Top Crypto Google Ads Agencies: Best Firms List In 2023

Last Updated: August 7, 2023

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Crypto Google Ads agencies effectively manage your overall ad campaigns to enhance your digital presence. They leverage their experience and expertise in the crypto sector to drive quality traffic, conversions, and ROI. 

In this article, I have listed the leading crypto Google Ads companies that hold the potential to get your Metaverse brand’s campaigns in front of the right audience at the right time maximizing your revenues and profits.

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What is a Crypto Google Ads Agency?

A crypto Google Ads agency is a digital marketing firm that specializes in offering marketing and promotional offerings for organizations operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain enterprise.

These companies are experts in navigating the unique demanding situations and opportunities inside the crypto space and supporting crypto-associated businesses successfully attain their audience.

Crypto ads agencies offer quite a number of services to promote and market crypto initiatives, blockchain corporations, initial coin services (ICOs), cryptocurrency exchanges, pockets companies, and different crypto-related products and services.

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What are the Benefits of Working with a Crypto Google Ads Agency?

Here are the top advantages of hiring a crypto Google Ads company:

  • Ad Policy Compliance: The crypto industry has been subject to strict advertising policies from major platforms like Google, Facebook, and others. Many crypto-related ads have been disapproved or banned due to policy violations. Having a deep understanding of crypto compliance helps agencies create and run ads that meet the guidelines, ensuring their clients’ campaigns are approved and reach their target audience.
  • Avoiding Penalties: Violating advertising policies can result in ad account suspensions or other penalties. Agencies with crypto compliance knowledge can help clients avoid such issues, preventing disruptions to their advertising campaigns and potential financial losses.
  • Reputation and Trust: Knowledge of crypto compliance demonstrates the agency’s expertise and commitment to best practices. Clients are more likely to trust an agency that shows they can navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the crypto industry responsibly.
  • Targeting and Audience Segmentation: Crypto compliance knowledge can also help agencies understand how to target specific audiences in a compliant manner. This ensures that ads are shown to the right people without misleading tactics or violating privacy regulations.
  • Staying Updated: The crypto regulatory environment is constantly evolving. Agencies with compliance knowledge are better equipped to keep track of policy changes and adjust their clients’ advertising strategies accordingly.

Top Crypto Google Ads Companies

Here is a list of the best crypto ads agencies:


Headquarters: New York, United States


Coinbound is a leading crypto Google Ads agency that assists your company in maximizing its profitability and brand awareness, leveraging compelling paid campaigns in various formats on different platforms. They help scale your brand’s growth by aligning and optimizing campaigns with your long-term company goals.

Their PPC efforts and transparent reporting offer faster results, improved lead generation rate, and improved digital visibility. Coinbound, having served over 754 satisfied clients, effectively displays your crypto campaigns on leading ad platforms, including Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Brave, and Reddit.

Backed by top Web3 ventures, the agency has bagged many notable awards for its excellent contribution to the crypto space by leading brands, including Cointelegraph, Coindoo, and DAN. 

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Key Services:

  • Crypto Google Ads Management
  • Reporting and Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Remarketing
  • PPC Bid Management
  • Competitor Analysis

Top Clients:

  • Etoro
  • Metamask
  • Nexo
  • Voyager
  • Gala Games
  • Immutable X

Token Minds

Headquarters: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands


TokenMinds is one of the best crypto-paid advertising companies that create highly targeted campaigns for your company, leveraging their expertise in various ad formats. They manage your overall PPC account right from the stage of strategizing to placement to launch.

With their ten years of experience in the industry, TokenMinds not only deliver compelling paid ads but share timely performance reports and restrict spammy audiences to your website. 

The certified experts of TokenMinds have helped over 120+ Web3 projects raise about $250 million through their advanced and tailored marketing strategies. In addition, the agency has added various crypto awards to its feathers by top companies, including Hackernoon, CoinGape, News BTC, and News Affinity.

Key Services:

  • Crypto Ads Management
  • SEO Marketing
  • ICO Marketing
  • IDO Marketing
  • Airdrop Marketing
  • Influencer Advertising

Top Clients:

  • Hackernoon
  • NewsBTC
  • CoinGape
  • NewsAffinity

Ninja Promo

Headquarters: New York City, United States


Ninja Promo is a top-notch crypto Google Ads agency that offers comprehensive paid advertising services to set your campaigns apart from the competitors and appear in front of the right audience. 

To make your paid advertising more impactful and maximize your potential clicks, the agency diversifies its Google Ads formats, including Google Search Ads, Google Shopping Ads, Google Video Ads, display ads, banner ads, and remarketed ads.

In addition, Ninja Promo offers to display your ads on various networks, including YouTube, Twitter, Bing, crypto exchanges, and Web3 media outlets, to maximize your brand reach and visibility.

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Key Services: 

  • Strategy Development
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation
  • Google Ads Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

Top Clients:

  • Rebus Chain
  • Affyn
  • Lisk
  • C-01
  • Ceek VR

Single Grain

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States


Single Grain is one of the leading crypto Google Ads companies which help maximize your token’s awareness and profits leveraging their expertise in the Web3 realm. From creating targeted ad campaigns to launching them on leading ad networks, the agency manages your brand’s overall visibility through paid ads.

Key Services:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ad Creation and Optimization
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Campaign Consulting

Top Clients:

  • Nextiva
  • Twenty 20
  • Harris Teeter
  • Success Magazine
  • Uber
  • Crunchbase

Crynet Marketing Solutions 

Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic


Crynet is a dynamic Google Ads agency that helps raise awareness of your tokens worldwide by implementing a full-fledged set of paid advertising services. Their comprehensive process of crypto pay-per-click marketing includes ad format selection, network selection, campaign management, and ad success measurement. 

They collaborate with leading ad networks, including Google Adwords, to create targeted ads for better PR, media, and audience coverage of your crypto tokens.

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Key Services:

  • Paid Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Event Advertising
  • Blockchain Consulting

Omni Agency

Headquarters: Torrance, California, United States


Omni Agency is a leading crypto PPC company that crafts and manages compelling ads for your brand to make it unique from the regular Web3 firms while creating a robust impact among the target audience.

Trusted by leading ad networks, including Google, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, Omni Agency applies a five-step set advertising approach to rank your paid campaigns among the top search results with cost-effectiveness.

Key Services:

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Management
  • Guerilla Marketing

Top Clients:

  • OptyFi
  • Raiinmaker
  • Crypto Players Club
  • Depressed Citizens
  • Flipsies

1- What are the top services offered by a crypto Google Ads agency?

Here are the key services offered by a Google Ads company:

  • Ads strategy development
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad creation and management
  • Ad copywriting
  • Landing page optimization
  • Remarketing

2- How do crypto Google Ads agencies measure the success of advertising campaigns?

Here are the key metrics to measure the success of your ad campaigns:

  • Click-through rates: This metric measures the number of clicks your website receives on ad campaigns.
  • Conversion rates: It calculates the percentage of users who perform a particular action on your website through ad campaigns.
  • Cost per click: It calculates the average cost incurred to acquire a customer through paid ads.
  • Return on ad spend: This metric measures the revenue generated against the cost incurred on ads. 
  • Impressions: It involves the number of times an ad is shown to users. 
  • Ad Position: This metric measures the ad’s average position on Google’s search results or display network. 
  • Bounce rate: It is the percentage of users who land on the website but leave without taking any action. 

3- Is it essential to have a landing page for crypto PPC ads?

Having a dedicated and relevant landing page is crucial for a successful crypto PPC ad campaign. A well-designed landing page helps improve conversion rates and ensures users find the information they want after clicking on the ad.

4- What questions should be asked before partnering with a crypto Google Ads agency?

Here are the top questions to ask before you hire a crypto Google Ads company:

  • What is your experience in crypto-paid marketing?
  • Can you share case studies or client references related to Web3 space?
  • How do you measure and report campaign performance?
  • How do you handle compliance and policy issues related to crypto ads?
  • What is your approach to landing page optimization?
  • What sets your agency apart from others in the crypto advertising space?
  • What are your pricing and contract terms?


It is essential to leverage every area of marketing, including paid and Google Ads, to expand your crypto brand’s scope of audience reach and ROI.

The agencies listed in this article hold substantial experience in the crypto space and can help your brand and tokens reach a large audience, thereby driving high profitability. Consider and evaluate them closely based on your budget and requirements to create compelling campaigns, maximize traffic, and enhance revenue generation for your Web3 company.

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