Top P2E Marketing Agencies (Play to Earn) in 2022

With the explosion of play to earn (P2E) games in 2022, a number of marketing agencies have been established that specialize in growth tactics designed to attract more users. Here is a full list of the top P2E marketing agencies.

What is Play to Earn Marketing?

P2E Marketing is the subset of marketing tactics that are proven to work well for promoting play to earn games. Popular P2E marketing strategies include influencer marketing, public relations, community management, and social media management.

Top P2E Marketing Agencies in 2022


Coinbound has been an agency specializing in marketing crypto and Web3 products since 2018. They have worked with cryptocurrency industry giants like MetaMask, eToro, and Voyager as well as dozens of popular play-to-earn companies like Gods Unchained and Kart Racing League, both of which saw significant growth working with Coinbound.

Additionally, Coinbound is founded by Ty Smith, a pioneer in the world of crypto who is most well known for essentially writing the playbook on crypto marketing and hosting the Crypto Marketing Podcast.


  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEO
  • Public Relations
  • Media Buying
  • Social Media Management

Luna PR

Luna PR is a PR agency that specializes in cryptocurrency clients. The company is relatively young but has worked with many Play to Earn games like UniX.


  • Influencer Marketing
  • Public Relations

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