8 Best Crypto Link Building Companies & Agencies

Last Updated: April 18, 2024
crypto link building agencies

Looking to grow your Web3 business? That’s what we do…

The highest-ranking crypto websites use crypto link-building companies to acquire high-authority backlinks and outperform their competition.

White-hat cryptocurrency link-building requires expertise and industry collaborations, which the leading crypto link-building firms have.

This article lists the top crypto & blockchain link-building agencies to help you create high-quality editorial links from reputed Web3 and crypto publications.

A cryptocurrency link building agency is a digital marketing service that specializes in blockchain link building. 

Crypto link building firms have partnerships with Web3 and blockchain media publications to help you build backlinks for websites related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain projects, or other aspects of the crypto industry.

Besides crypto PR & media publication backlinks, Web3 & crypto link building companies help acquire backlinks from various sources, such as crypto guest blogs, social media platforms, forums, Q&A sites, or other online platforms.

Here are the top advantages of working with a crypto link building agency: 

  • Improves Search Engine Rankings: High-quality backlinks from reputable websites improve your rankings. This increases organic traffic, as your site is more likely to appear on the top of search engine results for relevant keywords.
  • Enhances Online Visibility: Building a strong backlink profile helps your website become more visible in the crowded cryptocurrency space. This increased visibility attracts more users, investors, and partners to your platform.
  • Builds Credibility and Trust: High-quality backlinks from authoritative crypto websites and industry leaders lend credibility and trustworthiness to your website. This is particularly important in an industry where trust is critical for users and investors.
  • Establishes Networking Opportunities: Working with a link building service also opens doors to networking opportunities within the crypto community. It helps you establish relationships with influential figures or companies in the industry, potentially leading to partnerships or collaborations.
  • Develops Customized Strategies: Professional blockchain link building services often employ experienced SEO specialists who can develop and execute customized link-building strategies tailored to your specific goals and target audience.
  • Ensures Compliance and Quality Assurance: Reputable cryptocurrency link building services will likely understand industry regulations and best practices well. This helps you ensure that your link-building efforts are compliant and high-quality.

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Crypto and blockchain link building involves strategies and tactics to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do crypto and blockchain link building effectively:

  • Identify Your Target Audience and Goals: Determine your target audience within the crypto and blockchain niche. Define clear goals for your link building campaign, such as improving search engine rankings, increasing brand exposure, or attracting investors.
  • Promote Content: Distribute your content on social media platforms, crypto-associated forums (e.g., Bitcointalk), and industry-specific websites. Encourage sharing and engagement among your audience.
  • Do Guest Posting: Identify authoritative crypto and blockchain websites that accept guest posts. Ensure that your guest posts provide value to their readers and include relevant links back to your website.
  • Perform Link Outreach: Research and identify websites within the crypto and blockchain space that may be interested in linking to your content. Send personalized outreach emails to website owners or editors, highlighting the value of your content and why it would benefit their audience.
  • Leverage Collaborations and Partnerships: Explore opportunities for collaborations and partnerships with other crypto projects, platforms, or influencers. These partnerships can lead to natural backlinks as you work together on projects or content.
  • Publish Crypto Press Releases: Distribute press releases about significant developments or news related to your crypto project. Consider submitting your press releases to crypto news websites, which may include backlinks to your website.
  • Value Quality Over Quantity: It’s better to prioritize quality over quantity when building backlinks. Focus on obtaining valuable backlinks from relevant and authoritative sources, as they significantly impact your website’s authority.

Here are the top cryptocurrency link-building agencies for 2023 and ahead: 


Coinbound is a crypto link building agency helping crypto companies improve their organic traffic by securing high-quality backlinks from reputable websites. They have over five years of experience in crypto marketing and have delivered 50,000+ crypto backlinks, with an average domain authority improvement of 4 points per month for clients.

Clients love Coinbound’s easy to use online portal where you can buy high-quality crypto backlinks quickly and easily.

If you use Coinbound’s portal, you can select a specific number of links as a one-off order or you can save money by placing a monthly recurring order for your links. You also have the option of working with the team directly by scheduling a call.

Support is great with same-day responses for all client questions.

It’s worth knowing, Coinbound ranks #1 for Crypto SEO Agency and Crypto Link Building agency, so…enough said.

Website: Coinbound

Headquarters: New York, United States

Top Clients:

  • MetaMask
  • Tron
  • Nexo
  • Voyager
  • OKX
  • ConsenSys
  • Ascendex
  • Gala Games

Top Services:

  • Link Building Strategy
  • Link Building Outreach
  • Grade A Backlinks
  • PR Marketing
  • Results and Reporting


AWISEE specializes in helping crypto websites secure reputable backlinks from leading blogs worldwide, enhancing online visibility and credibility in the crypto industry. Their strategies focus on consistency, research, guest posting, resource link building, influencer collaboration, competitor analysis, and staying updated with industry trends.

Website: Awisee

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Top Clients:

  • Preply
  • Raketech
  • Surfshark
  • Unibet
  • Aliter Networks

Top Services:

  • Crypto Link Building Strategy 
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • White Label Link Building
  • Crypto SEO Outreach 
  • White Hat Link Building

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CryptoSEO is a top crypto link building agency that provides specialized services to help crypto businesses establish their online authority and increase their visibility. Their expertise is crafting high-quality, crypto-specific content and securing authoritative backlinks from relevant websites. 

Their link building strategy process includes competitor link analysis, backlink audit, strategy development, link strategy implementation, getting results, and periodic strategy updates. The agency focuses on transparent reporting and personalized approaches to deliver effective results for clients in the crypto industry.

Website: CryptoSEO

Top Services:

  • Outreach Link Building
  • Link Insertion
  • Turnkey PBN Creation
  • Link Audit


Click Intelligence emphasizes the importance of link building and blogger outreach in digital marketing strategies. They mention that cryptocurrency businesses can benefit from link-building to enhance online visibility and build trust with their audience.

The agency offers digital marketing services beyond link building, including SEO, PPC, and content writing. Click Intelligence highlights its expertise in SEO and PPC strategy and management. They also provide case studies and a blog with valuable insights into digital marketing and SEO trends.

Website: ClickIntelligence

Headquarters: Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Top Clients:

  • Cotswold Eco Rooms
  • ParkON
  • Heart and Paw
  • XCD HR
  • Bakers Dolphin

Top Services:

  • Link Building Strategy
  • Blogger Outreach
  • HARO Link Building
  • Curated Link Building
  • PR Outreach

Single Grain

Single Grain is a specialized link building agency dedicated to the crypto industry. They highlight the challenges of link building in the crypto sector and position themselves as experts in overcoming them.

The agency emphasizes the importance of strategic planning, dedicated effort, and SEO expertise in effective link building. They claim to provide high-quality, valuable links that enhance a brand’s credibility within the crypto sphere.

Website: Single Grain

Headquarters: California, United States

Top Clients:

  • Bittrex Global
  • Blockgeeks
  • ENS
  • Nextiva
  • Amazon Alexa

Top Services:

  • Link Building Services
  • Comprehensive Link Building Strategy
  • High-Quality Content Development
  • Continuous Monitoring 

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Outreach Crayon

Outreach Crayon is a cryptocurrency SEO and link building service. They offer backlinks based on clients’ preferred DA, allowing for flexibility in link acquisition.

They provide a simple dashboard for managing orders and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, including refunds or replacements for backlinks. 

Website: Outreachcrayon

Headquarters: California, United States

Top Services:

  • Cryptocurrency SEO and Link Building Services
  • Blogger Outreach
  • Infographic Outreach
  • Broken Link Building
  • Blog Writing Service
  • Product Descriptions for E-commerce
  • Ecommerce Product Videos

Rise Up Media

Rise Up Media specializes in link building services tailored to Bitcoin businesses, emphasizing the industry’s importance of trust and authority. Their services include backlink audits, competitor analysis, and creating high-quality links to enhance clients’ online presence.

The agency is focused on delivering measurable results and transparency to clients, ensuring they can track the impact of their link building campaigns.

Website: Riseup.media

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Top Clients:

  • Relai
  • Xverse
  • Coinfinity
  • Axi
  • Advancing-bitcoin

Top Services:

  • Backlink Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Backlink Building Plan
  • Build High-Quality Links


OutreachPete specializes in cryptocurrency link building, catering to the competitive cryptocurrency industry’s needs. They focus on creating relevant, high-quality content and securing ethical backlinks to improve search engine rankings. The agency emphasizes the importance of providing fresh, non-sponsored content and avoiding detection by search engine algorithms.

OutreachPete’s services are designed to help cryptocurrency businesses gain visibility, attract targeted traffic, and increase revenue. Pricing for their cryptocurrency link building services varies based on Domain Authority (DA) and includes different tier options.

Website: Outreachpete.com

Headquarters: Glasgow, Scotland

Top Services:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog Placements
  • Guest Posting

Like any other form, cryptocurrency link building requires a set of best practices to be effective while avoiding potential pitfalls. Here are some best practices for cryptocurrency link building:

  • Create High-Quality, Valuable Content: Start with content that is valuable to your target audience. This could include informative articles, research reports, tutorials, or insightful analysis. High-quality content attracts natural backlinks from reputable websites.
  • Build Relationships: Establish and nurture relationships with influencers, bloggers, and experts in the cryptocurrency space. Engage with them on social media and through industry forums. Genuine relationships can lead to organic backlinks and collaborations.
  • Guest Posting with Relevance: Choose websites and platforms highly relevant to your niche when posting content. Focus on more than domain authority; prioritize relevance to your target audience. Craft guest posts that provide unique insights and value to the host website’s readers.
  • Use Proper Outreach Techniques: When contacting websites for backlinks, use personalized and well-crafted emails. Avoid mass emails or spammy outreach tactics, which can damage your reputation.
  • Diversify Your Link Portfolio: Aim for a diverse range of backlinks, including dofollow and nofollow links, anchor text variations, and links from different websites (blogs, news sites, forums, etc.). A diverse portfolio appears more natural to search engines.
  • Transparency and Disclosure: Be transparent about any partnerships, sponsorships, or affiliations when publishing content or acquiring backlinks. This builds trust with your audience and complies with ethical guidelines.
  • Monitor and Maintain Links: Regularly check the status of your backlinks to ensure they are still live and relevant. Address any broken links or outdated content promptly.
  • Avoid Black Hat SEO Tactics: Avoid black hat SEO techniques, such as buying links, link farms, or keyword stuffing. 
  • Be Patient and Persistent: Link building takes time. Don’t expect immediate results. Continue building relationships and creating valuable content over the long term.

A crypto link-building service is a specialized agency or company that helps businesses operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites. These backlinks are essential for improving search engine rankings, increasing online visibility, and building authority within the crypto niche.

Crypto link building services have expertise in the unique challenges and opportunities of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. They can help you navigate this niche effectively, identify valuable backlink opportunities, and execute strategies to boost your website’s authority and visibility.

Using a reputable crypto link building service can improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, enhance credibility and trust within the crypto community, target audience engagement, and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Crypto link-building services typically use research tools, industry knowledge, and networking to identify websites and platforms relevant to your niche. They may also analyze your competitors’ backlinks and outreach to potential link partners.

Are you looking to boost your website’s organic traffic and domain authority? Look no further! Coinbound, a top-ranked crypto link building agency, has helped over 776 happy clients achieve remarkable results. With 5+ years of blockchain link building experience and a track record of delivering 50,000+ backlinks, we’re your go-to partner for quality backlinks and improved SEO performance. Get a FREE proposal and let us elevate your online presence.

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