Best Crypto Podcasts [Ultimate Guide for 2024]

Last Updated: April 30, 2024

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With so much information to consume in the blockchain world, staying up to date can be difficult. In 2024, more and more listeners are turning to podcasts as a convenient way to stay informed on the go.

Here is a comprehensive guide to all the best crypto podcasts you should be listening to this year.

Unchained with Laura Shin

Laura has been an avid writer & journalist in the cryptosphere since 2013. Her podcast is focused on interviews with the most influential members of the crypto world from content creators to financial tyrants. Her weekly shows are extensive and usually last one hour with in-depth interviews.

Shin has complete really well-researched and coordinated interviews with controversial crypto figures Sam Bankman-Fried and Do Kwon.

Listen to Unchained with Laura Shin

The Pomp Podcast

While his podcast no longer specific only to crypto it’s still a highly covered topic on his show.

Pomp asks some hard-to-answer questions and isn’t afraid to be the tip of the spear in a society that lives in a bubble.

Listen to The Pomp Podcast

The Charlie Shrem Show (Formerly: Untold Stories)

This O.G has been around the block a time or two.

Shrem, who founded BitInstant, was sentenced to prison for two years for operating an unlicensed transmitting business with Silk Road. He has since returned to blockchain with a fresh start. His words and vision continue to shape this space.

All this heat and pressure has only created them best of gems. His podcast is a staple to feast on.

Listen to Untold Stories with Charlie Shrem

Crypto Marketing with Ty Smith

The crypto space is vast and within it are plenty of budding industries. One of which is crypto marketing. At the forefront of the crypto marketing industry is Ty’s agency Coinbound.

The Crypto Marketing Show offers actionable tips for growing companies effectively in the blockchain, crypto, and Web3 sector.

The Crypto Marketing Show is delivered in bite-sized and hyper-focused 5-12 minute segments that are super binge-able and great for anyone trying to build a successful company in the Web3 industry.

Listen to the Crypto Marketing Show

Crypto Over Coffee by Hashoshi

Crypto Over Coffe Podcast Logo

Hashoshi, a popular crypto-focused YouTuber has a well-produced podcast that covers weekly updates on the crypto industry.

On top of covering the latest news updates, Hashoshi does a fantastic job of explaining his own personal journey entering and navigating the Web3 space.

Listen to Crypto Over Coffee on Spotify

What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

What Bitcoin Did Podcast

Peter McCormack is a man of the people and it really shines through in his podcast. He has been in the space longer than most and does an incredible job bringing a bit of soul into the digital asset arena.

What Bitcoin Did is a highly informative and educational podcast that serves to build a more educated public that understands macro-finance and the need for Bitcoin as both a store of value and currency.

Listen to What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack

Unconfirmed with Laura Shin

This brilliant podcast also hosted by Laura Shin approaches the industry from a different angle. This series was designed to address the latest major news headlines and analyze how they could affect the blockchain space.

Listen to Unconfirmed with Laura Shin   

The Scoop with Frank Chaparro

The Scoop Cryptocurrency Podcast

You can’t find a great newsletter-turned-podcast like The Block’s team can deliver. Light and witty as a podcast should be.  

Listen to the Scoop Podcast

The Bad Crypto Podcast with Joel Comm & Travis Wright

Super entertaining. Listening to these guys makes you wonder if you’ve really opened the right door. From their silly banter to their comedic ICO shillings, it’s safe to say they’re doing a fine job at being super “bad”.

There is a long list of podcasts that can’t connect with their audience but this isn’t one.

Listen to the Bad Crypto Podcast


Omar delivers fast, unfiltered, and unbiased news as well as fundamental analysis and general education.

He addresses the latest is tech and price movements as well as market sentiment. Having invested in Bitcoin in the early days and speaking about Ethereum long before it was off the ground, Omar has a special place in crypto.

Listen to CryptosNews Podcast

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

Putting a bunch of brains together and expecting their wavelengths to sync for collaboration is close to impossible in a charged space like blockchain.

And yet these guys make it work.

Their podcast is divided into panels with unique hosts and in-depth talks that will get skeptic investors asking themselves some serious questions. 

Listen to the Bitcoin Podcast Network

A16z by Andreessen Horowitz

a16z Podcast

Venture Capitalist gone educator, Andreessen is paving the future through technology. Bringing the weight of his firm and the knowledge that “software is eating the world”.

His talks aren’t limited to crypto but of what moves the world and how we are affected by it.

Be warned. This podcast isn’t a walk in the park.

Listen to a16z

Magical Crypto Friends with Riccardo Spagni, Charlie Lee, Samson Mow & Anon Whale Panda

Magical Crypto Friends Show

There is always a group taking a different path from the herd. These guys bring the goofy, the weird and the wild and put them all into an awesome show.

This podcast is mainly focused on Satoshi’s vision of privacy and decentralization and discusses the hurdles crypto need to overcome in order to reach mass adoption.

Watch Magical Crypto Friends on YouTube

The Third Web with Arthur Falls

The Third Web Podcast Logo

Formerly known as “The Ether Review”, Arthur’s journey dates back even further to the Beyond Bitcoin Podcast. His vision of mass adoption didn’t coincide with where Bitcoin was headed and he soon found himself in the Ethereum camp.

Listen to the Third Web on Apple Podcasts

Beards and Bitcoins

The Beards & Bitcoins Podcast is pure man.

Co-hosted by BitBoy & JChains the Beards & Bitcoins Podcast blends crypto and men’s lifestyle in the most macho way possible.

Stay up to date on the latest in bitcoin news, sports, motorcycles, and more.

Listen to the Beards & Bitcoins Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Crypto Conversation with Andy Pickering

Brave New Coin’s Crypto Conversation is a high-quality podcast hosted by Andy Pickering. Andy is an excellent host who gets great guests from across the crypto-asset industry. Andy does his research and knows how to present a compelling and entertaining podcast experience.

Listen to Crypto Conversation

The Epicenter with Meher Roy, Brian Fabian Crain, & Sebastian Couture

Epicenter Podcast Logo

One of the first podcasts to hit this space, Co-Hosts Brian & Sebastian started their podcast in 2013. A core member of “The Third Web”, Meher, a scientist turned podcaster, joined them in later years and has since placed his heart & soul in decentralized tech.

They invite some of the greatest speakers and content creators in the blockchain world.

Concise yet complex topics seem to be their staple. 

Listen to Epicenter on Podbay

Follow the White Rabbit Podcast with Alex Kehaya

Follow the White Rabbit podcast

This Podcast, produced by Orchid, is a great source of knowledge straight from industry insiders. Host, Alex Kehaya, has brought on some incredibly insightful and engaging guests.

Listen to Follow the White Rabbit

Crypto 101 Podcast with Bryce Paul & Aaron Malone

Crypto 101 Podcast Image

With a 4.5 rating and a whopping 500+ reviews on Apple, the Crypto 101 Podcast is a clear leader in educational cryptocurrency podcasting.

Their podcast seeks to educate the average consumer about the benefits of blockchain as well as updates in the industry.

Not to be missed.

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast with Trace Mayer

Its amazing to find anyone creating content on the web for over a decade. Trace has.

Having studied Accounting, Law & Economics, his valuable insight into the future of cryptocurrencies and their intrinsic value is super interesting.

Listen to the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast

Crypto Basic Podcast with Brent Philbin, Karim Baruque, & Michael Laake

CryptoBasic Podcast Logo

Coming from different backgrounds and leaving their well-established sectors, this team has a mission to educate and deliver honest and yet entertaining viewpoints of the tech. Their goal is to make the integration of blockchain in our daily lives as frictionless as possible.

Listen to the CryptoBasic Podcast

Noded Bitcoin Podcast with Michael Goldstein & Pierre Rochard

Founders of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute, these tech gurus are strict bitcoin advocates. These guys are all business.

Listen to the Noded Bitcoin Podcast

Block Zero with Kevin Rose

Block Zero Podcast Logo

Time Magazine calls Kevin one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web”.

His appearances on the Jimmy Fallon show and on cover magazines such as Businessweek and Inc Magazine make him and his podcast super popular. His podcast is geared towards builders and investors and for those wanting to learn more about “the holy trinity” (Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP). Not as active as one would desire but his words are thoughtfully chosen.

Listen to the Block Zero Podcast

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