What is Coinzilla? (Coinzilla Review)

Last Updated: March 11, 2024
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The awareness of blockchain technology is at an all-time high. Through public figures like Elon Musk, more and more people know what a Dogecoin is. Still, new crypto projects need exposure to grow and to further develop solutions based on blockchain technology. This is where services like Coinzilla come in.

What is Coinzilla?

Coinzilla is a Crypto Ad Network. Coinzilla allows you to serve advertisements across hundreds of crypto, Web3, and blockchain-focused websites.

After entering the Coinzilla website, a big headline greets us: “Boost your project with finance & crypto advertising.” This is the main service that this company offers – it provides marketing help to up-and-coming crypto or finance-related projects. Coinzilla aims to make your project visible on the internet.

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How is the marketing done?

After setting up the advertising account on the website, the user can pick and choose where we want our ads to be published. There’s also a smart assistant, which will track where we could make improvements in our advertising campaigns.

With over 12,000 marketing campaigns completed, and trusted by 50% of the advertisers in the crypto space, Coinzilla is a recognized tool for the needs of crypto-related projects. With the ability to tailor fit the budget to the ad campaign, it is a platform that might help businesses with a small marketing budget.

Main benefits of using Coinzilla for Advertising:

  • Customizable, and assisted ad campaigns for your crypto projects
  • Marketing budget control
  • Use of newest technologies in internet advertising (HTML5)

What else does Coinzilla provide?

Apart from providing help to crypto-projects, the site is also helping people earn money on their websites. After clicking on the Publisher tab, we can gather information about putting crypto-related ads on our website.

The client can choose what kind of ad do we want to place – there are a few options, starting from Classic banners and finishing on Sticky banners. Coinzilla promises that those ads are not intrusive. The rates for them are calculated on a couple of factors, and you can get paid in cryptocurrencies or through a normal bank transfer.

Is Coinzilla effective?

Coinzilla is effective if you are looking for a fast way to test your ads. However, many companies claim the ads do not offer a positive ROI.

Coinzilla Marketplace

If you need a crypto-related article or press release, Coinzilla is also able to cater to those needs. This sort of publishing leads to further growth and increased exposure. This can be accomplished within minutes, as you can make a one-time payment and choose the websites you wish to target.

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You can then watch your campaign through Coinzilla’s interface. As there are a lot of categories to choose from like gambling, esports or exchanges, you will be able to find something that fits your project’s needs.

If you want a solution that offers even more options that are expert-selected for you based on your needs, check out Coinbound.

Coinzilla Academy

One of the last tabs we can enter on the site is dedicated to Coinzilla Academy. It is a space filled with crypto-related articles, material that can help you get educated in the developing world of blockchain technology. The Academy will have you understanding questions like What is Web 3.0? in no time.

With over 120 articles, it is a repository of knowledge for people to access for free. Subjects like “Is Dogecoin a good investment?” or “What is Theta Crypto?” are explained in detail over there. Check them out for yourself, if you are curious about those topics.

Coinzilla is a website that provides advertising help to crypto and finance-related projects. If you are looking to put some paid ads onto your website, you can also benefit from cooperation with this company. Press releases and articles about your crypto project will be taken care of as the Coinzilla Marketplace tab caters to those needs. And if you want to educate yourself on the topic of blockchain, you can do that in the Coinzilla Academy tab.

In this Coinzilla review, every aspect of the website was shown. It is a good idea that you should go take a look yourself. We think it will be worth your time!

Wondering how crypto ad networks work in general or how Coinzilla ranks against other Web3 advertising networks? This video has you covered:

Top Crypto Ad Networks | Are They Worth It?

Coinzilla Alternatives

So, what alternative options are there to Coinzilla?

Our favorite Coinzilla alternative is Coinscribble. While Coinscribble doesn’t offer display advertising, it does have a huge network of crypto publishers where you can publish a press release and have your company featured with guaranteed coverage.

Wrapping Up: Coinzilla

Coinzilla is a well-known promotional firm in the crypto and Web3 space. Another one that’s worth mentioning alongside Coinzilla is Coinbound, one of the biggest crypto marketing agencies in the industry. They’ve been around for several years, and are known for their successful marketing campaigns.

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