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Last Updated: May 3, 2023
Crypto Telegram Marketing

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Telegram first appeared in 2013 with its services as a privacy-focused ad-free messaging application. Although it was launched as an iOS application first, the Android app alpha version appeared that year. The application started its journey on a modest note with around 100,000 daily active users in the first year. However, over time, it proved its worth as a communication tool and has entered the top 10 most popular social networks globally, ranked by the number of downloads. Due to this, Crypto Telegram marketing is becoming an important part of today’s marketing channels.

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In 2021, the app registered 550 million monthly active users, a growth of 175% since 2018. The app was the seventh most downloaded one, both across iOS and Android, in August 2021. On August 31st, 2021, Telegram reached the glorious landmark of one billion downloads, the 15th app in the world to achieve this feat. 

Telegram users spend a substantial time on the application each month, 2.9 hours on average. It is higher than the 2.7 hours per month people spend on Facebook Messenger each month. 

Users spending nearly three hours per month on the app makes it a crucial tool to reach out with substantive messaging. And that’s what, like any other industry segment, the Crypto market will also prefer to capitalize on. Moreover, the crypto market, sized more than 2.6 trillion with more than 13,000 players and 400 exchanges, will require such a platform, even more, to distinguish itself as a credible alternative to the traditional financial instruments and investment mechanisms. 

But, having a platform is not enough. One must know how to adequately leverage it. In this article, we would delve deeper in search for actionable insights on how to excel with Crypto Telegram marketing. 

How to Leverage Telegram for Crypto Marketing?

One of the most vital avenues to excel in Telegram marketing is the successful use of Telegram groups. 

Telegram Groups

An immensely powerful tool for building communities, Telegram Groups can accommodate up to 200,000 members. Businesses can leverage these large groups to coordinate their business, answer stakeholder or enthusiasts’ questions and keep in touch with investors. 

There are several unique advantages that a Telegram group can equip you with. It is easier to join by an invitation link and move your existing group chats hassle-free.

You can turn your group public easily, with a short and convenient link, for anyone to view the group’s entire chat history and post messages. The Telegram groups can have Bots that can expand the capability of a group with automated moderation, games, payments, and more. 

To run a group exactly the way a team wants, Telegram admins have a host of rights. They can change group info, delete messages, ban users, pin messages or even choose to add new admins. There are several Telegram groups that crypto players can explore to disseminate information about themselves. We would look at some of the most pertinent ones.

There are tons of top crypto Telegram channels to choose from. Here are a few (but check that last link for a more in-depth list).

DeCenter, a Telegram group with more than 36,000 subscribers, is known for its analytical and incisive pieces for crypto enthusiasts of all experience levels. People talk about trading, mining, DeFi, and any other general conversation topics on Cryptocurrencies in these channels. 

The Minter Network Telegram group is one of the most used channels of the WallStreetBets Reddit community. This group makes concerted efforts to boost cryptocurrency values of the assets they think should justifiably be ramped up. They can pump up asset prices as high as 1200 percent. 

The DeFi Million group, with more than 400K subscribers, is one of the most hunted after places for DeFi tokens. It is super popular among profit-seekers and crypto-addicted users. 

The Crypto Evolution Telegram channel administrators keep its members informed about the newly launched potentially valuable coins. 

Growing and Nurturing Your Own Channel

Apart from making well-drawn-out efforts to become a topic of conversation in other popular channels, crypto companies should nurture and grow their channels. While you can leverage it as a business page to disseminate your content, you can also use it as a mode of communication through its instant messaging feature. 

There are several ways to grow your channel quickly. You can use it as your consistent signature across all communication materials and tools.

You can promote the channel on your blog posts or other social media pages. Telegram has channel catalogs, like the tg-cat channel, that helps low-budget players advertise their channel for free. All you need to do is remain compliant with specific rules. 

Telegram is also compatible with the idea of paid promotion. To increase awareness, you can always advertise from trustworthy sources. Among these sources, all you need to locate are the high traffic channels that are themed after crypto-economy and digital assets.

The next step is to contact their admins and pay them to advertise the channel within their communities. One of the most relevant resources, in this regard, would be the largest Telegram ad exchange where one can find manually verified channels and bots of various topics and buy ads in them. 

Telegram Community Management Agency

Crypto Telegram community management is perhaps one of the most important aspects of successfully building a crypto community online. Working with a crypto telegram community management agency like Coinbound can help you get great results quickly.

Telegram Bots

As a crypto business, you can create your Bots. Telegram bots help you execute a range of online marketing and communication duties. Telegram has a very intuitive and easy adopt process for building bots. After downloading the Telegram application for Desktop, you need to chat with the BotFather and get your API key. Once you’ve got the API key, you need to set up the bot’s gems and directory. Coding your first Telegram Bot does not involve much writing. You can later choose to customize it, connect other APIs to pull data from other sources, store user input in a database and more. You can run your Telegram Bot 24/7 and deploy it with a cloud server. 

Telegram Stickers

One of the unique features of Telegram involves creating stickers on it. You can create personalized Telegram stickers and use them to grow the channel and engage subscribers. As a crypto business, you can have your stickers include logos, mascots, and different messages, to advertise the channel enticingly. The benefit of having personalized stickers on Telegram is that your followers can use them in their conversations, becoming ambassadors for your business. Each day around 70 billion messages are shared on Telegram with around 500,000 new users joining each day. The potential visibility quotient goes through the roof. Moreover, creating stickers on Telegram is free of cost.

Overall, Telegram equips crypto businesses, most of which are new and nascent, with a range of easy-to-use, low-cost, often-free avenues of reaching out to a large number of people. The ways of reaching out are attractive, engaging and generate significant traction. All you need to do is use it with the know-how of how to work around the features and make the most of them.

Coinbound: Leading Telegram Services

Executing Telegram strategies successfully by a crypto services company, which are often nascent organizations with its core speciality in technological development, might become difficult. It is a prudent choice to leverage services of efficient third-party providers like Coinbound who’ve helped grow some of the most stellar names in the crypto world, including eToro, Cosmos, Nexo, Metamask, Voyager, ShapeShift, OkCoin, and more. 

Coinbound manages the largest network of cryptocurrency and blockchain influencers worldwide. Your company might belong to any of the crypto sub-categories or you might want to promote a specific event or milestone, Coinbound covers it all. Starting from the launch to making a DeFi community grow to NFT launches or upcoming ICOs, the holistic social media management services of Coinbound caters to everything. Apart from influencers and social media, it also helps you optimize your content and provide strategy and consulting services if required. 
You can have an expert look over your marketing and communications plan and work on them at flexible hourly rates. The Coinbound team is available on Telegram here.

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