Best AI Earned Media Agencies: Top Firms List For 2023

Last Updated: June 3, 2023
AI Earned Media Agencies

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Artificial intelligence (AI) earned media agencies revolutionize the way businesses approach public relations and media outreach. 

The AI market is one of the top growing tech industry segments. If you have an AI product, it’s crucial to stand out from your competitors. Public relations (PR) is the best way to do it.

With the ever-evolving digital landscape, traditional PR methods alone may not suffice to effectively navigate the complexities of today’s AI-powered content and media landscape. 

In this article, I will explore the concept of AI earned media agencies, their benefits, and how they are reshaping the future of public relations.

Let’s begin!

What is an AI Earned Media Agency?

An AI earned media agency is a specialized press release firm that leverages earned media strategies to deliver targeted and impactful media coverage to AI businesses. 

Earned media refers to publicity and exposure gained through organic means, such as media mentions, press coverage, social media shares, and influencer endorsements, rather than through paid advertising. 

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AI PR marketing companies assist you in creating personalized consumer experiences by providing targeted content, personalized recommendations, and customized messaging across numerous platforms which increases client satisfaction, loyalty, and consumer involvement.

What Are The Benefits of Working With An Earned Media Marketing Company?

An AI earned media company enables you to acquire positive brand mentions that helps you to build a strong bond with your customers and enhances your sales.

 Here are some of the top benefits of working with an AI earned media agency:

  • Helps you identify the best media outlets: PR companies for AI businesses helps identify the most relevant media outlets, journalists, and influencers for a specific campaign. They also enable you to effectively manage resources, target the correct audience and increase the chances of earning meaningful media coverage. 
  • Offers real-time monitoring of media mentions: AI technology enables real-time monitoring of media mentions, social media conversations, and sentiment analysis. This allows businesses to promptly respond to media coverage, identify emerging trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their earned media strategies.
  • Stronger media relations: AI earned media services can analyze journalists’ preferences, past articles, and social media activities to provide insights into their interests and communication styles. This information helps you personalize your pitches and build stronger relationships with media contacts, increasing the chances of securing media coverage.

How Much Do AI Earned Media Agencies Charge?

The cost of AI earned media services can vary depending on the agency expertise, the complexity of the campaign, and the time taken to achieve the PR campaign goals. 

Pricing models can also differ, with some agencies offering fixed packages or pricing tiers, while others may provide customized pricing based on specific client needs.

On average PR agencies for AI companies charge between $2500 – $10000 per month or more. 

Best AI Earned Media Companies


Headquarters: New York City


Coinbound is an AI earned media agency that delivers deep AI PR industry expertise and uncover opportunities to position your company as thought leaders in the  artificial intelligence space.

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Their PR team for AI companies have contacts with the largest tech and AI publishers, influencers, and media to help you secure organic coverage from the biggest names in the AI media landscape. 

Coinbound founder, Ty Smith explains the differences between earned media and paid video in this video:

Earned Media vs Paid Media (What’s the Difference) | Crypto Marketing Lesson

Key Services:

  • Public Relations and Earned Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • AI Influencer Marketing
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid advertising

Top Clients:

  • Metamask
  • CoinStats
  • eToro
  • Gilded
  • Versify
  • Nexo

Zen Media

Headquarters: Florida


Zen Media is a specialized earned media agency for AI and B2B businesses. They effectively help in the creation and management of strategic communications between your tech business and the public.

Their team of expert PR specialists are well-versed in both traditional and digital PR to increase your brand’s share of voice in the market. They can help you secure brand mentions in major national publications like Forbes, the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and others.

Key Services:

  • Traditional PR
  • Digital PR
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Hunt Campaign
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Crisis Communication
  • Influencer Marketing

Brave Bison

Headquarters: London


Brave Bison is a modern-age AI earned media company having a team of content creators who make use of the top business trends to create compelling stories.

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They help you tap into emerging talent and create content that aligns with your content goals. With a decade of experience managing social media communities and unveiling real-time insights into understanding what works, they manage and grow the growth of your brand online.

Key Services:

  • Content and PR Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Channel Optimization
  • PR Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Highwire PR

Headquarters: San Francisco  


Highwire is a top PR media company for AI firms who are looking to make an impact in their niche. Their team of PR professionals help you meet your business objectives through strategic communications and market intelligence. 

Highwire has deep knowledge and creative insight to create relevant stories in compelling ways to reach your target audiences.

Key Services:

  • Earned Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Promotion

Top Clients:

  • Twilio
  • Western Digital
  • Hitachi
  • Gitlab
  • Boomi
  • Zocdoc
  • Bread Financial

Pan Communications

Headquarters: Boston  


Pan Communications is a top PR media service helping AI tech companies transform ideas into captivating stories to supercharge your growth.

Through the utilization of strategic storytelling, their consulting service harnesses the power to generate impactful solutions for the most daunting marketing obstacles.

Key Services:

  • Public Relations
  • Content Marketing 
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Strategic Consulting

Top Clients:

  • Citrix
  • Rapid1
  • Icims
  • Xactly
  • Braze
  • Bitdefender
  • Absolute

Fin PR

Fin PR is a leading earned media company that helps artificial intelligence businesses with top media coverage in relevant tech media.

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Their team of expert PR professionals help your AI business get publicity in the top tech publications on a guaranteed basis. Some of the best media outlets they offer are Forbes, TechCrunch, TechTimes, and others. 

Headquarters: Dubai


Key Services:

  • AI PR
  • Crypto PR
  • Crypto SEO
  • Marketing Strategy Creation
  • Community Management
  • Crypto Copywriting

Top Clients:

  • Goku Market
  • DeFireX
  • IronX
  • Ternio
  • Streamer
  • Nimiq

FischTank PR

Headquarters: New York


Fisch Tank is a PR media relations agency that helps artificial intelligence companies increase awareness and drive positive reputation. 

Their team of PR professionals collaborate with the right mix of reporters and influencers to help you stay at the top of your respective industry. 

Key Services:

  • PR Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • PR For SEO
  • Branding & Messaging 

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Headquarters: London


Red Lorry Yellow Lorry is a full-service AI tech PR and marketing agency that helps you craft the right stories to engage your audiences.

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Their team of earned media PR specialists for AI companies have expertise managing different markets and audiences to give your brand a voice. 

Key Services:

  • Media and Analyst Relation Collaboration 
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing 
  • Communications Management
  • Lead Generation 

Top Clients:

  • Beamberry
  • Blockchain Intelligence Group
  • Seismic
  • Arc Serve
  • Quantum
  • Celo

How does AI help in targeting the right media outlets and influencers? 

AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data, including journalists’ preferences, past articles, and social media activities, to identify the most relevant media outlets and influencers for a specific campaign. This precision targeting ensures that the right message reaches the right audience, increasing the chances of positive media coverage and engagement. 

Can AI monitor media coverage in real-time? 

Yes, AI technology enables real-time monitoring of media mentions, social media conversations, and sentiment analysis. This allows businesses to promptly respond to media coverage, track campaign performance, identify emerging trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their earned media strategies. 

How does AI improve media relations? 

AI can analyze journalists’ preferences and communication styles by examining their past articles and social media activities. This information helps PR professionals personalize their pitches and build stronger relationships with media contacts, increasing the likelihood of securing media coverage and fostering long-term partnerships. 

Which are the questions to ask before hiring an earned media company?

Before hiring an earned media company, it’s essential to ask the right questions to ensure they are the right fit for your business and can deliver the desired results. Here are some key questions to consider:

  • What is your experience in earned media campaigns?
  • What is your approach to targeting media outlets and influencers? 
  • How do you measure the success of earned media campaigns? 
  • Can you provide insights into your media relations strategy? 
  • How do you stay updated on industry trends and media landscapes? 
  • What is your crisis communications expertise? 
  • What is your pricing structure and payment terms? 


AI PR agencies are revolutionizing the way businesses approach earned media strategies. With the advanced algorithms and data analysis capabilities of AI, these agencies can optimize media outreach, enhance targeting, and measure the impact of earned media efforts in real-time. 

By leveraging AI technology, PR professionals can personalize pitches, build stronger media relationships, and deliver targeted messages to the right audience at the right time. Partnering with an earned media agency is beneficial for AI companies to take their business to new heights. 

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