

Crypto Kirby Trading is one of the leading YouTube channels sharing informative videos on cryptocurrency trading and analysis. 

The channel provides daily updates on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price predictions, along with the current cryptocurrency news. 

Channel Name: Crypto Kirby

Channel Launch Year: 2018

No. of Subscribers: 152K

No. of Videos: 363

Why Follow?

  • You can learn more about trading strategies, market analysis, and cryptocurrency fundamentals.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Ethereum price analysis
  • Bitcoin price predictions and analysis
  • Crypto crash predictions
  • Technical analysis (TA) of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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Ivan On Tech

Ivan on Tech is one of the popular and must-watch crypto YouTube influencers who shares vlogs on blockchain technology, advanced programming concepts, and in-depth analyses of various cryptocurrencies. 

The channel’s content is informative, engaging, and caters to beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

Channel Name: Ivan on Tech

Channel Launch Year: 2013

YouTuber Name: Ivan Liljeqvist

No. of Subscribers: 527K

No. of Videos: 998

Why Follow?

  • The channel provides a range of content, including market analysis, news updates, educational videos, and interviews with industry experts. 

Major Topics Covered:

  • Tutorials on blockchain programming, creating cryptocurrencies, and understanding market trends.
  • Discussions on how to invest in cryptocurrencies, including high-risk, high-reward opportunities.
  • Analysis of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and new projects in the cryptocurrency space.

Alex Becker

Alex Becker is another famous crypto YouTube influencer. His YouTube channel covers various aspects of cryptocurrency, including investment strategies, market analysis, and trends. He also discusses specific cryptocurrencies and their growth potential.

Channel Name: Alex Becker

Channel Launch Year: 2015

YouTuber Name: Alex Becker

No. of Subscribers: 1.44 Million 

No. of Videos: 287

Why Follow?

  • Becker shares urgent updates and warnings, helping viewers stay informed about important developments in the web3 and blockchain space.
  • He offers a different perspective on cryptocurrency than traditional financial media, which can be valuable for forming a well-rounded market view.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Guides for beginners and advanced traders 
  • Metaverse investing 
  • AI in cryptocurrency

The Moon

The Moon provides market updates, trading tutorials, and interviews with industry leaders, such as CZ from Binance. 

The channel also covers topics such as leveraging Bitcoin for trading and strategies to become a millionaire in the crypto bull market. 

Channel Name: The Moon 

Channel Launch Year: 2017

YouTuber Name: Carl Runefelt

No. of Subscribers: 607K

No. of Videos: 914

Why Follow?

  • The Moon provides educational content, such as tutorials and guides, to help followers improve their trading skills and understand bitcoin market developments.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Updates on Bitcoin and Ethereum trades 
  • Reviews of altcoins with potential for growth 
  • Trading strategies for platforms like Bitflex and Bybit
  • Information on meme coins and their potential 
  • Updates on Bitcoin price targets and predictions

Crypto ZEUS 

Crypto Zeus offers videos related to price predictions for coins such as Pepe Coin, analysis of meme coins, and discussions on potential gems in the crypto market. 

It also provides affiliate links for crypto exchanges and trading tools, along with disclaimers emphasizing the high-risk nature of crypto investing. 

Channel Name: Crypto ZEUS

Channel Launch Year: 2020

No. of Subscribers: 76.8K

No. of Videos: 1267

Why Follow?

  • He is one of the best crypto YouTubers for presale investors. 

Major Topics Covered:

  • Offers insights into new crypto projects, especially those with DeFi potential. 
  • Includes affiliate links for crypto exchanges and trading tools. 
  • Exploration of early and low-cap meme coins. 
  • Identification of potential millionaire-making meme coins.

Brian Jung

Brian Jung’s channel is a hub of financial empowerment. He shares educational videos on building wealth, investing in cryptocurrencies, exploring passive income ideas, and optimizing credit card benefits. 

With a personal journey from financial struggle to success, Brian shares practical tips, strategies, and insights related to digital currencies and financial freedom. 

Channel Name: Brian Jung 

Channel Launch Year

YouTuber Name: Brian Jung

No. of Subscribers: 1.84 Million

No. of Videos: 549 

Why Follow?

  • Brian’s Discord community provides a platform for further engagement and learning from like-minded individuals.
  • He provides valuable insights into the cryptocurrency market, including altcoins with high potential and strategies for maximizing gains.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Passive income ideas and strategies 
  • Credit card points and rewards 
  • Beginner’s guides to investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies

Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie is a powerhouse of information containing daily updates and discussions on Bitcoin, altcoins, and cryptocurrency news. 

The host, Kyle, offers tutorials and reviews for beginners, including information on how to trade Bitcoin, recommended exchanges, and strategies for keeping your crypto safe. 

Channel Name: Crypto Zombie

Channel Launch Year: 2017

YouTuber Name: Kyle

No. of Subscribers: 263K

No. of Videos: 1538 

Why Follow?

  • Be among the first to know about emerging trends, new altcoins, and market shifts, giving you a potential advantage in your investment strategy.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Bitcoin and ETH news and alerts
  • Bitcoin halving and the misconceptions surrounding it
  • Critical and urgent updates surrounding cryptocurrency 

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EllioTrades discusses NFTs, Ethereum, DeFi, blockchain, and cryptocurrency news. The host, Elliot, provides insights and analysis on various cryptocurrencies and offers investment advice, cautioning viewers to invest wisely and do their research. 

Channel Name: EllioTrades

Channel Launch Year: 2018

YouTuber Name: Elliot Wainman

No. of Subscribers: 636K

No. of Videos: 1086

Why Follow?

  • The channel engages with its community through live streams and Q&A sessions.
  • Besides being informative, EllioTrades’ videos are entertaining, making them engaging to watch, even for those with a casual interest in cryptocurrency.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Bull run predictions and market outlook
  • Recommendations for long-term investment opportunities 
  • Crypto gaming coins and their potential
  • Discussions on the potential impact of events like Bitcoin halving and ETF approvals

Crypto Tips

Crypto Tips is a popular YouTube channel run by Heidi and Toby. The channel shares its 8-year journey with cryptocurrencies, covering fundamental aspects, creation, and future importance. 

They offer beginner guides, hardware wallet recommendations, trading tips, and insights into decentralized finance (DeFi). 

Channel Name: Crypto Tips

Channel Launch Year: 2016 

YouTuber Name: Heidi and Toby

No. of Subscribers: 215K

No. of Videos: 1535

Why Follow? 

  • Their videos are beginner-friendly, making it easier for newcomers to understand the unique characteristics of crypto assets.
  • They also investigate and expose crypto-related scandals, guiding followers to avoid scams.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Hardware wallet recommendations 
  • Trading tips and strategies
  • Interviews and discussions with industry experts 
  • Educational content on blockchain technology 
  • Comparison between different cryptocurrencies 
  • Coverage of major events and developments in the crypto industry.

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Start Following The Best YouTube Crypto Influencers

Cryptocurrency is a complicated topic, and you need to remain updated on the latest blockchain and digital money technology news. 

Crypto YouTubers teach you about digital currencies. They also have a massive following, which you can leverage to form PR partnerships and improve your brand awareness and reach. 

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