MarketAcross Review 2023: Services, Testimonials, & Alternatives 

Last Updated: September 15, 2023
MarketAcross review

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There are several leading crypto PR firms and one of the top blockchain PR and marketing firms is MarketAcross. This blockchain marketing company offers PR, content, marketing, influencer outreach, and social media community management solutions to blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. 

In this detailed MarketAcross review for 2024, I will discuss the pros and cons of the company, share the top services offered, and also help you become aware of their industry connections.

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MarketAcross Review: Key Summary

FoundersNadav Dakner, Elad Mor, and Itai Elizur
HeadquartersTel Aviv, Israel
Team Size11-50
SpecializationPR and marketing for startups and cryptocurrencies
ServicesPR, content marketing, brand reputation, SEO, influencer outreach, social promotions, community growth, and more
Pricing ModelMonthly retainers
Client PortfolioBinance, Polygon, Web3 Foundation / Polkadot, eToro, Tron, and more
Industry ConnectionsPartnerships with notable blockchain organizations and venture capital firms
Top AlternativesCoinbound is a top alternative in the blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing industry with more case studies and experience with top Web3 companies.


  • MarketAcross specializes in providing content marketing solutions tailored to startups and cryptocurrencies, making them experts in the field. 
  • They offer a comprehensive range of services, including PR, content marketing, brand reputation management, social promotions, and influencer outreach, covering various aspects of marketing. 
  • They have established partnerships with notable blockchain organizations and venture capital firms, showcasing their industry connections and credibility. 
  • MarketAcross has a track record of working with prominent clients in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, including Binance, Polygon, and Web3 Foundation, demonstrating their experience and ability to deliver results.


  • There is no pricing information available on the website. 
  • There is no contact address on the website. 

What is MarketAcross?

MarketAcross is a blockchain PR and marketing firm that offers end-to-end marketing solutions specifically tailored to blockchain companies. They specialize in using blockchain storytelling to execute success-based full-stack marketing and growth campaigns, with a focus on delivering guaranteed results. 

The agency has worked with several prominent clients in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, including Binance, Polygon, Web3 Foundation / Polkadot, eToro, and Tron. 

MarketAcross provides a range of services, including public relations, SEO, messaging strategy, thought leadership, content distribution, and content marketing. They emphasize transparency in their services and guarantee results, operating on a no-retainer model designed to align their success with their clients’ key performance indicators (KPIs). 

The agency’s team includes experienced professionals in various roles, including leadership, content creation, public relations, marketing, and operations. They have established partnerships with notable blockchain organizations and venture capital firms. 

MarketAcross also maintains a blog and podcast, where they share industry insights and updates related to blockchain and PR. 

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About MarketAcross PR Firm

MarketAcross is a premium content marketing solution catering to startups and cryptocurrencies. With a track record of working alongside established blockchain solutions since 2014, MarketAcross offers a comprehensive suite of content marketing services. 

Specializing in PR, content marketing, brand reputation management, social promotions, influencer outreach (Key Opinion Leaders – KoL), SEO, community growth, and more, their expertise spans various domains. 

Collaborating with journalists from top-tier publications, influential bloggers, webmasters, and editors of smaller blogs, they ensure their clients rise above the noise and gain the spotlight they deserve. 

What sets MarketAcross apart is our commitment to results—we operate on a per-success basis, guaranteeing deliverables. Unlike traditional agencies, they don’t charge retainer fees, and you only pay for the results they deliver. 

The MarketAcross Team

The dedicated team at MarketAcross comprises professionals with diverse skills and experiences, all focused on driving your success: 

  • Nadav Dakner – CEO 
  • Elad Mor – President 
  • Itai Elizur – COO 
  • Ofir Englin – Co-Founder 
  • Renato Guzi – CFO 
  • Amir Student – CRO 
  • Alon Keren – CMO 
  • Ben Jacobson – Chief Content Officer 
  • Orian Tal – VP PR & Communications 
  • Afik Rechler – VP Strategy & Team Leader 

MarketAcross Review 2024: Services Offered

MarketAcross offers a robust suite of services that cater specifically to the dynamic and ever-evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Having explored their offerings, here’s a review of what they bring to the table: 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

MarketAcross demonstrates a deep understanding of the importance of SEO in today’s digital landscape. Their keyword research and optimization strategies are spot-on, ensuring your brand doesn’t just exist online but thrives by attracting organic leads. Their commitment to reducing ongoing advertising costs is a testament to their expertise. 

Blockchain Public Relations

What truly sets MarketAcross apart is their transparency and relationships in the industry. Their PR services go beyond mere promises; they deliver results. With connections to top editors, writers, and content producers, they secure feature coverage not only in leading publications but also on influential YouTube channels. Your brand’s story gets the spotlight it deserves. 

Blockchain Content Marketing

MarketAcross leverages an impressive network to boost your brand’s online presence. What’s impressive is their ability to generate press even during industry lulls. They tailor marketing strategies that ensure your company receives authentic press coverage, not just during the highs but consistently throughout the journey. 

Online Reputation Management Services

The blockchain space can be unforgiving, but MarketAcross has your back. Their Online Reputation Management services are thorough and effective. They audit your digital footprint and optimize it to emphasize the positives, ensuring engaging and exciting conversations around your brand. 

Thought Leadership

MarketAcross goes the extra mile in transforming your company’s executives into thought leaders. They handle everything, from ghostwriting insightful content to securing top-tier contributions and columns in renowned publications. This elevates your brand’s authority and influence. 

Content Distribution

Their content distribution strategy is a masterpiece. It’s not about a one-time splash; it’s about sustained excitement. They keep the buzz alive for weeks, securing interviews, and driving discussions with influencers. Your project gains not just exposure but a dedicated following. 

Messaging Strategy

MarketAcross doesn’t just execute; they strategize meticulously. Their deep dive into your solution ensures that your messaging aligns with your brand’s goals. They know exactly how to position your brand for maximum impact. 

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MarketAcross Review: Top Client Case Studies & Testimonials

MarketAcross has consistently delivered exceptional results for its clients, helping them achieve their objectives and enhance their presence in the blockchain and fintech industries.

Case Study 1: Simplex Case Study

MarketAcross achieved remarkable results for Simplex, a fintech and crypto company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The challenges were substantial: lack of general PR coverage, no media connections in the industry, and no previous PR work. However, MarketAcross not only overcame these hurdles but exceeded expectations. 

Results Achieved: 

  • 100% More PR Coverage and Media Mentions: Since the campaign’s kickoff, Simplex experienced a whopping 100% increase in PR coverage and media mentions. This not only boosted their visibility but also attracted more leads. 
  • Google Ranking: MarketAcross helped Simplex secure the 2nd spot for the highly competitive keyword “buy crypto with credit card” on Google US. This improved their appearance on Google Search Results and enhanced their SERP (Search Engine Results Page) appearance. 
  • Published Articles: A total of 62 articles were published, spreading Simplex’s story far and wide. 
  • Online Readership: These articles reached a massive online readership of 554 million. 
  • Estimated Views: The content generated an estimated 1.3 million views. 
  • Social Shares: The campaign garnered 6,000 social shares, indicating significant engagement and interest. 

Simplex’s CEO and co-founder, Nimrod Lehavi, acknowledged MarketAcross as a close partner, commending their support in streamlining messaging and media relations. 

Case Study 2: Polygon (Formerly Matic) Case Study

MarketAcross played a pivotal role in Polygon’s success, an India-based tech and blockchain company. The challenge here was twofold: create awareness around the mainnet and staking program launch and establish Polygon as a market leader in second-layer solutions for the Ethereum network. 

Results Achieved:

  • 25+ Mentions in a Month: MarketAcross secured Polygon more than 25 mentions in the month surrounding the mainnet and staking program launch. This influx of positive coverage generated substantial interest among token holders, potential partners, and clients. 
  • Token Staking: The campaign resulted in more than 50% of all tokens being staked by holders in the first month, showcasing the effectiveness of the awareness campaign. 
  • Published Articles: A total of 64 articles were published, creating a buzz around Polygon. 
  • Online Readership: These articles reached an impressive online readership of 454 million. 
  • Estimated Views: The content generated approximately 921,000 views. 
  • Social Shares: The campaign received 7,000 social shares, indicating strong engagement and interest. 

Polygon’s co-founder and COO, Sandeep Nailwal, expressed his gratitude, highlighting MarketAcross’ role in framing tech discussions into compelling stories. 

MultiversX (Formerly Elrond) Case Study

MarketAcross achieved remarkable results for MultiversX, a finance and blockchain company based in Romania. The challenge was to create awareness around MultiversX’s incentivized testnet, communicate partnerships and listings, and set the stage for the mainnet launch. 

Results Achieved: 

  • Incredible Full Features: MarketAcross secured full features on top-tier crypto platforms like Coindesk and Cointelegraph, complete with interviews with MultiversX’s CEO, Beniamin Mincu. This helped establish thought leadership. 
  • Massive Coverage: The campaign generated a total of 62 pieces of coverage within a month and a half, creating widespread exposure for the mainnet launch and incentivized testnets. 
  • Published Articles: A total of 62 articles were published, creating extensive coverage. 
  • Online Readership: These articles reached a massive online readership of 546 million. 
  • Estimated Views: The content generated an estimated 2 million views. 
  • Social Shares: The campaign received 4,000 social shares, indicating significant engagement. 

MultiversX’s Head of Business Development, Daniel Serb, praised MarketAcross for their high energy, well-experienced team and robust network of connections within the blockchain and fintech media, which significantly contributed to growing brand reach and awareness.

Best Alternative To MarketAcross

If you’re looking for an alternative to MarketAcross, Coinbound is a reputable choice in the blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing industry. 

Coinbound offers a range of marketing services tailored to blockchain and crypto companies, including public relations, content marketing, influencer marketing, social media management, and more. 

Their team has experience working with various crypto projects and can help you increase your brand’s visibility and reach in the crypto space. 

Final Verdict

MarketAcross is a well-established blockchain PR and marketing firm that has delivered impressive results for its clients. With a focus on transparency, guaranteed results, and a talented team, they have earned the trust of leading blockchain companies. However, for those seeking an alternative, Coinbound is recommended as a reputable choice in the same industry.

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