Top 5 Crypto Media Buying Agencies List

Last Updated: May 21, 2023
Top Crypto Media Buying Agencies

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Why Trust Coinbound Content?

As long as you have a good idea, the success of your innovative crypto-coin, cryptocurrency wallet, ICO, blockchain platform or anything crypto-related, for that matter, boils down to one more critical factor: Great marketing.

Marketing is the element that feeds the bottom line of a business is something Crypto media buying agencies know well. It’s the tool that drives prospective customers to your doors and lures them to invest in your project.

When it comes to cryptocurrency/ blockchain, great marketing is particularly important given the newness of the field, the illiteracy of the layperson and the need to soar above the hordes of competitors.

What is Crypto Media Buying?

Crypto media buying is the process of attracting new users, investors, buyers, or customers via advertising channels that require payment. Popular forms of crypto media buying are influencer marketing, paid media, out-of-home advertising, and podcast marketing.

How can crypto media buying agencies help me?

According to Ty Smith, Founder and CEO at Coinbound, media buying is one of the most influential crypto marketing methods, since it gets you quoted on leading media and social influencer sites, propping you up as an expert in your field and cementing your reputation.

With cryptocurrency, the need to get featured on top media sites, such as The New York Times, Bloomberg or TechNews is especially huge given that they help you gain visibility in the crypto, technology and mainstream media. Few of us have the skills to write articles for such publications, never mind persuade these publications to publish our releases. 

How do we plunk our place on those sites?

Through dedicated crypto media buying agencies that are long on experience and research. You’ll want qualified agencies that have the manpower, skills and know-how that take you years of training, money and effort to muster.

You’ll also want digital marketing agencies that specialize in crypto (rather than any “regular” digital marketing agency), since crypto and blockchain have their own language, technology and marketing methods.  

We’re so early in this industry that most people don’t know what blockchain, bitcoin or crypto is. You need a very good agency that knows how to understand your project and catch the public’s attention in a blip second. 

You’ll also want an entity that cares.

To that end, we ran through dozens of crypto marketing and media-buying agencies, checking their websites, user reviews, expert reviews, and publications to compile this list of today’s top five crypto media buying agencies. 


Top 5 Crypto Media Buying Agencies 2023


Leading cryptocurrency marketing company Coinbound covers each of your crypto concerns, from publicity for your ICO/IEO/STO or reverse-ICO, to coin launch and blockchain project. Possessing the world’s largest network of cryptocurrency and blockchain influencers across Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more (“if you know them we’ve got them,” founder Ty Smith touts), the agency uses the most effective marketing strategies at its disposal to push your company to the front. 

Aside from media-buying, other marketing methods include:

  • Social media management
  • Influencer marketing
  • Public relations
  • Content creation
  • PPC
  • Paid advertising 
  • SEO.  

Coinbound also features an extensive selection of Web3 crypto marketing guides, a marketing newsletter, and a busy podcast and YouTube channel for practical NFT and crypto marketing.

Big-name clients include eToro, MetaMask, Cosmos, Nexo, ShapeShift, OKCoin and Voyager.

When it comes to Twitter management, Coinbound increases their clients’ Twitter presence by over 300% growth in the first three months through its proprietary crypto Twitter management system.


Full service digital/crypto marketing agency ICODA carves its media buying niche by implementing a data-driven approach and by buying publicity in the YouTube influencer space. 

Aside from media-buying, ICODA’s other marketing campaigns include:

  • NFT promotion
  • DeFi publicity
  • Crypto PR
  • Website creation
  • Customized blockchain and smart contract consultations. 

The company also helps you with your white papers and technical reports, as well as with promoting your IEO on exchanges.

In short, ICODA promises to help your crypto company through all areas of its stages from cryptocurrency creation to blockchain web platform development, promotion, and listing. 

For media buying, ICODA collaborates with more than 300 prominent resources that include Forbes, Bloomberg, Coingecko, HackerNoon and CoinMarketCap.  Its network also tailors strategies and content for Russian, Korean and Chinese markets.

Crypto PR

CryptoPR – that’s not the very different – differentiates itself by giving you and your project publicity on the world’s biggest crypto news sites that include Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch,, CoinTelegraph, Benzinga, Finanzen, and Inside Bitcoins.

Companies they’ve promoted include Binance, DeFi Coins, eToro, and Cryptopia. 

Their marketing methodologies provide:

  •  PR on prominent influencer and crypto channels 
  •  NFT promotion and shill marketing for testimonials, banner ad campaigns, advertorials and sponsored articles on review sites, and,
  • Sponsored table listings across their media partner network. 

Promising publicity on a global scale and in more than five languages, CryptoPR has its own crypto news outlets in Germany, France and Scandinavia.  It also points to the success of its own ICO DefiCoin (which raised more than $500,000) as proof of its results.

Key Difference Media

Key Difference Media (KDM) has, as its website says, “a 360-degree approach to blockchain marketing”. There’s its media buying aspect, where the company alleges that:

We know which crypto publications and media placements deliver the highest ROI which leads to significant savings. We are experts at optimizing CPA for traditional media buying – search, display, native.

Aside from media buying, KDM also provides:

  • Advisory services – i.e, advice from crypto marketing experts on how to achieve a viral effect.
  • Content Marketing, with content featured on more than 65 digital channels
  • Public relations, with coverage in prominent outlets such as BitcoinTalk Forum and Cointelegraph Listing.
  • Influencer marketing, where KDM’s users find themselves mentioned on the influential Telegram, Youtube, Linkedin and Signals networks.
  • Conversion optimization. KDM pulls out all the stops – web design and development, chat tools, data analytics, heatmaps, sales funnels, brand identity and so forth to convert traffic into results.

It’s been ranked the top agency for ICOs by at least two associations and specializes in helping you launch IEOs or reverse ICOs as well as raising capital from VC and general crypto funds, HNWIs and private investors.

Bitcoin Marketing Team

Bitcoin Marketing Team, one of Europe’s oldest cryptocurrency marketing firms, sticks out on this list in two ways. First, it largely targets bitcoin-related projects. Second, the company pivots around highly-targeted display and video media buying ventures, namely in the YouTube and ad-writing/ image-oriented markets. 

BMT’s partners span more than 200 cryptocurrency websites, as well as major YouTube influencers. Its media buying services includes:

  • Media planning of budgets
  • Media purchasing via Google, specialist advertising or direct sales
  • Negotiation of terms
  • Launch of campaigns
  • End of campaign reporting

The company works only with select blockchain clients to ensure quality service. Clients include crypto payment processors, exchanges, lending platforms, B2B service providers, gambling platforms, data providers and an eclectic mix of other clients.

Wrap Up: Choosing a Crypto Media Buying Agency

To date, there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies, more than 5,728 ICOs, around 5,098 best-known cryptocurrency companies, and over 726 blockchain companies in the United States alone, so it’s thoroughly easy to get swallowed in the mush. One way to bop to the surface and to demonstrate your world-changing crypto or blockchain offering is to hire a seasoned crypto media buying agency to do the work for you.

The best such agencies will help you tilt your messaging and positioning, as well as help you flip your content from high-level geekiness to viral articles, blogs, podcasts, YouTube clips and so forth. These agencies will also help you strategize your unique selling point (USP) and show you how to get your innovation across to a voracious, but readily distracted, public. Finally, such agencies should also have extensive media networks, familiarity with what works and trends in crypto, and well-documented success in entrenching the reputations of their clients. 

Having an excellent idea goes far, but doesn’t bring in the dollars. It’s a skilled crypto marketing agency that could do that for you. Such as Coinbound.

Coinbound uses media buying to purchase space on global crypto-related television stations, newspapers, magazines, social channels, blogs and websites. It also negotiates price and placement of ads, as well as researches the best venues for ad placement.

Contact us for proof of how we use media buying to help clients become famous, rich and change the world.

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