How to Reach Your Target Audience in the Cryptocurrency Industry

Last Updated: November 22, 2019

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In budding industries, it’s essential to get creative if you want to reach as many people in your target range as possible.

Cryptocurrency companies face specifically tough barriers when trying to spread the word about their products. Mainstream media outlet consumers are not likely to be exposed to cryptocurrency and blockchain ideas. And even on many social media platforms, the community could be limited to those who seek it out. Thus, companies such as crypto wallet providers, Amon.Tech used some of these best practices to reach their target audience.

To really reach a relevant and hungry audience, try some of these more personal marketing tactics. 

Visit cryptocurrency and blockchain conferences

Blockchain and cryptocurrency conferences are a great vehicle to get your message out there.

Both individuals and startups can take advantage of the media presence at these events. Crypto founders have the opportunity to meet with reporters, podcast hosts, and other influencers (like these top crypto YouTubers).

These events also provide the chance to speak with potential investors and answer questions directly. You could also catch the eye of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.

If industry leaders take notice, it’s basically a guarantee that thousands of new people will be exposed to the project. 

Reach out personally to current and potential customers 

Never underestimate the power of reaching out directly to people.

Potential customers or investors, as well as current users, will enjoy the personal level of attention they receive. And, they’ll be likely to tell others about it.

You can start a domino effect of advertising that will spread from social media interactions to in-person chatter. Pay attention to social media (and SEO). Know what people are saying and asking.

A lot of crypto-curious folks can be uneasy about jumping into cryptocurrency investments. A simple message that addresses an individual’s question can go a long way. That person is likely to feel better, plus you’ll attract new eyes that are appreciative of the reachable and personal touch. 


Sweet prizes and free stuff always gets people jacked up. Give away hardware wallets and other products that could help ease nocoiners and newbies into the world of digital assets. Token airdrops would also be sure to garner attention in the cryptocurrency community.

Top influencers give their followers chances to win anything from Bitcoin to merchandise. And it works. You’ll be able to add tons of followers and pile up a bunch of likes, shares, and retweets. 

Reach out to other startups

Seek out and forge relevant relationships with other cryptocurrency companies to connect user bases all over the world.

In the cryptocurrency world, one can relate the abundance of startups popping up to a number of bars opening on the same street.

Although there may be some level of competition between the projects, the influx of people into the space is much more beneficial to the industry as a whole. Just like how multiple popular bars in one small area can create a situation where they all feed off of each other’s success.

It’s also important to match up with like-minded companies and entities with similar goals. For example, a new crypto payments company forming a professional relationship with a cryptocurrency wallet company could produce advantageous results for both parties.

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