ICO Marketing 101: Cryptocurrency Search Engine Optimization

Last Updated: July 10, 2020

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranks among one of the most powerful and effective, yet intimidating forms of marketing available to cryptocurrency projects. SEO operations do not have to be complicated though. Search optimization can easily be achieved for businesses willing to invest the time or money into it.

Due to regulatory restrictions on many cryptocurrency projects, search engine optimization offers an ideal avenue to reach potential customers. Therefore, having proper onsite optimization for your website is key to ranking well on search engines. This includes understanding which keywords will attract new customers, as well as adequately optimizing the website technologically speaking.

Furthermore, offsite optimization of your website offers a key aspect many businesses miss with their SEO plans. A key industry operator within the SEO industry suggests offsite optimization could be over 50% of how Google ranks your website. To this point, offsite optimization includes having an engaging social media presence, connecting with other sites, and creating creative content.

On-Site Optimization

Keyword Research 

Understanding your customer and the type of words they will search to potentially find your business can be an easy start for your business SEO plan. That said, there are keyword research tools available to help you choose the best keywords to include on your website’s content. Be sure to prioritize these keywords and have a good density of them within your content. 

With that in mind, Google does have an intelligent search algorithm, so do not try to cram in keywords into your content. The more value you provide to users while using those keywords as themes, the more ideal your ranking will be on search page results.

Technology Optimization

The final important aspect of onsite optimization is your website’s speeds and code. Google again offers a website speed testing tool to see how well you rank on their official scale.

Furthermore, your website absolutely must be mobile optimized in today’s market. 

That being said, focusing on removing all bugs from your website’s code will help with your search results rank directly and indirectly.

First, Google will rank your site higher naturally. They look for these bugs in the Google Search Console tool. That being said, it also affects user experience.

Better user experience can lead to your website seeing fewer users leaving and help increase your page rank.

Another key free SEO tool to keep in mind is Coinbound’s Site Audit Tool.

This free tool generates three of the top easy-to-fix issues to boost your Google rankings fast.

Offsite Optimization

Backlinking & Creative Content

Recommendations and valuable content are the cornerstones of offsite optimization. Users will not only see your website and brand more often with recommendations from other sites but Google will also reward your page with a higher rank. 

To this point, valuable content can help you capture users through referral business as well. The more valuable your content is, the more likely another organization or person is to share it with their community.

That said, emphasizing the value of anything you do with regards to SEO will result in the best return on investment.

Social Media

Google updated its search algorithm to rewards websites with social media engagements. Developing a proper social media plan to compliment your search engine optimization tactics will also benefit one another. The two marketing avenues complement one another well.

With proper optimization, your search engine optimization plan can feed into your social media. This can then compliments your search results, creating a positive feedback loop for your brand to see more traffic.

On-Site Tracking Tools

Google Analytics & Search Console

These two tools offer developers an easy to implement a solution to track user behavior on their website. Furthermore, Google developed a new Search Console which provides an extremely user-friendly solution for small and large businesses.

Be sure you have the proper tracking tools in place on your website so you can understand better how users find your website to further fine-tune your SEO with user engagement data in mind.

All and all, remember search engine optimization can be a powerful tool for your ICO or blockchain marketing plan. With the use of on and offsite optimization, your business should be able to excel within search engine page results.

For more data-proven tips and tricks to marketing your cryptocurrency company check out the ultimate guide to cryptocurrency marketing.

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