Best Paid Media Services: Top Agencies & Companies For 2024 

Last Updated: February 29, 2024
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Why Trust Coinbound Content?

The best paid media marketing agencies offer higher CTRs and reduced cost per customer acquisition(CAC). 

With higher leads and lower cost per clicks (CPC), you can significantly improve the returns on your ads investment (ROAS). 

In this article, I have listed the top paid media companies and agencies that have a team of paid media experts who understand the current paid search technology to maintain a higher ROI on all your paid search campaigns. 

What is a Paid Media Agency?

A paid media service is a digital marketing company that employs a comprehensive strategy for paid media encompassing paid search, programmatic advertising and display advertising. This approach ensures the delivery of targeted ads to your customers, generating relevant traffic and qualified leads. 

The top services offered by paid media agencies are:

  • Paid Search Advertising 
  • Programmatic Advertising 
  • Display Advertising 
  • Paid Social Media Advertising 
  • Video Advertising 
  • Remarketing/Retargeting 
  • Landing Page Optimization 
  • Creative Development 
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Budget Management and ROI Analysis 
  • Ad Copy Testing and Optimization 
  • Conversion Tracking

What are the Benefits of Hiring Paid Media Marketing Companies?

  • Access to PPC Experts: A paid media marketing company provides access to a team of seasoned PPC specialists proficient in platforms like Google Ads. Their expertise ensures efficient campaign management. 
  • Optimized Budget Allocation: Paid media professionals excel in maximizing the effectiveness of your ad spend. Through skilled budget allocation, they prioritize campaigns and channels that yield the best returns for your investment. 
  • Time-Efficient Solutions: Outsourcing PPC management allows you to redirect your focus. Instead of getting bogged down in the minutiae of campaign management, you can concentrate on core business activities. 
  • Precise Audience Targeting: Leveraging advanced targeting options, PPC professionals direct campaigns toward specific demographics most likely to convert. This precision optimizes your ad spend and enhances overall campaign efficiency. 
  • ROI-Driven Analysis: Paid media companies utilize analytics tools for comprehensive data analysis. Informed by data insights, they make strategic decisions, continuously refining campaigns based on performance metrics. 
  • Creative Ad Optimization: With a keen understanding of ad creatives, PPC experts craft compelling copy and visuals. Their focus is on generating engagement and compelling users to take desired actions. 
  • Comprehensive Campaign Management: Paid media agencies offer end-to-end management, covering everything from initial campaign creation to ongoing optimization and performance analysis. This holistic approach ensures a seamless and effective advertising process.

Best Paid Media Services For 2024


Coinbound PPC Agency Page

Coinbound is an expert paid media marketing agency for crypto and tech brands. They have experience in managing paid media campaigns for search, display and social media. 

Their team of paid media professionals have helped companies achieve as much as 40x+ ROI on PPC campaigns.

Headquarters: New York

Team Size: 51-200

Top Clients: 

  • Binanace Labs
  • Animoca Brands
  • IOSG Ventures
  • Outlier Ventures
  • Polygon
  • Sequoia

Industries Served: 

  • Crypto
  • Blockchain 
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Fintech
  • Mobile 
  • Technology

Why Choose Them?

  • Proven track record of close to 800 happy clients.
  • ROI-focused approach with an average Campaign ROAS of 1,250%.
  • Scalable growth through data-driven paid ads management.
  • Comprehensive PPC services covering Google, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Experienced in paid media tactics for DeFi, NFTs, Exchanges, and more.

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Radd Interactive

Radd Interactive is one of the best paid media agencies offering cutting-edge paid media services. They are a Premier Google Partner and Bing Ads Accredited team who have expertise in elevating the performance of paid media campaigns.

Leveraging analytics and advanced techniques, Intero Digital ensures that businesses gain visibility by reaching custom-target audiences efficiently. 

Headquarters: San Diego, California

Team Size: 51-200 

Top Clients:

  • Medterra
  • Mini Moves
  • LeaseVille
  • The Honey Pot
  • Fire Cam

Industries Served: 

  • Healthcare
  • Beauty
  • Gaming
  • Real Estate
  • Travel

Why Choose Them?

  • They offer a comprehensive suite of paid media services covering PPC on Google, Bing, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Facebook & Instagram.
  • You get personalized attention with a committed team overseeing campaigns, ensuring constant fine-tuning for optimal performance and tangible results.


Moburst is one of the popular paid media buying companies that stands out as a key agency for TikTok and a Premier Google Partner. 

Their expertise spans Social Media & Search Ads, Ad Networks & RTBs, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, and OTT Marketing. 

Headquarters: New York

Team Size: 51-200

Top Clients: 

  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Ebay
  • Nielsen
  • Playtika
  • Reddit
  • Samsung
  • Deezer

Industries Served: 

  • Food Delivery 
  • Technology 
  • Ecommerce
  • Automobile
  • Healthcare
  • Dating

Why Choose Them?

  • Moburst’s deep experience in ad networks and real-time bidding platforms guarantees clients optimized budget usage, delivering high-quality customers while avoiding common pitfalls associated with these powerful tools.

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Black Propeller

Black Propeller is another leading paid media management agency designed to deliver exceptional results. 

The journey to PPC success with Black Propeller starts with a consultation, followed by an in-depth audit and proposal. Clients can choose to implement the plan independently or have Black Propeller execute it for them.

Headquarters: Abingdon, Maryland

Team Size: 11-50

Top Clients: 

  • FastPace Health
  • Next Day Floors
  • Pandora
  • Flavcity
  • Aston Carter

Industries Served:

  • Pets
  • Car Rental
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Security
  • Home Improvement
  • Beauty 

Why Choose Them?

  • Black Propeller initiates the client journey with a transparent PPC consultation, gaining insights into business goals and digital advertising objectives, ensuring a tailored and effective strategy.
  • The agency conducts a thorough PPC audit, providing clients with actionable insights. The comprehensive proposal serves as a roadmap for achieving better results, empowering businesses with informed decision-making.
  • Offering flexibility, Black Propeller does not bind clients with long-term contracts. This freedom allows businesses to adapt and scale PPC strategies based on evolving needs without the constraints of lengthy commitments.

Socially Powerful

Socially Powerful is one of the top paid media marketing agencies offering a dynamic blend of creativity and performance-driven strategies. 

As a paid social agency, they transcend mere platform performance, offering real-time intelligence to achieve meaningful business results for the world’s leading brands. 

Headquarters: London

Team Size: 51-200

Top Clients: 

  • Primark
  • Biolage
  • Crocs
  • G-Star Raw
  • IT Cosmetics
  • Legion
  • Asus

Industries Served: 

  • Technology
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Gaming
  • Fashion
  • Sports

Why Choose Them?

  • Their proficiency spans major social platforms like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, guaranteeing a performance that encompasses awareness, consideration, and conversions.
  • Recognized for creativity, Socially Powerful combines innovation and storytelling, offering content strategies that humanize brand interactions and connect authentically with target audiences.

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Single Grain

Single Grain is a top-tier paid media agency dedicated to ensuring clients achieve maximum returns on their online advertising investments. 

Their team of paid media professionals manage advertising on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, Hulu, and TikTok.

Headquarters: United States

Team Size: 51-200

Top Clients:

  • Hestan
  • Intuit
  • Twenty 20
  • Nextiva
  • Wine Deals
  • Batteries Plus

Industries Served:

  • Media & Communication
  • Financial Software
  • Food
  • Hospitality
  • Beverage
  • Tech

Why Choose Them?

  • Single Grain ensures your advertising investments yield the highest Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), focusing on cost-effective strategies across platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • With a four-category approach—brand core, brand pillars, brand attributes, and long tail—the agency captures diverse search demand, optimizing ROAS on branded searches.
  • Expert copywriters, designers, and video editors collaborate to craft exceptional ads, cutting through the noise and driving down Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).


Mayple is a leading paid media marketing services provider, offering an all-encompassing paid media package designed to propel your business growth. 

With a focus on paid media channels like Facebook, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, and more, Mayple ensures expert campaign management to drive quality traffic that converts into sales. 

The package includes a comprehensive marketing strategy, expert performance monitoring, campaign management, and multi-platform advertising on two channels.

Headquarters: New York

Team Size: 11-50

Top Clients: 

  • Feedmark
  • Anyplace
  • Top Rank
  • Safar Publications
  • Blue Coffee Box

Industries Served:

  • Gaming
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Home Improvement
  • Beverage
  • Technology

Why Choose Them?

  • Mayple offers a dedicated marketing “dream team” of top-performing experts, ensuring your campaigns are in the hands of seasoned professionals.
  • They provide ongoing unbiased monitoring of your experts, ensuring transparency and accountability in your marketing efforts.
  • With a track record of successfully scaling over 400 brands, Mayple’s proven expertise makes it a trusted choice for businesses seeking impactful paid media marketing solutions.

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What other channels come under paid media?

Here are some channels for paid media advertising:

  • Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads, Bing Ads) 
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads) 
  • Display Advertising (Banner ads on websites and apps) 
  • Video Advertising (YouTube Ads, In-stream video ads) 
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising 
  • Remarketing and Retargeting Campaigns 
  • Native Advertising (Promoted content on platforms like Taboola, Outbrain) 
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs 
  • Sponsored Content on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram 
  • Shopping Ads (Google Shopping, Bing Shopping)

How do paid media companies maximize ad returns?

Paid media firms focus on the following strategies to maximize returns:

  • Landing Page Optimization 
  • A/B Testing 
  • ROI Tracking 
  • Conversion Tracking 
  • Ad Formats 
  • Ad Extensions
  • Micro-Targeted Ads
  • Adaptive Budget Allocation
  • Location-Based Targeting 
  • Negative Keyword Management

What metrics are tracked to measure the success of paid media marketing campaigns?

Here are the metrics that paid media agencies use to track the success of paid media campaigns: 

  • Click-through Rate (CTR) 
  • Conversion Rate 
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) 
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) 
  • Impressions 
  • Quality Score 
  • Cost Per Conversion 
  • Ad Position 
  • Bounce Rate 
  • Engagement Rate
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