Best Marketing Channels For GameFi | 2022 Guide

Last Updated: November 14, 2022
GameFi Marketing Strategies

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One of the popular trends among gamers in recent times was promoting live commerce and sourcing funds through viewer donations. It quickly turned video game streaming into a full-time profession for many, but here is something that can completely redefine the gaming landscape in terms of economics- GameFi. 

In simple words, it is the combination of gaming with Decentralized Finance, i.e., DeFi. It aims to use new-age technologies like blockchain to act as mediators between gamers and their audiences to provide a reliable and scalable revenue generation model, thus replacing any middlemen from the process. 

Doesn’t it sound exciting that the gaming community can come up with multiple digital products and subscription models to monetize their skills without much risk involved?

In this article, we will look at the best marketing channels for GameFi, which can maximize the visibility of any GameFi projects that are leveraging NFTs, game-based cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and more. Let’s begin:

What To Keep In Mind When Marketing GameFi Offerings?

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the sentimental value and monetization opportunities associated with GameFi assets that are sold.

For instance, if any GameFi project is planning to sell NFTs under this model, they must treat them like a proper NFT offering but also include the thought process regarding why and how long it will hold its value. 

This is important so that a GameFi project can identify the right marketing channel for their GameFi ventures and target the right audience. In the below section, we will be exploring some of the tried and tested marketing channels that can be leveraged by any GameFi project:

Social Media: Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Clubhouse, Discord

When it comes to utilizing social media to market GameFi products and subscriptions, it is crucial to keep in mind the fact that paid advertising will outweigh organic visibility in a majority of cases.

This is due to two reasons: firstly, there is a lack of awareness as far as the general public is concerned regarding GameFi. 

Secondly, it is crucial to understand that organic presence on social media channels requires a constant flow of good content, which is engaging and educative at the same time, which is frankly unsustainable.

Paid advertisements on Instagram, Twitter, and Clubhouse can help a GameFi project gain much more traction and gain visibility in a much more efficient manner. 

However, Reddit can still provide decent organic visibility and a high-quality audience.

Also, running a Discord server is an equally effective way to attract serious stakeholders when looking to engage quality prospects.

Clubhouse, too, provides a young, dynamic audience with a decent level of understanding when it comes to crypto and DeFi.

Here’s a video on social media marketing for Web3 brands:

Top 3 Social Media Channels for NFT Marketing [2022 Edition]

Take The Long (Short) Route: Blogging

Now, this may sound a bit too outdated, but the truth is, there is hardly any established blog entirely focused on GameFi. Thus, a GameFi project team can also try out guest posting if they are not interested in setting up an entire blog dedicated to the GameFi hustle. 

The main reason behind recommending this line of action is the fact that it would put key members of any GameFi project in a position of being thought leaders.

It also opens a way for monetization opportunities as the GameFi blog grows like any other blogging venture while giving back to the gaming community. 

While ranking on Google would be comparatively easy in this niche, it is important to understand it will still need to perform all best practices sincerely. This includes SEO, creating great informative content, and optimizing efforts to meet traffic expectations.

Put simply, this strategy enables a GameFi project to thrive quickly and relatively easily as compared to any other niche, but it will still require a considerable amount of effort. 

Therefore, it can be a perfect long-short route to GameFi marketing success, which depends on the team’s skillset, willingness, and the value proposition they foresee from the entire exercise. Nonetheless, getting some press visibility will definitely work like a charm for any GameFi ventures. 

Harness Crypto Ad Networks 

Now comes the most interesting channels to market GameFi products and subscriptions- Crypto ad networks. To begin with, these platforms are focused exclusively on promoting crypto-focused projects and business models.

This will help access refined audiences that don’t need to educate extensively as opposed to the other two channels. 

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Their communities are already involved in many projects and view them as investment opportunities, making it easier to monetize gaming passion. Let us have a look at the leading crypto ad networks that a GameFi project can harness for marketing:

Ad Dragon

Talking about decentralized financing platforms, Ad Dragon is a name that one just cannot miss. It was the first company in the sector, and its comprehensive experience helps sellers create crypto-oriented online stores. 

It makes the purchasing process quite simple for the visitors while also providing the service to sellers at an affordable price. Any GameFi project that is thinking of doing something similar, must explore Ad Dragon’s capabilities for GameFi marketing.


For any GameFi project looking forward to connecting with various publishers active in the crypto landscape, Coinverti can be the go-to ad network. They have many novel benefits, such as anti-fraud and anti-scamming frameworks that ensure good quality traffic for GameFi marketing efforts. 

Converti is known for its excellent customer service and a multitude of analytics reports with real-time synchronization capabilities. Thus, it is easier to track and optimize GameFi outreach campaigns. 

AdEx Network

It is a renowned crypto ad network with a decent client portfolio and services list. AdEx Network has a competitive advantage when low credibility projects are concerned as they maintain the highest levels of transparency and authenticity auditing. 

The sellers have to pass through a rigorous screening exercise, and any substandard scamster project is discarded on an instant basis. This keeps AdEx’s crypto ad network relevant and reliable for the community, thus helping a GameFi project execute its marketing plan.

Publish a GameFi Press Release on Top Sites

One of the fastest ways to get company news on top crypto sites is to use a Crypto PR release service.

CoinScribble is one of the top press release distribution services for GameFi companies and can get you guaranteed coverage on hundreds of Web3-focused sites with a GameFi focus.

Work with a GameFi Marketing Agency

There aren’t many agencies that understand GameFi but the ones that do can be very helpful to help your brand gain traction.

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We are hailed as one of the top crypto and blockchain marketing agencies and provide crypto marketing services tailored to meet the needs of the Web 3.0 space.

We help businesses with search engine optimization, blogging, setting up and managing Discord servers, managing public relations, social media, and influencer marketing. 

Thus, GameFi projects can avail full-service agency benefits and establish their GameFi concept with an all-around approach.

Due to our experience working with multiple big clients, any GameFi project can benefit from our experience in building crypto-first brands. Besides, working with us will also help a business develop its image as a thought leader.

Thus, Coinbound is a potent partner in the growth story of the burgeoning GameFi space.

Previous clients include Metamask, Voyager, Gods Unchained, eToro, and Cosmos.

Services offered:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Paid advertising
  • Community Management
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management


CrowdCreate is another agency that understands GameFi and offers marketing services tailored to growing play-to-earn and similar platforms.

Services offered:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media management

Wrap Up

It may seem extremely tricky to undertake GameFi marketing at face value but remember that it is not very different from existing models. In GameFi, too, building community, managing paid and organic coverage and ads, creating hot leadership content, and so on, are the ideal marketing strategies.

Right from social media, influencer marketing, blogging, and crypto ad networks, follow the same principles with special provisions for GameFi. 

These marketing channels are likely to provide the best results for the GameFi monetization plan and even build new opportunities. As gaming becomes a mainstream profession, it will become essential for gamers to leverage technology as a mediator for maximum financial benefits. 

This will be an equally beneficial approach when it comes to connecting with the GameFi audience and even collaborating with them. We hope that this article has covered all about the right marketing channels in the GameFi space.

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