Top Polygon News Sites in 2023

The Polygon blockchain ecosystem is an incredibly exciting one. Since launching (originally as Matic), the Polygon ecosystem has become well-developed and continues to grow every year. Staying on top of all of the news about Polygon can be difficult. So, we’ve broken down the top sites for Polygon news.

AMB Crypto

AMB Crypto, like Polygon, is an India-based news site for crypto. Because they share a nationality, it seems AMB Crypto’s editorial team enjoys covering Polygon news.

Polygon Daily

Polygon Daily is a Twitter account that focused exclusively on the latest Polygon news. There’s no easier way to follow the Polygon ecosystem updates on Twitter than following Polygon Daily.

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NFT Lately

NFT Lately is a site that focused most specifically on NFT news. However, they break down their coverage by blockchain and have a section devoted specifically for Polygon NFT news. If you are into NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, we highly recommend checking out NFT Lately.

They also have an incredibly popular newsletter that covers everything you need to know about NFTs 2x a week.

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The Official Polygon Blog

The Polygon team has its own blog. Here, they publish frequent updates about new partnerships and ecosystem developments. While you’re there, you might also enjoy Polygon’s YouTube channel where they host additional content.

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