Top NFT Influencers You Should Know (2024 List)

Last Updated: May 1, 2024
top NFT influencers

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From Elon Musk to Lindsay Lohan, every celebrity wants a piece of the NFT action. NFTs can take the form of an image, video, or song, making them great for entertainers, content creators, or artists. Since NFTs have a lot of mainstream appeal, we won’t see the hype die down any time soon.

The best way to promote NFTs is through influencers, specifically ones that focus on the NFT space. Their audience usually overlaps with your target market, and working with the right influencer can boost your project’s credibility a lot.

Most of the engagement will occur on YouTube and Twitter since those networks are the most crypto-friendly.

We’ve compiled a list of the best influencers in the NFT space, so definitely check them out if you’re looking to promote your NFT project,


Since coming up big during the clubhouse NFT craze, Faroukh has made a name for himself as one of the leading NFT influencers on Twitter as well. He is definitely a top NFT influencer to follow.

Ty Smith

Ty Smith is best known for being the Founder of Coinbound, the crypto industry’s most prominent marketing agency. Ty and his team have helped massive crypto brands like Sui, Gala, and Wilder World go to market. He and his team also have incredible experience in the NFT space and have helped many projects sell out their NFTs in record time.

Additionally, Ty’s team publishes NFT Lately, a twice-weekly newsletter covering the latest NFT launches, news, and more.


Artchick is one of our favorite female NFT influencers on Twitter. Her content is super relevant and insightful for anyone looking to follow the fast-moving world of NFTs.

Boss Logic

With his massive Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter following, Boss Logic is one of the top NFT influencers on social media.


Gmoney is another well-connected influential person in the NFT industry. We highly recommend following him to stay in the loop regarding NFTs.

The Bitcoin Express

The Bitcoin Express is a YouTube influencer who’s been creating crypto content since late 2019. He currently has just over 33k subscribers and has recently created more NFT content, which makes sense given the market’s current climate.

Most of his videos are tutorials, guides, reviews, analysis and breaking news related to the industry, and if you’re looking for someone with a diverse audience (in regards to crypto) then this may be your guy. For reference, he was one of the first guys to talk about artists selling their music with NFTs.


NFT Live is an NFT show that features promising projects, founders, and upcoming trends in the space. It’s hosted by 3 other well known influencers (NiftyQ, Ronin and Crypto Buffalo) who are all deep into NFTs. They often livestream their shows on YouTube, and it’s a great way to get exposure for NFT companies.

Again, most of the engagement will occur on YouTube and Twitter. In the past, they’ve covered well-known figures like Steve Aoki and UFC using NFT products, along with under-the-radar coins like $CHZ, $B20, and $MEME. Overall this is a great option if you’re looking for an audience that loves NFTs.

Wrapping Up: Best NFT Influencers

Influencers are a great way to promote NFT projects. Many influencers create social media content, including reviews, interviews, and giveaways. The influencers then post that content across their social media channels to their followers, giving your company tons of exposure. It’s extremely effective because influencers have a built-in audience, and if your product is solid then you’ll get lots of engagement very quickly. As the space grows, we’ll continue to update the list to reflect the best NFT influencers.

Want to get in touch with one of the influencers on the list? We have an extensive network of NFT influencers and can help run influencer marketing campaigns for your company. Reach out to Coinbound, the leading NFT marketing agency. We’ve conducted influencer marketing campaigns for brands like eToro, Tron, OKX, Voyager, and more.

Want to learn about NFT Marketing? Check out Coinbound’s Founder, Ty Smith’s recent Crypto Marketing Podcast episode on NFT Influencer Marketing.

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