Best Crypto Telegram Groups | Top Channels 2023

Last Updated: May 3, 2023
Top Crypto Telegram Groups

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Telegram is one of the most widely used platforms for crypto communities, and many of them often have huge group chats where they congregate to discuss ideas, news, and various topics. In this guide, we will break down all of the best crypto telegram groups and channels you should know.


Decrypt is an extremely popular news site for crypto news. Their Telegram channel is the easiest way to stay on top of the latest crypto and Web3 news on Telegram.

NFT Lately

If you’re into NFTs there’s a good chance you’ve already heard about NFT Lately. NFT Lately is the world’s most popular NFT newsletter. Their website is also a well-known source for NFT news. If you want to stay knowledgeable about the latest in NFTs, you should check out NFT Lately’s Telegram Channel.

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ICO Drops

ICO Drops is a leading site for following upcoming ICO launches. They also have a Telegram group which is really active with ICO and crypto investors.


With over 33,000 subscribers, it’s no surprise this is one of the top crypto telegram groups. This channel focuses mostly on trends regarding price and volume for crypto traders.

ICO Analytics

Wall Street Trader School

As the name suggests, Wall Street Trader School is a Telegram channel for crypto traders, primarily.

DeFi Million

With over 160k subscribers, DeFi Million is another very popular crypto telegram group for traders looking for added insights and trading suggestions.

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So, this one is a bit unique. CEC is an application-only community for Web3 Founders and Executives. To get an invite to CEC, you need to be a well-known figure in the blockchain space and complete an application. Less than 3% of applicants are accepted. This members-only Telegram group has some of the crypto industry’s most powerful players.


As one of the leading crypto news sites, CoinTelegraph also has a super popular Telegram channel for following crypto news.


Another top crypto telegram channel for staying updated on web3 news and trends.

Fat Pig Signals

This is another popular crypto trading signals group. They specialize in advanced trading analysis and have built a supportive group of traders.

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