Top NFT PR Agencies in 2022: Best Picks

PR for NFT companies is done very differently than PR for other industries and products. NFT PR requires immense knowledge of the Web3 industry and strong connections to top NFT-focused media. Here are the top picks for the best NFT PR agencies to choose from to get amazing coverage for your NFT company or collection.

What Does an NFT PR Agency Do?

NFT PR agencies specialize in getting NFT clients organic coverage on Web3-focused media. This includes helping NFT brands get featured by popular publications, YouTubers, podcasts, and influencers.

NFT public relations agencies also help create communication strategies for their clients and help them refine their messaging.

NFT PR Agencies: The Best in 2022


When it comes to NFT marketing and PR, Coinbound is largely considered the leader in the industry. They are Web3 focused and have helped sell out tons of NFT collections.

The US-based NFT firm has a long history of working with amazing brands in the blockchain industry like MetaMask, Nexo, Litecoin, Voyager, and Gods Unchained.

Additionally, Coinbound hosts the most popular NFT marketing podcast and YouTube channel.


CrowdCreate is a similar agency to Coinbound with experience marketing NFT companies. The team is split between California and the Philippines and has worked with companies like Solana and Animoca Brands.

In addition to public relations services, CrowdCreate also does influencer marketing and investor relations.


While not specific to NFTs, MelrosePR has a long history of doing great public relations and communications work for Web3, crypto, and blockchain companies. MelrosePR is based in California and has a great team that is regularly in attendance at popular crypto conferences.


FireCask is a PR firm focused on NFTs. They help NFT companies with strategy, marketing, art production, and email marketing.

What is the Difference Between Earned Media and Paid Media?

A common question asks by those looking to hire a PR agency is what is the difference between earned media and paid media when it comes to NFT brands. For an in-depth response, we recommend this video by Coinbound.

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