Top NFT Minting Platforms in 2023

Last Updated: January 5, 2023
Top NFT Minting Platforms

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With non-fungible tokens (NFTs) leading the digital revolution, many people want to join this revolution. But the question is, where can they mint these NFTs. Well, several NFT minting platforms support different blockchains where users can perform this process called minting, turning a digital file into unique, non-interchangeable digital assets. 

All a user will require here is a digital wallet and the native token of the blockchain on which they are minting an NFT. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top NFT minting platforms for the best experience.



The largest NFT marketplace, Opensea, is home to popular projects like BAYC and Azuki. It supports Ethereum, Polygon, Klatyn blockchain, and 150+ cryptocurrencies. 

There is a gas-free minting option but a 2.5% fee on every transaction. 

Axie Infinity

This is a user-friendly, exclusive marketplace for gamers of the NFT-based game with the same name Axie Infinity. 

Players here can create, buy, and sell the game characters called Axies and other digital collectibles.

Nifty Gateway

This art curation platform is known for selling the NFT artworks by Beeple and Grimes. 

Nifty Gateway is created by cryptocurrency exchange Gemini and is a great place to sell premium collections. Interestingly, there is no minting fee for on-platform transactions.

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Async Art

With a focus on programmable art, NFTs on Async Art include a “Master,” a 1/1 edition art piece, and “Layers,” which are elements used to customize an NFT. 

That said, the platform only supports the Ethereum blockchain.


The leading crypto exchange Binance has its own NFT marketplace built on the BSC network, allowing users to sell and buy all types of NFT artworks and collectibles. 

It charges a 1% fee on every transaction and 0.005 BNB to mint an NFT.

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Developed on the Solana blockchain to leverage its fast speed and low cost, Solanart is a fully-fledged NFT marketplace used by people to mint, sell, and buy NFTs developed on the Solana blockchain.


This is the first marketplace for Secret NFTs with the default privacy feature. Stashh offers creators, collectors, and consumers features like content and financial privacy, on-platform minting and secondary sales, trustless access control, and private galleries and auctions.



A virtual-world play-to-earn (P2E) game, Decetraland is also an NFT marketplace that allows users to acquire virtual properties and other digital assets like wearables, art, and even names and create their own assets to list on the Marketplace. 


Since starting as an invitation-only NFT marketplace, Zora has become an open platform that allows creators, collectors, and artists to buy and sell different NFTs. It is a zero-fee protocol. 

As such, a user won’t be charged for listing and selling their NFTs on Zora.

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Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Mintable allows creators to use the platform’s gasless feature to mint their NFTs for free. 

It is backed by billionaire investor Mark Cuban and supports digital files like PDFs and MP4s to turn into NFTs. 

Coinbase NFT

The largest crypto exchange in the U.S. by volume launched its NFT marketplace in mid-2022. “Coinbase NFT” supports Ethereum blockchain right from the start and aims to add more in the future. 

There are no transaction fees on NFTs “for a limited time,” which will increase over time but is expected to remain in “low single-digit.” 


Institut features a highly curated list of artworks and artists on the platform. 

To feature their work here, a user must first submit their work for review, and if successful, they will receive an invitation. It uses a hybrid system to eliminate gas fees.

Magic Eden

This Solana-based NFT marketplace supports artwork and game creators and has launched Eden Games. 

Through its exclusive minting platform Launchpad, Magic Eden allows hassle-free minting, and through a Whitelabel marketplace, it will enable others to create their own marketplaces. 


Rarible is a community-based NFT marketplace that supports Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos. A user can sell both single NFTs or complete collections here. 

Its “lazy minting” feature allows them to create an NFT for free. Rarible also has its own native governance token called RARI.


Foundation facilitates live auctions for digital art but listing an NFT requires an invite from an existing member who has successfully sold an NFT. 

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Based on Ethereum, SuperRare supports all kinds of digital assets, viz. images, art, music, video, and more. To become a part of this community, however, a user must submit a form and be approved. 

Enjin Marketplace

The marketplace allows buying, selling, and trading of all Enjin blockchain-based assets and game item collections. 

It includes examples like the Multiverse, games like The Six Dragons and Age of Rust, and gamified reward programs such as Microsoft’s Azure Heroes. 

EFI and ENJ are two core tokens that serve different purposes on the platform. 


This NFT marketplace is a DEX on the BSC that offers DeFi services and uses its native token BAKE. Its users can find NFTs like in-game items, digital art, and memes and easily create and mint their own NFTs.  

NBA Top Shot

The Flow network-based NFT marketplace is dedicated solely to the National Basketball Association league and enables basketball enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade NBA-related NFTs. 


Yet another Solana-based NFT marketplace that allows minting, listing, and transacting NFT at meager fees in SOL, USDC, and USDT. 

It will enable creators to embed copyright licenses in NFTs and make their listed NFTs on sale visible only privately or to the public. 

The platform calculates rarity rank and score statistics for fully minted verified collections. 


This popular crypto exchange has also launched its own NFT marketplace. 

FTX has a simple interface for users to mint NFTs and shop them. Fees for creating NFTs on FTX would cost about $10 and are paid in USD. 

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Atomic Market

A shared liquidity NFT marketplace, Atomic Market is primarily for Atomic Assets, a standard for NFTs on the eosio blockchain. 

The platform gives a verification checkmark to well-known collections and blacklists any malicious content.

Myth Market

This one is a series of online marketplaces featuring GPK.Market to buy digital Garbage Pail Kids cards, Shatner.Market for William Shatner memorabilia, GoPepe.Market for GoPepe trading cards and KOGS.Market for KOGS trading cards.

Known Origin

Creators who care about authenticity can use KnownOrigin to showcase and sell their work. Users can submit their digital artwork as a jpeg or Gif with all files saved on IPFS.


With so many NFT minting platforms out there, minting NFTs is now easier than ever before at a meager cost. So, get started with the NFT plans today.

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